Dishes from cereals and legumes in multivarka recipes

Soy bread
1.2k - 90м 5
Propose a way to replace bread or other wheat, to soy, to solve many health problems. Soy bread is rich in protein, can replenish or Supplement the lack of protein from other foods. All the prejudices about the harm or the utility of the soybean can be concluded only in one frame, how your own body "accept this product". Soy bread may rightly be called the "Diabetics Kim".
0.8k - 60м 6
Greshniki is a traditional Russian way to submit a buckwheat cereal for soup or borscht. To prepare greshniki easy, and they look on the table much more attractive than a plate of porridge. Greshniki, or miscreants, are sold in the city streets Hawking, and poured hot vegetable oil. Still, initially this is not a standalone dish, but it belongs to the cabbage soup, served instead of bread. I made greshniki in multivarka VITEK VT-4214 add flavor to them mushrooms.
Vegetable soup with lentils "Soup Lesta"
0.6k - 50м 4
Very soulful Bulgarian vegetable soup with lentils. Prepares multivarka Vitek VT-4215 BW.
Mess of pottage
0.5k - - -
A delicious and hearty chickpea soup is a great option for a meal!
448 - 250м 4
The harissa recipe on the website is there, but it was prepared is a brutal man with a unfeminine use of power and heaps of time. Women have not much time so they save it. I'll show you the effective preparation of this traditional Armenian dishes, using cooking technology, which is not inferior in flavor, but prepared almost without your participation. In addition, we use the right grits for harissa, which will tell.
414 - 30м 6
During the winter carnivals and fairs brisk barefoot boys, thromosis his head round copper trays with mountains kachori and Puri, carry the cakes home. Traditionally, the Indian housewife, the pending order at the nearest restaurant fantastic number of this beloved delicacy. Interested?)) Then here)).
Buckwheat is "Lazy hostess"
385 - 60м 6
Very tasty, fast and economical dish from what was in the fridge. A perfect dish for those who are too lazy to go for food because of the ingredients I think will be in any house and no time to stand at the stove. All amounts of the ingredients you can change and choose according to your taste, so accurate measures will not write🙂 Because we are all different someone loves meat, someone buckwheat, and someone cabbage. By the way, this is my first dish which I post, so please do not judge strictly☺
Mushroom soup with cous-cous
379 - 30м 2
Friends, about this recipe is you can say one thing - its simplicity is equal to its taste. Delicate creamy soup with slices of mushrooms will remind You of the classic cream soup, but the couscous will give the old taste of the new sound.
Millet porridge with minced meat
340 - - -
Mostly I cook simple meals that don't require a lot of effort, time and craftsmanship. One of such dishes is porridge with minced meat in a slow cooker, this can be rice, bulgur, buckwheat, millet, lentils or barley. And porridge in a slow cooker turn out unusually tasty and fragrant.
Pumpkin porridge
339 - - 3
Decided to make Breakfast pumpkin porridge in a slow cooker, it was very tasty and in the morning left a lot of time because there was really nothing to cook, just lay Skeet!
Milk corn porridge in multivarka
302 - 65м 1
Cooking in a slow cooker (mV) - it's just important to know proportions of ingredients. At the moment one of the few dishes that allowed me to eat is corn porridge. In paper to my mV of corn porridge recipe I found, as well as on the website. So... Internet + experiments = this recipe. By the way, this porridge is a dish that meets the criteria of a hypoallergenic diet mom, being on GW and children allergic to cow's milk protein.
Chovlent in a slow cooker
298 - 40м 8
In the fall of 2015 my husband and I were vacationing in the Carpathians and tried a wonderful dish chovlent. I want to share with you the recipe of this dish, cooked in a slow cooker.
Chicken with rice in explanation of the "TB"
277 - 60м 4
Offer a recipe Sephardic cuisine (cuisine of the Jews of the middle East, Spain, Mediterranean countries and Iraq). The original recipe chicken with rice cooked in the oven at 100-120 With the night ( about 8 hours), recipe adapted by me for cooking in a slow cooker mode "Vexation" about 2-3 hours. It turns out the rice in rice, and in between the chicken! Very tasty, fragrant, juicy and spicy! Help yourself!
Nuevo-vegetable pate
274 - 100м 10
I suggest you make this delicate paté and try method feeder on toast with zucchini from the grill!
Green beans with mushrooms in multivarku
271 - 40м 5
I hasten to share the recipe of very tasty green beans! It turns out tender, flavorful and incredibly delicious! Fans of beans so this recipe will certainly appeal!!!
Thick buckwheat pancakes-pancake cooked in a slow cooker
267 - 60м 3
Thick buckwheat pancakes-pancake with cottage cheese and herbs cooked in the slow cooker. Rich, plump, and fragrant. With sour cream, pickled gherkin, or salted fish. Cooked in a slow cooker VT-4207 R, the 3-dimensional heating for even cooking, quickly and well baked.
Bulgur with mushrooms and vegetables
266 - 60м -
Bulgur, like rice, is a good base for different flavor combinations, today made the Eastern wheat, it turned out a kind of pilaf, rich aromas of mushrooms and vegetables, tasty, juicy and crispy.
Figure "Asian Taste"
258 - 60м 6
If you are fed up of the usual toppings, prepare isoblow... or Plovers... as you wish. I'd call it a pilaf without meat in the slow cooker. Enough talk, go to cook. Prepare multivarka Vitek VT-4205 BK.
Slow-cooked porridge of oatmeal
257 - - -
Very tasty, healthy porridge. Due to the fact that she's a few hours worth of heating, it is obtained with a pleasant creamy taste and a slightly baked flavor. For the recipe thank you, Marina-" Malibu".
Fruity pilaf "Orange miracle"
253 - - -
Very tasty, easy, diet fruit rice. Recipe adapted for a slow cooker but you can cook in the casserole. Delicious both hot and cold.
Porridge monastery in a slow cooker
253 - 50м 8
Very satisfying, despite the lack of meat, fragrant porridge. Cooked in a slow cooker "Vitek" VT-4206-R