Grills recipes for Lent

Grilled vegetables from of Tania
416 - 30м 4
This recipe was shared with me Tanya-chudo. Unmatched option grilovanych vegetables for a picnic.
Grilled vegetables marinated "balsamic vinegar"
394 5 - -
A rather unusual and interesting way to marinate eggplant and sweet pepper. A great spicy appetizer to the meat or to something solid... In the winter time you can cook vegetables in the oven or on the grill pan.
A La shish chicken on skewers
160 - 50м 4
Beloved husband gave a birthday grill, now come up with different variations of dishes to prepare for a miracle thing. I hope You like it too.
A light soup with carrots grilled
115 - - -
Camping can add a dash of sophistication and a touch of exoticism. I offer two dishes with the scent of smoke made from carrots. The first dish is an appetizer or side dish of carrots from the grill. The second dish is light vegetable soup cooked with carrots-grill, which you can apply regular tea cups.
Vegetable shashlik "Forester"
111 - 30м 4
Vegetable kebabs is not only a good alternative for vegetarians, substitute meat with natural vegetables, but also a great opportunity to diversify your menu during the next picnic. And most importantly - is not only delicious, but also very useful!
Zucchini grilled marinated
101 - 30м 3
It is very tasty and very fresh! A great appetizer to the barbecue!
Grilled avocado salad
100 - 40м 1
Unusual, Yes, but very delicious, hearty and healthy! Tender, flavorful dish that is sure worth a try!
Skewers of mushrooms with vegetables
97 - 180м 3
Mushrooms and vegetables in soy sauce - a popular snack which can be prepared outdoors. At home, this barbecue can be cooked on a wooden skewer or the grill-the grill.
Mackerel grilled with orange slices
97 - - -
If when cooking fish, to replace the usual lemon slice on orange then get an explosion of flavors and aromas. Dish will sparkle in a whole new way. Mackerel I turned out just stunning, and the spices and the smoke added to her charm.
Salad of grilled vegetables
94 - - -
Fragrant salad of grilled vegetables with the addition of tomato and fresh greens. She never would have thought that the combination of these vegetables will be so delicious!
Fish with walnuts and prunes
93 - 50м 2
Offer to cook the fish in an orange-soy marinade and serve it with a walnut-plum sauce. To cook simply and quickly.
Potato slices with a puree of baked eggplant
93 - 60м -
Potatoes baked on the coals, it is exceptionally crisp. Thin slices of something like Cheetos. A puree of baked eggplant is an unusual slightly smoky flavour.
Perch grilled with vegetables
93 - 20м 2
Offer our far East (Kuril) perch grilled marinated Forester, stuffed with vegetables. Very tasty, juicy, tender, flavorful and dieting!
Vegetable mixed grill
92 - - -
Veggie kebab is delicious by itself, and it can be a great side dish to meat or fish dishes, giving them a flavor of fire... the aroma of summer.
Giovanna beets with balsamic glaze
92 - - -
Spicy appetizer of beet, roasted on the grill, seasoned with a thick glaze based on balsamic vinegar and grill seasoning Forester for vegetables and mushrooms.
Potatoes with mushrooms on the grill
80 - 30м 5
Mmm potatoes with mushrooms, who doesn't love her? I present to you the recipe of potatoes with mushrooms cooked on the grill in foil. Tasty, fast, and most importantly very simple in execution! this recipe is perfect for a picnic, hike, or just if you wanted to eat outdoors! Yum!
Vegetables in foil in a Chinese style
76 - 20м 2
For lovers of Chinese cuisine recipe flavored grilled vegetables. Prepares simple, affordable products, low calorie and delicious result!