Casseroles in multivarka recipes

Savory cottage cheese casserole
455 - 20м 1
From inexpensive and common ingredients. Very simple, even a child will cope!
Cottage cheese casserole with sauce "Sunday"
441 - - -
Our family is very fond of cheese cakes. Want to offer a casserole that will not leave anyone indifferent - happy to eat everything! very tasty and sour cream, and yogurt but I prefer with berries. The idea of casseroles thank you Larissa [email protected]@4ka-I slightly changed the proportions. Gratin is just tender just melts in your mouth! Highly recommend!!!
Baked pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella
385 - - -
Offer to cook a very flavorful macaroni casserole. The smell of baked tomatoes, oregano, garlic stratele is on the whole kitchen. The casserole turned out tender and very tasty, with slices of mozzarella browned at the edges and stretching the strands of cheese in the middle! I will cook this often!
Potato casserole with stuffing in multivarka
371 - 80м 4
Parmentier. Everyone knows the classic casserole, a favorite in our family, I cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR.
Cartoonize in a slow cooker
310 - 60м -
Ancient Siberian dish for your table! Fans of potatoes, don't pass it by! Today we will prepare a wonderful dinner cartoonito. Delicious, rosy, fragrant zapekanka from the beloved potatoes-what could be better for a side dish to chops or fish? Besides, we will prepare it in a slow cooker with absolutely no hassle!
Scrambled eggs with crab sticks and green onions
302 - 25м -
Scrambled eggs with crab sticks and green onions cooked in a slow cooker, a delicious and hearty Breakfast! Try.
Rice casserole in a slow cooker
297 - 60м 2
Delicious, tender, flavorful casserole. A great way "disposal " residues of rice porridge.
Cottage cheese casserole "Lakomka"
295 - 60м -
We must eat cheese... "we Must eat cheese" - I promised myself, being in expectation of a miracle, but the cheese, unfortunately, not like absolutely! Here's that memorable moment, I took a fancy cheese casserole! Now to my love for this delicacy was joined by my son! Tasty option like cheesecake! For the idea thanks Natali!
Spring casserole "pledge"
293 - 65м -
This easy, tasty casserole of vegetables (the main vegetable - zucchini). Very tasty with sour cream to serve))) My first posted recipe - so called "pledge")
Graviola cake in a slow cooker
292 - - -
A very simple cupcake recipe that's very similar to the casserole and at the same time in a cheesecake. The taste of this cake is reminiscent of something made from Mascarpone cream cheese, the consistency of this cupcake is soft, supple and delicate.
Cottage cheese casserole with rice and apples
291 - 65м 8
Dear cooks, I come to you today with a cottage cheese casserole. Anticipating flight sneakers because of this trivial, I will say in my defense that this casserole gluten-free and low-fat, so is suitable for those who are not friends with gluten and those who are watching a figure. It is cooked on one-two-three, and, I confess, of all the cheese casseroles of my repertoire this one is the favorite. Probably because recipe - Granny who survived several generations of consumers and still not losing popularity. I have modernized it and now I cook in the slow cooker. Although this casserole is good and hot from the oven. Help yourself!
Pomeranian gratin of fish with cheese
282 - 70м -
I want to offer you today a delicious Russian pie with fish and cheese. It is prepared very simply, the more that help us to be multivarka Vitek VT-4210ВК
Spicy casserole with cauliflower
281 - 35м 4
Juicy, rich in flavor the casserole. Prepared quickly. Cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY.
Baked liver with apples
278 - 25м 4
What?!! Liver with apples?!! How is it?!! That's what I wondered when I first heard this recipe)))which, by the way, brought me my husband, who was also surprised when I saw our friend cooks it!))overall cook, you will not regret, it is very tasty, the liver turns spicy and very unusual! Very like kiddies and those who don't like liver))
Cottage cheese casserole with greens in a slow cooker
276 - 80м 8
Tender cottage cheese casserole - prepare the basis of it, and then your assistant slow cooker will do the cooking. This casserole can be submitted, and as the hot dishes for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in the cold it is good!
Chocolate cottage cheese pudding in a slow cooker
265 - - -
Chocolate + cheese = a delicious and beautiful pie.
Gratin of cabbage with tomatoes
261 - - 4
Here for a change made this dish, I hope not zarugayut... Even my wife liked it, and he often preferenced! So, I recommend to try!!!
Baked rice and zucchini
258 - 60м 4
A simple recipe of available products. Very easy, fresh and flavorful.
Tender baked cottage cheese pudding in a slow cooker
257 - - -
I love cheese pie, and the best I can write only in a slow cooker. This casserole is the most tender that I had the opportunity to try the method of experiments. Try it, I recommend, never falls off and does not settle.
Scrambled eggs with young nettles in a slow cooker
253 - - -
Tasty, tender, beautiful scrambled eggs with young spring greens.
Cheesecake-dessert "orange"
247 - 75м 2
In the distant past, when my daughter was little, the casserole I prepared only with flour, because my daughter was allergic to semolina. But it is in fact not a casserole, but delicious dessert for the afternoon tea, which we and her husband persuaded the evening to tea. Fantastically tasty, and for children and their parents a double benefit, the cheese in the baked very good for the liver, not too sweet, not greasy, bright and delicious! Whether casserole, or a dessert cheese??? But unusually tasty, with vitamins. Kids will be glad to try this yummy afternoon snack! Adults also do not refuse. We will cook in the slow cooker. Number of ingredients just for my multi, and I have tiny. Increase the number of.