Vegetable dishes in multivarka recipes

405 - 90м 6
Delicious stewed potatoes with vegetables and chicken! easy to prepare, suitable for a gala dinner, and lunch, and you can even feed the kids)This dish can be cooked in an ordinary pot, but in a slow cooker it turns out just perfect!!!
A hodgepodge of cabbage in a slow cooker
172 - - -
My mom's prescription, however, she is preparing in a conventional pot, and I in the slow cooker. My bag better!
Jam of onions in slow cooker
171 - 60м 4
Very fond of jams and marmalades for cheese, meat, poultry. And onion is most suitable, not all fans of the jam from the chilli, for example. So I adapted the recipe of Jam of onions to slow cooker, and with all sorts of different herbs. This jam serves as a delicacy for beef steaks and pies, and roast duck. Particularly good onion jam, cheese with red wine.
The feature
149 - 30м 3
Carrots, butter, dried fruit, citrus, spices for mulled wine. A simple recipe for a delicious dish.
Cabbage casserole Finnish
145 - 45м 4
Vegetable casserole in a slow cooker is always very quick, tasty and healthy. And thanks to the addition of meat and cream can make such a casserole is also very hearty dish. What is the recipe for a cabbage casserole Finnish in the slow cooker. Recipes are casseroles there are many national cuisines. But hardly in any other country these dishes are loved more than in Finland. Finns prepare casseroles of turnip, Swede, carrots, rye flour and dairy products. One of the most popular varieties of cabbage casserole with meat and cream. It is called "Callinica". Cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY.
Vegetable stew with curd cheese
129 - 70м 4
While there is still "real" gardening vegetables prepare simple and delicious vegetable stew. Slow cooker to the rescue! And of course, sauce "Kikkoman"! Taste?!)
Scrambled eggs with peppers and green onions
127 - 45м 2
Recipe air omelet with bell peppers and green onions. Recipe for a slow cooker.
Spicy vegetable soup with lentils
126 - - -
Vegetable soup with a spicy taste and delicate texture.
Potatoes "Gold" in a slow cooker
119 - - -
Potatoes in sour cream, cooked in a slow cooker-wonderful Sal dish. Cooked very simply, with a minimum of hassle and quite quickly. Beautiful, Sunny, fragrant potatoes. For dinner or lunch, as a side dish or a separate dish, and the guests such potatoes to shame. As the saying goes: "And in the feast and in the world..."
Sun-dried tomatoes
117 - 75м -
Tomatoes cooked this recipe perfectly suited to any garnish, and is good as a separate dish!!!
Scrambled eggs "the Sun"
113 - 15м -
Have you ever tried to fry eggs in a slow cooker? I tried. And that's what happened! Bright, beautiful, cheerful Breakfast dish for your favorite people!
Vegetable rice
113 - 30м -
Rice cooked together with potatoes and celery root, absorbed new tastes. For me, this grain has long been one of the foundations for culinary creativity. And once again the taste of him was unique... If you don't have a slow cooker, this recipe and set of products can be adapted to cooking on the stove (or bake in the oven).
Eggplant caviar in a slow cooker
112 - - -
Cooked eggs in the slow cooker tastier and easier to prepare. It can be served both hot and cold appetizer! You can grind in a blender or serve in small pieces.
Green soup
109 - 60м 10
Recipe for slow cooker MP5015PSD.
Soup dill
108 - 20м 2
Aneth Un potage. I love seasonal dill when it is in the natural environment Matures - this fragrance is no comparison. This wonderful soup is full transmits all the richness of its flavor fennel - help yourself! I cook in a slow cooker, but the same easy to portray and in the pan)))
Fried potatoes in a slow cooker
108 - 30м 4
Recipe for quick fried potatoes turns out very tasty.
Stewed potatoes with sausages
107 - 70м -
Our house potato dishes, generally go with a Bang, so I have to do it often. Well, to not get bored with the same meals, try to make potatoes in different ways. My slow cooker helps me a lot. So when I saw in a Book club the book "This delicious potato", did not think long. Here is the first dish from it, adapted to a cartoon. It was very satisfying and delicious. Due to the fact that in the dish are smoked, the potatoes came out not lean. Well, about the smell I'm not talking... In General, on your court and on your taste!
Stuffed Savoy cabbage with lentils
107 - - -
I offer vegetable stuffed Savoy cabbage with lentils. Due to this, the cabbage rolls turned out very hearty and delicious. Using multivarki Vitek, you will prepare everything very quickly.
Vegetable saute
105 - - -
Sauté (FR. saute - jump, leap) - as the dish is prepared in several stages, so to say, jumps. Many believe that the name came from the vessels in which it is prepared, and the method of mixing. However, whatever it was, saute this is very tasty dish and cooking it in a slow cooker makes it even tastier and more interesting.
Cheese soup in a pumpkin
105 - 80м 2
Found the Internet this option is for a convection oven. I prepared it in a slow cooker.
Potatoes in a slow cooker
104 - 40м 4
Here is a simple potato side dish that is so loved in our family with the advent of the slow cooker!