The tea is cold recipes

Ice-tea citrus
213 - - -
Tea fishing tea in the forest, Tea in the midday hour, When hot, pour Soul that warm!
Tea Friz
183 - - -
On the threshold of summer, which means it's time to stock up on ice and to prepare refreshing drinks! Today I will share with you a very simple recipe.
Cold green tea with mint
181 4 60м -
Very refreshing and thirst quenching in the crazy summer heat.
167 4 15м 8
A delicious, refreshing drink, very welcome to the feast (not costly - either material or time) and a good thirst quencher on a hot day!
Strawberry-Basil tea
166 - - -
I suggest to try the option of cold, summer tea! Strawberries and Basil make it very flavorful!
Cold green tea
160 - 15м 10
In the heat, very thirsty, and everybody knows that the best thirst quencher - tea. And it's true. Before this I used purchase green tea in plastic bottles, and then, coming into the garden, I looked and thought : -well, all I have for this fine drink (except lemon and sugar of course ) I'm growing here. And for several years in both summer and winter I do it myself. Can someone come in handy. By the way, if to drink it hot, it warms very well.
Cold strawberry tea
158 - 15м 7
It's nice when summer is waiting for you in the fridge of homemade strawberry tea. This drink will give you a cool summer taste of strawberry meadows and delicate notes of lemon and mint. Cold strawberry tea nice refresh and quench your thirst!... And most importantly - it is natural and without any additives. And very tasty!!!
Green tea bavarois
157 - 20м -
Refreshing and invigorating, thanks to the green tea HYLEYS with mint.
4 the idea of iced tea
153 - - -
Now, when it's getting warmer outside, I want something refreshing. So, without hesitation, I share with you 4 recipes so-called ice tea. I think everyone can find his own version, because they are very different, made on the basis of black, green or white tea with the addition of various fruits, honey and brown sugar. Let the list of ingredients doesn't scare you, still under the cut collected from 4 drink.
Tea "Hibiscus Flowers"
151 - - -
Hibiscus tea has an excellent refreshing properties due to the content of citric acid, which makes it a perfect drink on a hot, stuffy weather.
Cold barberry tea with black currant
151 5 - -
Delicious, fresh, good alternative to sweet, high-calorie juices or soda in the heat. A basis of tea I took barberry black tea, but you can take any fruit, berry or floral. I'm sure it is delicious with rose or rosehip.
Cold drink "Hibiscus" Volzhsky
149 - - -
Hibiscus,bissap, this drink is very popular in Egypt, Mexico, Lebanon, Africa. This drink with a slightly sour taste so magical - hot it increases the pressure and in the cold - lowers!!! This is a very useful drink - read about of green tea and you will be pleasantly amazed! I have tried a lot of variations of this drink But most of all he likes in the company berry-fruit with a slight mint flavor and a delicate aftertaste of ginger. Try it, you'll like it!
Drink "Altyn-Suu"
145 - 8м -
This phrase is translated from Kyrgyz language as "the Golden water". The recipe appeared in the Alpine village of Kochkor in 1908. According to legend, a certain Sagira wanted to brew a Cup of tea for her husband Nurzhan. But she stole the samovar! She came up with a recipe. Poured green tea in a Cup, squeezed the lemon juice of the two fruits, I added 2 tablespoons of sugar and poured five tablespoons of water. Of course, he is now doing differently. I cook modern recipe. NAT. the kitchen will indicate Tajik, i.e. Tajiks have the same drink, but it's called "Ishkashim" (from the name of the village in the Pamirs).
Hibiscus tea with cardamom
144 - - -
Great summer drink - refreshing, delicious, with a delicate aroma... Great for hot days!
Iced tea "Hibiscus kumquat and ginger"
143 - - -
All the known useful properties of hibiscus tea, in Arab countries it is considered a cure-all. And adding not less useful kumquat and ginger produced a marvellous tea not only useful but perfectly refreshing in the heat.
Tea "Arctic summer"
138 4 240м 4
This option "ice-tea" was invented and only beloved son-in-law and my mom constantly brings to hot days.
Cocktail "of a Young Indian summer"
137 - 10м 1
With the onset of cold autumn are all looking forward to "Indian summer" - the last island of warmth before the long winter. How happy all the casts tight clothes and enjoy ice cream and soft drinks. This "Indian summer" our the strawberries gave us a real holiday, it bloomed and gave a small, but very valuable crop. Taking into account the children love the berries, ice, flavored tea and various cold beverages, I came up with this cocktail, and we had a real feast. By the way, you probably have a question "Why the Indian summer is young?". Come on, tell.
Cold fruit tea "Alternative"
137 4 - -
Delicious, healthy drink alternative to expensive, full of preservatives, the purchase of tea. For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
Iced tea with oranges
135 - - -
A refreshing drink for the whole family.
Sparkling strawberry iced tea
133 - - 4
Effervescent, refreshing and invigorating! The contest "Tired sun"
Iced tea "Tonic"
133 - 20м 5
Very tasty and refreshing tea!!! Perfectly quench your thirst!!! The contest "Tired sun"