Dishes of meat in multivarka recipes

Fish schnitzel
251 - - -
I offer you the recipe of succulent fish schnitzel, which successfully took root in our family. This dish can be prepared even the young mistress. Recipe taken from Grub. ru, for him I thank the author - Olga. On our website there is a version of this dish, I hope You will take this one. This is a dish I can easily made in a wonderful multivarka Vitek VT-4205 VK.
Meatballs feature in the style of sous-vide
206 - 180м 4
In my childhood the word is the feature I was associated with something mysterious and delicious, now I know what is the feature of this sweet vegetable stew of different composition, which depends on location and circumstances, but none is complete without carrots, as it is the main ingredient. Style sous-vide - method of low-temperature food processing. By combining all these knowledge and conditions of the competition turned out very tender and tasty dish of minced meat cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4214. Try it and you!
196 - 50м 6
I watched cooking shows on the popular channel, where the driving was Tonya Buxton. As she got to me!!! Open, intelligent, cheerful))) I)). Today I'll show you the recipe for Greek cigars, which in Cyprus is called Kobes. I can't believe how delicious! All done with my favorite assistant Multivarka Vitek VT-4203 SR.
Zrazy stuffed with mozzarella and bacon
184 - - -
Offer to cook a juicy pancakes with cheese and flavor because the stuffing used mozzarella, wrapped in smoked bacon. It was very tasty!
Pea soup with meatballs
176 - - -
In a slow cooker is very easy to cook pea soup will require about an hour to the soup reached its creamy consistency, it became a rich, stewed - just delicious!
Chicken meatballs with rice and broccoli
176 - - 3
Tender, juicy meatballs made of chicken meat with rice and broccoli in a creamy sauce-delicious, easy and nourishing dish. Meatballs-probably one of the favorite dishes of many chefs, the recipes - there are an infinite number. They can be prepared from any species of meat, fish and even seafood, let alone how many supplements... Today I have meatballs made of chicken meat with rice and cabbage-broccoli, braised in a creamy sauce.
Zrazy a La Cordon Bleu
169 - 60м 6
Tender chicken cutlets with fragrant viscous filling. Cook in multivarka Vitek VT-4205 BK.
Königsberger klopse
159 - 50м 4
Klopse — this dish German cuisine, consisting of minced meat, drizzled in caper sauce. The dish is very popular in Europe, these are the same meatballs. The essence of this beautiful dish is in the sauce. Klopse get a very tasty, rich, creamy sauce that perfectly complements the taste of capers. An excellent option for a casual dinner. Use a slow cooker VITEK VT-4204 GY.
Turkey meatballs in a fat grid
152 - - -
A delicious combination of Turkey and cashews in a crispy crust of fat grid has prepared for You multivarka VITEK VT - 4200.
Spaghetti with sauce "Bolognese"
143 - 60м 6
Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the most famous Italian dishes has gained popularity because of the bright combination of flavors, satiety, and ease of preparation. Pasta with meat sauce Bolognese can become a decoration as a festive and everyday table. The famous spaghetti Bolognese cooked in a slow cooker, turn out no worse than any of than on the stove, and perhaps even better. So watch our video and try to cook this wonderful dish. Hope you like this dish and will be cooking spaghetti Bolognese often and with great pleasure.
Stuffed peppers Greek
142 - 60м 6
I would call it dish "the Old songs", but do not rush to pass. There is a new Supplement, and peppers cooked without any fuss in the cartoon VITEK VT - 4203 SR.
Meatloaf with vegetable stuffing "Carnival"
141 - 70м 4
Offer the option of a meat loaf cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR. The filling of vegetables and whole mushrooms
Cabbage rolls with Savoy cabbage in multivarka
140 - 30м 3
Certainly, the recipe of cabbage no surprise, but I'm gonna risk it spread. I know that not everyone turns to prepare cabbage for stuffed cabbage, and I was no exception. Therefore I propose a recipe for stuffed cabbage with Savoy cabbage in a slow cooker - quick, tasty and unusual. My home really like. And I like it because it really takes little time to prepare.
Lazy lasagna in a slow cooker
136 - 35м 4
Not complicated but very tasty and tender lasagna!
Meat loaf "Mitlof"
136 - 60м 6
It would be truer to call it a meal not bread and meat loaf - so close to the English original meatloaf. Because the bread there is almost no dish of meat. This bread is filled with American cuisine during the great depression. But even when there is no great depression and there is a small depression tormented mother of the family, forced each night to puzzle over the menu, it is also a way out. Use a slow cooker VITEK VT-4204 GY.
Dairy steam chicken sausages
135 - - -
Easy to prepare, tasty and healthy sausages will appeal to both adults and kids.
Pasta with tomato sauce
133 - 35м 6
This dish I cooked in multivarka-pressure cooker, so it is bright and has kept all useful properties! Very good option for a healthy dinner-lunch "fast" for the whole family.
Macro stuffed cabbage in a slow cooker
128 - - -
Delicious. Presentable. Fragrant. Help yourself!!!
Meatballs with potatoes and beans in sauce
126 - 110м 4
I bought once in the butcher shop of all sorts of meats. products, of course from the meat). My eye was already prepared meatballs. Thought I'll take useful. House froze them and forgot. And then, after a while of me asking family if not your freaks in the freezer serving time? Say my. Remove pliz defrost-) Came home and decided to stir up the natural Spud with meatballs.
Meatballs "lion Head"
123 - 80м 4
This dish from the Chinese cuisine. Spicy meatballs stuffed with quail eggs, with fragrant sauce; cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR.
Sausage in slow cooker
123 - - -
I want to show you today as I now have homemade sausage in multivarka Vitek VT-4210ВК. It's simple and delicious, try it.