Eateries cupcakes, muffins recipes

The potato cakes with mushrooms
0.7k - - -
Potatoes with mushrooms in a new guise. Stunningly delicious! Try it!
Spicy muffins with carrots and garlic
0.6k 4 40м 4
Spicy and very healthy carrot muffins
Pai-pop "Valentine"
0.6k - 60м 4
The pie-POPs (pie pops) - similar to cake POPs, little cake on a stick. Very easy to prepare, but what original presentation snack bars pies. A Valentine's day surprise your guests or your second half mini-cakes in the shape of a heart!
Muffins with ham, cheese and tomatoes
0.6k 4 35м 12
Delicious, tender, sweet cupcakes with filling.
Quick Pastida
0.6k - 12м 2
A good result without the hassle. A kind of omelet. The variation of the liquid pie. Prescription Kirran. Prepared roster, he's texnica, he's paymaker
Cottage cheese muffins with zucchini
0.6k - - -
Love savory pastries. And cheese muffins with zucchini is a godsend for me, since daughter doesn't eat cheese. So you have to mask:)) Muffins turned out very fragrant and delicious! Recipe from LJ Oli (warunek)
Mini corn dog
0.5k - 60м 10
Mini corn dogs are perfect for friendly parties. They can be served with ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and vegetable salad.
0.5k 5 40м 10
Looked at all the recipes on crackers, found similar but not the same. Did the first time you fill your prescription girlfriend. I liked very much. After a couple of days there will be guests, will make more.
Mini quiches
486 - - -
I have these mini-quiches seduced not only taste, but also easy batch submission. It can be prepared in advance as quiches served cold, and some imagination for toppings! Light and at the same time nutritious, is easy to cook. I think mini-quiches can take a worthy place on your Desk as a snack or a light snack. Do not worry a large number of ingredients in the list - I offer several options for toppings.
Hot appetizer "Christmas miracle"
478 - 60м 3
Meat balls in a mild sauce, mild honey and cheese baked in potato baskets. Hearty and tasty hot appetizer, easy to prepare. Good for everyday and festive table! This dish will delight you with its rich unforgettable taste and aroma in a fabulous new year's eve!
Cupcakes with bacon and mustard
477 - - 12
Cupcakes are not only sweet, but also eateries, and not inferior to their counterparts in nothing.
Muffins for Breakfast
475 - 60м 6
Tender muffins that just melt in your mouth, you can quickly and easily prepare Breakfast for her household.
Meatless eateries cupcakes for brine
473 - 40м 16
Meatless or vegetarian muffins with olives and mushrooms. A great snack for the holidays or in the post!
Cupcakes made of meat with mushroom stuffing
473 - 60м 5
Who says cupcakes can only be sweet, he is mistaken. The idea of roasting meat stuffing stuffed very interesting: first the juice of these meatballs aren't going anywhere, secondly baking in the oven – not so bad method of processing food, as frying in oil, and third, an interesting presentation and beautiful appearance is always important. Besides cupcakes of meat with mushroom stuffing – a delicious dish, fast, cheap and well suited for everyday unassuming family dinners. So watch our videos and cook with us these wonderful cupcakes.
Sandwich cake with salmon and greens
469 - 90м -
Very hearty, very easy to prepare and delicious cake.
Pizza muffins
458 4 50м 12
A great dish for Breakfast and picnics and youth parties. Recipe from an old magazine "Freizeitwoche"
Pizza muffin
448 - 35м 12
Today is international pizza day. Offer to cook a pizza-muffin or pizza-cake - is a kind of alternative. Prepared quickly, it turns out very tasty. Put stuffing in all that is usually added to pizza. Especially the cakes will be appreciated by children whom, by the way, you can bring to cooking.
Puff pastry baskets with salmon, cheese and nuts
446 - 40м 8
Hello, dear friends! Have you noticed how fast the time flew before the new year holidays? Downright with the cosmic speed! The impression is that instead of 24 hours in a day there are only 12! And you want to do everything and also it is advisable to show off culinary skills. Even if they do not, entih skills, and Shine still strong hotstsa, prepare hot Express appetizer, which is easy to handle even beginners. Prepared quickly available products, and it looks festive and appetizing!
Rice eateries muffins with vegetables
445 - 60м -
And this recipe for our little gourmets. After all, they also want them to have a festive table. But children's stomachs too delicate for the culinary delights adults, so they fit better to the ordinary dish in an unusual format. For example, muffins. After all, they can be eaten both warm and cold, and also don't need Cutlery.
Appetizer "frog Princess"
437 - 40м 7
Elegant and fun snack is a good alternative to the usual sandwiches with caviar and red fish. Amaze your guests!
Potato baskets filled with
426 - - -
For fans of fried potatoes, herring, Olivier salad and herring under a fur coat. The recipe I saw on the cooking channel blogger Nice friendly Oblomoff.