Eateries cupcakes, muffins recipes for New Year

Cupcakes made of meat with mushroom stuffing
136 - 60м 5
Who says cupcakes can only be sweet, he is mistaken. The idea of roasting meat stuffing stuffed very interesting: first the juice of these meatballs aren't going anywhere, secondly baking in the oven – not so bad method of processing food, as frying in oil, and third, an interesting presentation and beautiful appearance is always important. Besides cupcakes of meat with mushroom stuffing – a delicious dish, fast, cheap and well suited for everyday unassuming family dinners. So watch our videos and cook with us these wonderful cupcakes.
Cupcakes with bacon and mustard
136 - - 12
Cupcakes are not only sweet, but also eateries, and not inferior to their counterparts in nothing.
Hot appetizer "Christmas miracle"
133 - 60м 3
Meat balls in a mild sauce, mild honey and cheese baked in potato baskets. Hearty and tasty hot appetizer, easy to prepare. Good for everyday and festive table! This dish will delight you with its rich unforgettable taste and aroma in a fabulous new year's eve!
Mini quiches
129 - - -
I have these mini-quiches seduced not only taste, but also easy batch submission. It can be prepared in advance as quiches served cold, and some imagination for toppings! Light and at the same time nutritious, is easy to cook. I think mini-quiches can take a worthy place on your Desk as a snack or a light snack. Do not worry a large number of ingredients in the list - I offer several options for toppings.
Appetizer "Flower fields"
122 - 60м -
Welcoming the year of the Horse, decided to cover the flowery meadow.
Muffins chicken eateries "2 of 1"
119 - 30м 12
Two options of eateries cupcakes of the same meat! Why this name? Just add one vegetable and fantasy and get a completely different, and taste, and in appearance - cupcakes! Minimum cost and time with maximum taste and enjoyment! And just didn't make sense to put each separate recipe)
Puff pastry baskets with salmon, cheese and nuts
116 - 40м 8
Hello, dear friends! Have you noticed how fast the time flew before the new year holidays? Downright with the cosmic speed! The impression is that instead of 24 hours in a day there are only 12! And you want to do everything and also it is advisable to show off culinary skills. Even if they do not, entih skills, and Shine still strong hotstsa, prepare hot Express appetizer, which is easy to handle even beginners. Prepared quickly available products, and it looks festive and appetizing!
Muffins with peas
113 - - -
When you make the salad for the holiday table, put a couple of tablespoons of peas. To prepare here are a ruddy snack bars muffins cheese crust.
Cheese baskets with sprats
107 - - 6
Cheese baskets with juicy stuffed sprat, tomato and rice - quick, tasty, inexpensive and elegant appetizer for the holiday table.
Men's "cupcakes"
104 - - -
It's a very very masculine dessert. So that there is not a dessert it is. It's a great snack for strong drinks. I bet any man would like it. Ordinary to extraordinary!
Polish muffin with ham and beans
100 - 60м 4
Delicious snack cake that is baked in Poland for Christmas!
Rice balls
100 - 9м 6
Very tasty and quick to prepare rice balls!!! All a pleasant appetite
Liver muffins with mushrooms
96 - 40м 12
Offer you tasty and healthy snack - liver cupcakes. This snack can be used for receptions for the New year.
Eateries madlenka salmon
94 - 30м 10
These eateries madlenka are cooked fast and easy, minimum ingredients, and the taste is very sweet and nice. Girls, this appetizer is very good and will help you out before the holiday feast, when men impatiently languishing in anticipation and during the festival would be a good addition to the table. Love to share the recipe. Happy New year!
Profiteroles eateries
94 - - -
On the festive table is very convenient snacks "one bite". Here is an option I today decided to offer. Profiteroles choux pastry with meat mousse and mousse of seafood. In the center of the serving dish, so it really was new year's eve, you can put conditional "Christmas wreath".
Muffins chicken, cheese and greens
93 - 50м 24
Very tasty and hearty muffins with boiled chicken breast, cheese and herbs. They are perfect for a delicious and hanging out with family or friends, and for those who are going on the road.
Mini-pies on the holiday table
90 - - -
Offer three mini-pies from curd test. Good option for snacks on the festive table and not only. Help yourself!
Muffin with ham, mustard and mushrooms
90 - - -
My husband was at work planned a little cocktail, and he asked me to make this cake. When he returned home, to my question:" how was the cupcake?" said that managed to capture only a tiny slice because the cake literally disappeared for a few minutes.
Envelopes with broccoli and cheese
86 - 40м 6
The recipe is simple and easy snacks for the new year (and not only) table. Unusual mix of ingredients gives the dish a delicate flavor.
Eateries eclairs with cottage cheese filling
84 - 65м 12
Well, what else can I say? another wonderful recipe snacks. Especially for the Christmas holidays!! Urya!
Cheese muffins
84 - 30м 2
Dear cooks! I want to buy you a cheese-presetname muffins. Prepared very quickly from the minimum set of products which always are in each family. I'm sure you will like it. Perfect for a Cup of fragrant tea or invigorating coffee. Eat preferably warm from the cold taste is not the same. Muffins turn out very tender and airy. Help yourself!