Cook in a slow cooker recipes

Soy bread
0.9k - 90м 5
Propose a way to replace bread or other wheat, to soy, to solve many health problems. Soy bread is rich in protein, can replenish or Supplement the lack of protein from other foods. All the prejudices about the harm or the utility of the soybean can be concluded only in one frame, how your own body "accept this product". Soy bread may rightly be called the "Diabetics Kim".
0.8k - - -
I hope my version of this meat will be useful. It turns out beautiful and delicious! The taste is something like a stew that looks beautiful sliced. Not ashamed to invite guests and put on a festive table. Most importantly, is prepared in multivarka VITEK VT - 4200 that facilitates the preparation of the dish, no need to watch, if not boil the broth!
0.6k - 60м 6
Greshniki is a traditional Russian way to submit a buckwheat cereal for soup or borscht. To prepare greshniki easy, and they look on the table much more attractive than a plate of porridge. Greshniki, or miscreants, are sold in the city streets Hawking, and poured hot vegetable oil. Still, initially this is not a standalone dish, but it belongs to the cabbage soup, served instead of bread. I made greshniki in multivarka VITEK VT-4214 add flavor to them mushrooms.
403 - 90м 6
Delicious stewed potatoes with vegetables and chicken! easy to prepare, suitable for a gala dinner, and lunch, and you can even feed the kids)This dish can be cooked in an ordinary pot, but in a slow cooker it turns out just perfect!!!
Potato pudding in a slow cooker
392 - 105м -
When I'm in the kitchen came the wonderful techniques the multicooker REDMOND M4502 I decided to cook her favorite dish of my family. on the website recipe grandmas potato in slow cooker I found, and decided to experiment)))
332 - 20м 2
Brasada - sandwich from crispy baguette with grilled beef fillet, onion, bacon and egg. Dish Spanish. I have prepared this sandwich is inspired to the recipe of Spanish chef Jorge de angel Moliner. A real man's Breakfast, as a rule, in Spain is lunch. Share the recipe, maybe someone will like it.
Pie "Riddle Of The East"
320 - - -
Cake recipe adapted multivarku "Panasonic", but I'm sure this recipe can be used for any slow cooker, most importantly during cooking to check the readiness of the cake with a wooden stick, if the stick is dry, and it did not stick, the cake is ready! The cake turned out with a creamy aroma and delicate flavor of halva! "As you may say "paste" in the mouth will not become sweeter".
Oat cupcake with cherries in a slow cooker
302 - 20м 8
Very tasty, sweet oat cupcake with cherry without flour in slow cooker.
Pepper "hoarder" almost French
296 - 80м 6
Very tasty dish, but economical, so called "hoarder". But almost in French because the basis is taken and reworked the recipe for pepper in French (can't remember what forum).
Mess of pottage
293 - - -
A delicious and hearty chickpea soup is a great option for a meal!
Pulled pork in the slow cooker sleeve
289 - - 6
And once again we return to the idea that a piece of excellent cold homemade meat will not replace your Desk store-bought sausage or meat production. Wonderful pork turned out in the slow cooker, I recommend!
Kavardak in a slow cooker
285 - 130м 10
The national dish of Tajik cuisine is a roast lamb with vegetables and potatoes. Kavardak in translation from Tajik is "Hot". Cook a roast of lamb.
Seafood braised in white wine
282 - 35м 2
How can I, living in the far East, to do without your favorite seafood. Offer you the recipe for seafood cocktail cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY. Just warning you, do not worry, the seafood does not become "rubber ". The dish is versatile, can be eaten both hot and cold.
Savory cottage cheese casserole
268 - 20м 1
From inexpensive and common ingredients. Very simple, even a child will cope!
Borsch "Ukrainian"
267 - 90м 8
Delicious "Ukrainian" borsch, who gladly eat the whole family. Prepared in a slow cooker.
Ham with prunes and walnuts
265 - - -
Enjoy delicious home-cooked ham from pork with the addition of prunes and walnuts. Preparing this ham in vaccinia. Ham suitable for Breakfast (or anytime snack) for sandwiches or on any table as a cutting. The Foundation took the recipe for taskovski of vicinity and a recipe for homemade sausage Janowska (from the Internet)
251 - 30м 6
During the winter carnivals and fairs brisk barefoot boys, thromosis his head round copper trays with mountains kachori and Puri, carry the cakes home. Traditionally, the Indian housewife, the pending order at the nearest restaurant fantastic number of this beloved delicacy. Interested?)) Then here)).
Pie "Baby"
243 - - -
Very fragrant and delicious cake with raisins, nuts and apples. Easy to cook, fast to eat. Products available and ease of preparation can't be happy, especially busy Housewives and young mothers. Recipe adapted for slow cookers and the oven. Pie is sent to Lubaszka (pupsik27).
Chicken with prunes in multivarku
236 - - -
This bird hostess and cook for the festive table, and for a quiet family dinner. In this recipe the taste of chicken meat goes well with prunes. The result was tender and very tasty meat with a slight sweet aftertaste. In this case I was very pleased with the sauce. Quite thick, fragrant, with creamy mustard flavor.
Fish schnitzel
230 - - -
I offer you the recipe of succulent fish schnitzel, which successfully took root in our family. This dish can be prepared even the young mistress. Recipe taken from Grub. ru, for him I thank the author - Olga. On our website there is a version of this dish, I hope You will take this one. This is a dish I can easily made in a wonderful multivarka Vitek VT-4205 VK.
Pork hryaschik
229 - - -
Registered on the website for a long time, only here the original recipes I had. But, when it happened, it was not a handy device for capturing. In General, while I rocked, then it all made and appreciated without my participation. :) And then... Oh, joy, the slow cooker You have no respect? Judging by the "abundance" of recipes?! Buim, with Your permission, to catch up. ; )