Cook in a slow cooker recipes for Easter

Pulled pork in the slow cooker sleeve
369 - - 6
And once again we return to the idea that a piece of excellent cold homemade meat will not replace your Desk store-bought sausage or meat production. Wonderful pork turned out in the slow cooker, I recommend!
Pepper "hoarder" almost French
334 - 80м 6
Very tasty dish, but economical, so called "hoarder". But almost in French because the basis is taken and reworked the recipe for pepper in French (can't remember what forum).
Ham with prunes and walnuts
321 - - -
Enjoy delicious home-cooked ham from pork with the addition of prunes and walnuts. Preparing this ham in vaccinia. Ham suitable for Breakfast (or anytime snack) for sandwiches or on any table as a cutting. The Foundation took the recipe for taskovski of vicinity and a recipe for homemade sausage Janowska (from the Internet)
Honey cake in multivarku
219 - 90м 8
Very simple to prepare, the taste is just amazing! Honey sponge cake perfectly combined with sour cream, a variety of taste add nuts and butter cream with condensed milk. This cake did the first time and the first time it I got. All highly recommend!
Cupcake chocolate vartiety
207 - 60м 8
Favorite cake from multivarki. Always lush, fragrant and very beautiful colors. A particularly valuable quality - when immediately after the signal you open the lid, nothing fits, even if still not fully cooked!
The pork in vaccinia and slow cooker pressure cooker
175 - 90м 6
The pork can be prepared from any part of the pork and of the meat of any animal and birds. Only choose what you want to have ready-made pork -lean or with fat bits. If it's lean, you can take a ham and a neck, the less fat. I'll cook pork (roast) chops. Bone cut, one can make roast potatoes. Well I have the meat is marinated and soy sauce TM Kikkoman sauce teriyaki marinade gave the meat original taste. The result was tender, juicy, flavorful pork.
Cake "Home"
148 - - -
The cake recipe is very simple and rather quick, the products are quite affordable, so you can cook it with your kids for a family tea party!
Condensed milk in slow cooker "Taste"
143 - 120м 20
Homemade condensed milk in the slow cooker
Pie "Nomura" baklava in the Palestinian
140 - 80м 6
I like Oriental sweets. Well this cake for a very big sweet tooth. This cake is delicious crumbly sweetness of the East. The taste was odd "wet" sweet.
Cheesecake in a slow cooker
140 - 50м -
The most simple and the most delicious cakes in a slow cooker is, of course, cheesecake. Of course, this is my opinion, which appeared after I made this wonderful dish in my slow cooker Vitek VT - 4214.
The shank in the sauce, baked in a slow cooker
131 - 150м 6
Tender, juicy, spicy knuckle! Meat eaters will be happy! Pork shank baked in a slow cooker, very filling and tasty dish. You can cook it in several ways. This time I cooked pork, marinated in a homemade sauce. Through this method of marinating, the meat turns out very juicy and tender.
Unleavened bread made in a slow cooker
130 - 60м 1
Bread does not contain yeast, fat, eggs, sugar - therefore suitable for those who loses weight and not only.
The jar of chickpeas and pickles
127 - 40м 3
I really liked this recipe the fact that hot, it is a complete main dish or a side dish, and the cold spicy caviar, thanks pickles. Yes, this appetizer on toasted crispy bread sold us on "Hooray! Besides, it's the perfect recipe for a Lenten menu, which is important at the moment.
Pork in beer, or unusual goulash
123 - 110м 8
When too lazy to cook but want to cook something unusual, helps this recipe. Bit of fuss, the result is excellent. To cook better in the slow cooker but on the stove it's good.
Pan Asian fried rice
123 - 30м 2
I love this recipe, cook it not once, not twice, always turns out hearty, tasty and very useful. Now I tried to cook in a slow cooker and, you know, everything turned out fine!
Charlotte "Siberian soul"
120 - 80м 1
Classic, in my opinion, Charlotte recipe, but this version I got the perfect (pastries are not friends at all!!!:)). I guess it's all in the ingredients. And Yes!!! Even The Soul!
Quick khachapuri in a slow cooker
120 - 60м 1
I want to share with you the quick recipe, khachapuri, without any problems. This recipe turns out very tasty hachapuri. Try it and you will not regret.
Lamb in Iranian
118 - 60м -
Mutton is not all love for its specific taste. Well, if you like, just for the taste, not like any other. I would even call the flavor! To cook delicious lamb is now easy and just after she got multivarka Vitek. Small prepolovenka and the rest is done by herself, and she can rest if she came home from work, or to do other things, pleasant to her heart.
Cake "Royal" in a slow cooker
117 - - -
The recipe is not new, this cake has long been known under different names, I have adapted it for your favorite slow cooker. Sweet, juicy, consists of four cakes with different fillings. Happy new year!
Chicken wings with sesame seeds in the Asian
117 - 20м -
I offer you a dish, a favorite in our family, adapted for a slow cooker. To be honest, even she did not expect such a luxurious result. The chicken turned out tender, flavorful and very tasty with a minimum of physical effort and time.
Pilaf with raisins in multivarka
115 - 80м 5
I'm in shock... what would happen... All the advice... well very very good.