The meat on the grill recipes

Fat grill
302 - 10м 10
Were we visiting quite wealthy, had a barbecue in the yard... And now, suddenly, we learn that the main meat dish will be BACON!.. My husband and I were a bit perplexed... the Owners made a bowl of prepared lard, and... in short, we are no longer perplexed, and sought out, there was not yet of the piece). Fat in a flash evaporated from the grill!
Lamb ribs grilled
264 - - -
Delicious, aromatic and crunchy ribs on the grill!
The churrasco
261 - 30м 6
The churrasco is a popular barbecue dish in Spanish-speaking countries. Prepares a dish very quickly without marinating. And it has the minimum of ingredients. But it's very tasty! This dish can be safely feed a big company!
"Meat pockets" on the coals
250 - - -
Very tasty and beautiful dish for meat lovers! And also, it is an interesting alternative to the usual barbecue.
Ribs on the grill with spices "Chimi-Ciurea are also presented" sauce "Chimi-Ciurea are also presented," Argentine
196 - - -
Gorgeous, fresh, fragrant, full-bodied Argentinian sauce suitable for grilled beef and lamb. And I even liked the sauce and just like smoothies, and in salad it is added, is also great. Just find some. Bon appetit!
181 - 60м 6
Simple and very tasty dish of Cypriot cuisine! A worthy rival of the barbecue! Economical and quick to prepare.
179 - 120м 4
The season is open, I invite you to the table. Authenticity do not claim, but their taste is sure, for she had heard "More.".
Costica in Moldovan
171 - - -
Costica, like many foods (meat, fish) is grilled (BBQ). They added sauce muzhdu. Go, try it.
Sausages in the marinade
159 - - -
A very worthy recipe. Sausages are obtained with an Asian touch, and the marinade later turns into a beautiful sauce, which is good with sausages. Try it, I'm sure you will not be disappointed!
Sausage a La Mexican chorizo
158 - 60м 10
Chorizo (chorizo) - pork sausage that is made in Spain. I offer you the option of cooking sausages, which repeat the composition of an authentic recipe, but to cook them, we'll be on the coals, the type of barbecue. However, here too has not done without my change, please, come on in and try!
The Burger on the grill
157 - - 4
Fast food in nature.. why not. Hearty burgers with a bun for a quick snack. And one can add the sauce from Blue Dragon.
Kebab with teriyaki sauce and pistachios
148 - - -
Such kebab I've had in Turkey. I really, really liked and every trip to Istanbul, I am sure they ordered in the restaurant. The Turkish kebab was made of lamb, I, unfortunately, could not find lamb. My kebab from pork, but it turned out so delicious..... I'm sure You'll love them.
Pork grilled "fairy Tale"
145 3.7 - -
Here's a soup I made this weekend itself, and as itself is marinated and fried on the grill. It's something! Meat super! I highly recommend to cook! You will not regret! For this we need this.
Pork grilled "music"
139 - 20м 4
To make amazingly tender, flavorful, juicy meat from the grill, you can use the set for marinating from the Forester. But if you fantasize and make it your additives, this meat is really "music".
Rolls grilled veal with vegetables
139 - - -
The picnic season is in full swing, and it's a great excuse to cook on the grill for some new dish. For example, these delicious rolls of veal stuffed with peppers and garlic. And for them to make yoghurt and mustard sauce with mustard HAAS.
Asado a La Parrilla
134 - 240м 10
National way of cooking meat in Argentina. Unfortunately, we have not known about it almost nothing. So try to cook this dish on the Parrilla, i.e. on the Argentinean grill
Pork in Georgian marinade
134 - - 4
Thanks to this marinade turns out amazing: tender, juicy, flavorful meat. Can be baked on the coals and the oven.
Pork ribs in beer marinade
132 - 30м 4
Very tasty pork ribs out on the grill. I tried to marinate ribs in beer marinade - was delicious and fragrant.
Pechenocna grill
132 5 60м 6
Great recipe liver grillowany in Japanese filed xara. I have a slightly different version.
Lamb on the grill
131 - - -
This is one of my favorite marinades for lamb. Turns out tender, flavorful meat.
Roll-skewers of liver
130 - 60м 6
The recipe is delicious, juicy shish kebab from beef liver. Cook in a greasy net.