Poultry dishes in multivarka recipes

Chicken with prunes in multivarku
282 - - -
This bird hostess and cook for the festive table, and for a quiet family dinner. In this recipe the taste of chicken meat goes well with prunes. The result was tender and very tasty meat with a slight sweet aftertaste. In this case I was very pleased with the sauce. Quite thick, fragrant, with creamy mustard flavor.
Chicken legs baked in a slow cooker
241 - 40м 6
Quick and tasty. A simple dish, the discharge of the minimum of hassle and time for those occasions when you don't want to zamorachivatsya with multiple modes, and not much in the fridge. Chicken legs baked in foil.
Chicken fillet with vegetables in a slow cooker
229 - - 4
A acquired data magic unit, and I would like to share the recipe for this device. Notice that the recipe at the time is described for a conventional slow cooker, without the function "pressure cooker."
Chicken with vegetables and Apple in cream
167 - - -
Offer to cook tender chicken with vegetables and Apple in a velvety sauce. Fast, simple and very tasty! But to cook with ease, this dish helped me multivarka Vitek VT-4205 VK.
Stew "Lordly" with chicken and chicken liver
164 - 110м 6
Lordly, because a lot of meat. I climbed in the refrigerator and saw a bunch of canned food, have not found still use. Well, the idea to dream up on Stew. I chose the difficult option and I used the slow cooker and the pan. The result exceeded my expectations. Immediately apologize for the photo - photographed on the phone. So there you go-))
Chicken with string beans in a cream sauce
164 - 60м -
Chicken with string beans in a sour cream sauce in a slow cooker. Quick, tasty and easy dish - great for beginners "multi-chefs". I began his acquaintance with the slow cooker.
Chicken in cream, cooked in a slow cooker
163 - 90м 10
Easy fast dish is cooked in a slow cooker. It's just food!, note! every day! But in the holidays we iskusnica!
Baked chicken from Jamie Oliver slow cooker
162 - - -
So the chicken I prepared in the oven, until I have a slow cooker. Honestly, in a slow cooker I liked: cooking is very simple and the chicken is incredibly tasty, juicy and tender. It turns out chicken in a creamy sauce: milk is dissolved into small pieces of curd and whey. For me this recipe was the best of all the recipes that I previously tested. The flavors are completely infused lemon with cinnamon and sage. The garlic cloves were so soft, I ate them with chicken, on the bread is divinely delicious!
Pate a La Riet
162 - - -
Riet pate with a fairly rough texture. In France, Riet made from a variety of meats and poultry, and sometimes fish Riet. It is usually used for sandwiches.
Chicken fillet "Accordion"
157 - 20м 2
A recipe from the Internet. Loved the ease of preparation. Very tasty. Cooked in a slow cooker. In the recipe - in the oven for 20 min. In a slow cooker enough and 15 min.
Stew of goose in slow cooker
156 - - -
As you all probably know, we grow geese. So Gus is a frequent guest on our table. I wanted to try the stew from the goose in a slow cooker. It is divinely delicious and very tender... And a minimum of hassle. Now stew a goose - is also a frequent guest on our table...
Palak Murgh or Chicken with spinach
150 - 40м 3
This recipe is from Indian cuisine which I love. Such spicy and flavorful dishes in India usually served with fresh boiled rice in a separate dish, which will soften and emphasize the distinct taste of chicken in spinach.
Pilaf with Turkey in a slow cooker
145 - - 4
Pilaf turns out gorgeous: delicate meat, the rice is not mushy, and the flavor...
Chicken in Armenian
144 - 50м 3
Tender juicy chicken with a spicy taste. A dish that does not require a side dish. Prepare using multivarki VITEK VT-4204 GY.
Riet duck with mushrooms
144 - 130м 12
The recipe for this great snack was prepared by the book "slow Cooker. Cook everything". Thanks to the author Raisa Savkova. Simple and delicious.
Soup "may" in a slow cooker
141 - 120м 6
This is my first experimental soup in just received multivarka Stadler Form. The soup turned out just great, from the young nettle and sorrel fresh, delicious, go - treat.
Chicken with vegetable sauce in a slow cooker
137 - - -
Low in calories, healthy and hearty dish with NO ADDED OIL, cooked in the slow cooker. Tender chicken with aromatic vegetable gravy and a young sorrel.
Baked chicken in breadcrumbs
135 - 50м 4
Children will enjoy this tasty and crunchy chicken! Cooked in multivarka VITEK 4212-BK.
Baked chicken with cranberries and apples
135 - 55м 6
I love to bake chicken with different toppings, but my favorites are apples combined with tart cranberries, honey and mustard
Spicy stew "Cecenu" chicken
134 - 120м 4
Bought the magazine "a Collection of recipes," the entire issue was devoted to the dishes of Guinea fowl. Puzzled where to buy the fowl, in the supermarkets here in St. Petersburg is not met. Decided to order at the farm. Well, I really wanted to try the meat of this Royal bird. Because this dish is perfectly possible to cook a chicken, the steps will describe using brackets. The dish was spicy, sweet and slightly tangy. It is quite light. The juice allocated from vegetables can replace a light entree with a piece of meat. Cooked in a slow cooker, because "utyatnitsu" I have not. Guinea fowl and the broth have a delicate flavor. But once again, that this dish would be equally delicious with chicken.
Chicken in cream sauce in a slow cooker
134 - 30м -
Another dish from the category of tasty and simple.