Eateries cupcakes, muffins recipes

Quick Pastida
220 - 12м 2
A good result without the hassle. A kind of omelet. The variation of the liquid pie. Prescription Kirran. Prepared roster, he's texnica, he's paymaker
Mini corn dog
220 - 60м 10
Mini corn dogs are perfect for friendly parties. They can be served with ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and vegetable salad.
Spicy muffins with carrots and garlic
180 4 40м 4
Spicy and very healthy carrot muffins
The potato cakes with mushrooms
177 - - -
Potatoes with mushrooms in a new guise. Stunningly delicious! Try it!
172 5 40м 10
Looked at all the recipes on crackers, found similar but not the same. Did the first time you fill your prescription girlfriend. I liked very much. After a couple of days there will be guests, will make more.
Rice eateries muffins with vegetables
172 - 60м -
And this recipe for our little gourmets. After all, they also want them to have a festive table. But children's stomachs too delicate for the culinary delights adults, so they fit better to the ordinary dish in an unusual format. For example, muffins. After all, they can be eaten both warm and cold, and also don't need Cutlery.
Cottage cheese muffins with zucchini
160 - - -
Love savory pastries. And cheese muffins with zucchini is a godsend for me, since daughter doesn't eat cheese. So you have to mask:)) Muffins turned out very fragrant and delicious! Recipe from LJ Oli (warunek)
Squash muffins
159 - - -
Hearty, quick to prepare squash muffins with corn and cheese! Perfect for Breakfast or complement to lunch or dinner!
Muffins with zucchini, capsicum and mozzarella
152 - 40м 6
The cupcakes are good both at Breakfast and soup! Pleasant taste and a wonderful view!
Potato muffins with cheese
150 3 30м 4
Spicy eateries buns, awesome fragrant
Eateries cupcakes "Under pertsovochka"
144 - 60м -
Offer for our dear, beloved men to make a super-zakuani - gift cupcakes with filling! Inside each cupcake is tender liver ball, and the ball... Come and learn!
Pizza muffins
143 4 50м 12
A great dish for Breakfast and picnics and youth parties. Recipe from an old magazine "Freizeitwoche"
Onion mini muffins with a surprise
140 - 45м 16
Hello everyone, I want to share with you the recipe for "Onion mini muffins with a surprise"! First and foremost I want to thank the Wives Wives (Svetlana), the idea of meatballs in bread! I want to offer delicious, onion muffins with a little surprise inside! Looks interesting as an appetizer, two bites!
Pai-pop "Valentine"
138 - 60м 4
The pie-POPs (pie pops) - similar to cake POPs, little cake on a stick. Very easy to prepare, but what original presentation snack bars pies. A Valentine's day surprise your guests or your second half mini-cakes in the shape of a heart!
Small plates of muffins "Starodworskie"
135 - 40м 6
This is one of my favorite eateries, recipes cupcakes, my creation, which I am very proud of! To describe in words is impossible, it is necessary to try! Even little kids ask for seconds!
Small plates of muffins "Remains sweet"
129 - - -
If you still have leftover mashed potatoes and rice, you can cook that are delicious eateries muffins. Simple and fast.
Cupcakes of red lentils
122 - - -
Very tasty, with plenty of protein, easy to prepare, perfect for lent.
Cupcake with pepper and dill
122 - 60м -
I want to offer you the recipe for the snack cake pan with pepper and dill. Easy to prepare, flavorful, out of the available ingredients, it will replace the bread. Good for Breakfast, you can take with you to snack on (what son did). Try?
Muffins with ham, cheese and tomatoes
122 4 35м 12
Delicious, tender, sweet cupcakes with filling.
Cupcakes with bacon and mustard
117 - - 12
Cupcakes are not only sweet, but also eateries, and not inferior to their counterparts in nothing.
Liver muffins
116 5 40м 12
Flavorful, juicy, well, delicious!