Grills recipes

Pheasant on the grill
1.2k - 20м 4
The meat of wild birds are very juicy on the palate, but it has its admirers. Offer you a recipe of pheasant on the grill. Thus it is possible to prepare any game.
Grilled vegetables "9 minute marinator" from Rustam
0.9k 3 20м 10
Lovers of vegetables, baked on the coals, will find here an interesting marinade recipe:) Go, you will not regret it! Summer is in full swing, and this recipe for Your next picnic! This recipe I was pleased with the husband of the younger sister of Rustam, who cooks just great! With his permission, publish the recipe here. The comic and the name of the dish came after watching in on TV a story about some fancy device for marinating:)
Grilled chicken "Assenheim 56"
0.9k - 60м 4
Recipe created on the basis of a chicken, which they sell in a small cafe Colombian cuisine in the city of London. To say that taste-bomber (an interesting word appeared in Moscow) - is to say nothing. In the process of cooking the entire kitchen fills with aroma of spices and herbs. And marinated spicy chicken perfectly with a slightly spicy sauce based on cilantro. You can cook both at home and taking raw materials from the nature.
Grilled vegetables from of Tania
0.6k - 30м 4
This recipe was shared with me Tanya-chudo. Unmatched option grilovanych vegetables for a picnic.
Grilled vegetables marinated "balsamic vinegar"
0.5k 5 - -
A rather unusual and interesting way to marinate eggplant and sweet pepper. A great spicy appetizer to the meat or to something solid... In the winter time you can cook vegetables in the oven or on the grill pan.
Pink envelope with vegetables
495 - - 4
Fillet of salmon, soaked with aromas of spices and vegetables is a complete meal in the fresh air in the envelope of foil.
Hot dog Siberian
438 - 90м 5
I want to offer you awesome hot dog. In a rye bun I put spicy sausage with a smoky, almost kebab, spicy sauce with mustard and fresh salad. This is a very hearty and delicious. Having prepared these hot dogs in the nature, you diversify your barbecue menu and will easily feed a large company. Turn on a little whimsy, and variations can be many.
Grilled sausages №2
419 - - 20
This is the most delicious grilled sausages that I have ever made and ate. Lovely fragrant spices and tender chicken meat makes them simply unforgettable. I just love these sausages!
Vegetables on skewers a La "Sate"
416 - 120м 8
Approaching the birthday of her husband. The usual kebabs are already tired, wanted something new and interesting. The recipe I was inspired by cook a Crocodile and its Antipasti. But I decided to go ahead. Heard a lot about Sate, a dish of Indonesian cuisine, a relative of shish kebab. The difference is in the size of the pieces, and most importantly - in the marinade. Because it is not just the marinade and the sauce in which cooked small pieces of meat. For those interested, here is the recipe of the original sate http://www.tasteofth I chose this way to pickle vegetables. Turned out - yum, much more interesting than the usual grilled vegetables.
Grilled mackerel "Spicy"
399 - 45м 4
Mackerel this fish, or love, or do not like the taste at all. I am one of those who loves mackerel. The taste of this fish is so self-sufficient that it is slightly to emphasize a small addition. And this recipe is proof. Taste?
Fat grill
377 - 10м 10
Were we visiting quite wealthy, had a barbecue in the yard... And now, suddenly, we learn that the main meat dish will be BACON!.. My husband and I were a bit perplexed... the Owners made a bowl of prepared lard, and... in short, we are no longer perplexed, and sought out, there was not yet of the piece). Fat in a flash evaporated from the grill!
Salad zucchini grilled with mint
352 - 15м 2
Very simple products and performance garnish to grilled meat. But thanks to the marinade for vegetables Forester this dish is very fragrant and appetizing.
Lamb ribs grilled
323 - - -
Delicious, aromatic and crunchy ribs on the grill!
The churrasco
321 - 30м 6
The churrasco is a popular barbecue dish in Spanish-speaking countries. Prepares a dish very quickly without marinating. And it has the minimum of ingredients. But it's very tasty! This dish can be safely feed a big company!
"Meat pockets" on the coals
314 - - -
Very tasty and beautiful dish for meat lovers! And also, it is an interesting alternative to the usual barbecue.
Chicken with garlic - festive
289 5 40м 8
Tasty, spicy chicken perfect for any occasion.
Chicken breast beer marinade
232 - - -
Infinitely tender and juicy breast it turns out, if it is marinated in dark beer. Light bread aroma from beer and exciting spirit haze - these components make the chicken unique!
Ribs on the grill with spices "Chimi-Ciurea are also presented" sauce "Chimi-Ciurea are also presented," Argentine
230 - - -
Gorgeous, fresh, fragrant, full-bodied Argentinian sauce suitable for grilled beef and lamb. And I even liked the sauce and just like smoothies, and in salad it is added, is also great. Just find some. Bon appetit!
Striped grill kit. Part 1
226 - 30м 4
Chicken steaks-grill complete with vegetables in saffron sauce and soft tortillas from the grill. These complimentarmi each other compound will be an excellent full and hearty lunch, striped.
Costica in Moldovan
221 - - -
Costica, like many foods (meat, fish) is grilled (BBQ). They added sauce muzhdu. Go, try it.
210 - 60м 6
Simple and very tasty dish of Cypriot cuisine! A worthy rival of the barbecue! Economical and quick to prepare.