Grills recipes for 23rd of February

Grilled chicken "Assenheim 56"
0.6k - 60м 4
Recipe created on the basis of a chicken, which they sell in a small cafe Colombian cuisine in the city of London. To say that taste-bomber (an interesting word appeared in Moscow) - is to say nothing. In the process of cooking the entire kitchen fills with aroma of spices and herbs. And marinated spicy chicken perfectly with a slightly spicy sauce based on cilantro. You can cook both at home and taking raw materials from the nature.
Costica in Moldovan
164 - - -
Costica, like many foods (meat, fish) is grilled (BBQ). They added sauce muzhdu. Go, try it.
Cherry bird
161 4.7 50м 2
Quail in my favorite marinade for chicken on the grill or chicken BBQ.
A La shish chicken on skewers
160 - 50м 4
Beloved husband gave a birthday grill, now come up with different variations of dishes to prepare for a miracle thing. I hope You like it too.
Grilled chicken
147 5 1м -
Pechenocna grill
131 5 60м 6
Great recipe liver grillowany in Japanese filed xara. I have a slightly different version.
Grilled chicken+side dish
125 3 65м 5
Two-in-one. Cooking chicken and side dish at the same time. Very simple and tasty.
Pork grilled "Garlic"
121 - 90м 4
Very simple and quick method of cooking meat on the grill. The result is stunning! The flavors are absolutely stunning! Overall - very tasty! ( The neighbors were begging for the recipe! )))
Leg of lamb on the coals
115 - 90м -
Recipe lamb leg for the nature.
Asparagus wrapped in bacon
114 - 20м -
This dish is very simple to prepare, delicious and looks beautiful on the table.
Chicken drumsticks in California
112 - - -
Juicy and sun chicken in a marinade of orange juice, fresh tarragon and spice mixtures from "Forester". Come and help yourself!
Grilled salmon in our
112 4 - -
It is very simple, useful, delicious. Fish - a miracle.
Mint-lemon steak chicken thighs
107 - - -
There are times when outing on a picnic spontaneously. In such situations, the magic wand is the chicken, which on the one hand in itself is gentle and does not require long marinating, and on the other hand, very well absorbs the flavors of spices and seasonings. I propose a very interesting marinade. Lemon chicken always "friends", and mint will give the chicken an unusually fresh and creative. Well, the choice of chicken thighs instead of Breasts, though not the dietary solution, but it allows you to get an incredibly juicy result.
Smoked sausage with herbs
107 - - -
If you want to impress their guests into the heart, original recipe sausages-grill - a win-win. Use your unique set of spices and fresh herbs, and your sausage will never repeat that ever had your friends. Try this option.
Grilled chicken-rolls
104 - - -
Offer cook a juicy grilled chicken fillet rolls. Tender, juicy and spicy! A good option for variety of the menu for nature!
Juicy Lula kebab on the grill
99 - 30м 4
Lula kebab is very simple and tasty dish, especially if served with sauce. Someone is afraid to cook it because the meat may fall off, yeah, he can fall off if you do not follow the rules. Rules for Lula kebab is very simple, well to repel the stuffing that he had become twisted and cold, cold cold meat on a skewer stick. This and all the secrets. How to cook Lula-kebab see in the video.
Chicken smoked on the grill
99 - - -
Delicious chicken soaked in smoke from real wood chips, with a crispy crust and amazing flavor.
Meat cooked on a vertical spit
98 - 90м 5
All we saw at the flea market cook the meat on a vertical spit, layer by layer, cutting the meat into thin slices as mouth watering from this type and flavor. So. The same meat you can do in your backyard. It's simple - look.
Chicken breast grilled in Vietnamese
97 - - -
Suggest you try a delicious chicken breast cooked on the grill. Very juicy, flavorful, soft meat chicken breast, combined with a sauce of peanut butter and light salad will diversify your menu at a picnic or any other meal. Help yourself!!!
A pike on a fire
95 - 60м 4
Whole, stuffed pike. Without cutting the abdomen. Cooked vegetables, and even on the grill - delicious:))
Chops with mushrooms, cheese grilled
90 - 30м 2
The variation in the end we were pleased. In General, the name of the dish "Meat in French" but we're not so pretentious to say, and decided to do what always do in the oven. It pork chops under the mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese mixture. What's the experiment? We cooked on the grill. As said above, the result we are very pleased.