Cookies recipes

Biscuits "a garden, homestay Arnold"
2.5k 3.8 200м 25
Linzer. This cookie is a variant of the famous Austrian cake. It is believed that it appeared in the early 18th century in the Austrian town of Linz. Traditionally, this cake consisted of foundations made of flour, nuts (usually almonds), sugar, egg yolks, spices and lemon zest and the filling (usually black currant) and then topped with a lattice of dough.
Cheese straws
1.7k 4 40м -
This recipe I found on the Internet! Decided to share with you, dear Powerade))) Very tasty and with beer and milk! Originally written for storing finished strips in a closed box that remained crispy, but we ate it immediately in the evening in front of the TV))), so deposited nothing left :)))
1.7k - - 17
Pop-tarts or Pop-Tarts is the name of a popular stuffed biscuits come from the United States. Are two thin crispy layer of dough, between which is enclosed a sweet filling. Fillings can be very diverse, and it's incredibly tasty cookies! Prove is an annual multi-million dollar sales. But for such cookies do not have to go to an American store, its very easy to make at home. And that's not only delicious, but also funny, we'll put it on a stick and will turn out fun treats for the kids. Will show two classic toppings: "Pumpkin pie" and "Cinnamon & brown sugar"
Fragrant coconut cookies
1.5k 4.2 - -
Well I really love coconuts. I cooked a lot and different recipes, and something I didn't like: the coconut too much, the cookies turns out not so crumbly, as would be desirable, it is still something. And finally, I finally found what I was looking for. Very crisp, tasty cookies. Try to bake though a bit long, but the process of cooking the dough and sculpting cookies, will take You no more than 10 min..
Pastry stuffed with "Hello from the USSR"
1.4k 3 - -
Remember, once sold cookies in the form of tubes with walnuts? Here I am, remember... I loved it very much, and rummaging in my mother's notebook, I found a recipe that really reminded me of these tubes. It turned out I was right! In the end, crisp cookie with a walnut-honey filling offer on your court and the court of competition "Silver Line to the delight of children".
Graviola mom's cookies
1.4k - 60м 8
Such cookies-rolls my brother and was prepared by mum when we were little. Several times I wanted to post this recipe, because after a few pages of recipes, have not found. Part of them simple cooking, too, so I hope that they are someone else's taste. This is the first recipe I put up for everyone to see, so do not judge strictly >_<
Oatmeal cookies with sesame and flax
1.3k - - -
Healthy and delicious cookies, besides being prepared quickly and easily.
Marzipan cookies with pistachios
1.3k - 50м -
Or pistachio cookies with marzipan. Recently, we visited for the first time in Italy, specifically in Rome. Of course we wanted to see the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Cathedral, but we wanted to try Italian food. We were not disappointed. We liked everything, and breads and cheeses and various antipasti and something else... on the first day, walking through the narrow streets of Rome, we stumbled upon a small bakery shop, where we of course looked. And there is a real Paradise for the sweet tooth. Our will power was broken, and we bought a variety of sweets, as they say "on trial". We especially liked the biscuits called Pistacchiono. As part of its we, with certainty, identified pistachio and marzipan. The rest of the ingredients left for us an Enigma. After returning home, I decided to bake something. But, as usual, had to improvise on the move and, as a result, I did it - here is a delicious cookie, with a delicate aroma of almonds and pistachios. I hope You enjoy...
Polish cookies "Colacci"
1.2k - 30м -
Кolacky (kolace, kolach, or кolache) - a common cookie in some countries of Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland), each country has its own particular recipe. Offer the Polish version of the cookie. Make it for Christmas and not only. Budget recipe, fast, delicious.
Cahk-Arab holiday cookies
1.1k - - -
Traditional holiday cookies in the Arab world. No holiday is neither Muslim nor Christian, is not complete without this cookie. Women bake kahk a few days before the holiday in large quantities to give to family, relatives, friends and neighbors. This tradition, as does the cookie recipe, passed on from age to age, from family to family. Now kahk can easily buy in the store before the holiday, but there are still families who bake these wonderful cookies at home.
Juicy with tofu
1k - 60м 6
Delicious juicy with soft tofu. Help yourself!
Sochnik with cheese
1k - 80м 12
In haste for the whole family
Cheese bagels
1k - 50м 4
Today I offer to bake cheese bagels. They are soft, moderately sweet. Love them, even those who usually don't eat cheese. A large part of the bagel is eaten, before they go cold. You can make the bagels with any filling or sprinkle with sugar. In any case, it will be delicious.
Biscuits of bread crumbs
1k - - -
The bread – to all a head! And versatile ingredient in the kitchen in any form. What we usually do with bread crumbs? The breadcrumbs in the meatballs... let's bake cookies! It is crunchy and can be varied! And if you remove some of the "bells and whistles" like nuts, chocolate - get economical option "for all occasions". Go!
Biscuits "Pads"
1k 3 30м -
This recipe is for the sweet tooth. Perfect for a Cup of tea.
Afghan sweets "Calabi"
1k - - -
These cookies are very popular in Afghanistan. It is very easy to make, and will not leave anyone indifferent.
Soft cookie "Apple one-stop"
1k - - -
Delicate, moderately sweet, soft cookie. Very easy to prepare. As it turned out, enforceable not only in the oven but in a pan. The recipe I use for nearly twenty years, was found on a package of baking powder (original title : Delizie alle mele).
Meringue on a stick "Christmas trees"
0.9k - 200м 12
I want to share the recipe for this dessert. These "trees" was congratulated by relatives and friends a happy New Year! Liked everything - both the big and small sweet tooth!!! Happy New Year!
Turkish salty cookies
0.9k - 35м -
Not sweet, but not too salty cookie with a wonderful, popular in Turkey, spice, black cumin (cerekote in Turkey). A delicious addition not only to tea, but other drinks. Try?
Biscuits "Lotus"
0.9k - - -
Amazing cookies, unusual and very beautiful, will subdue anyone who tries it. Perfect cookies for a gift for any occasion, and just to please friends and loved ones. Lotus is a symbol of life and happiness, perfection and beauty! Do compliment your loved ones, prepare for them the cookies. In China the cookies are prepared traditionally during the holidays. And I got the Russian version of this cookie, but is no less tasty, with a twist in the filling and gives this special taste the sugar from the Mistral. Intrigued? Read more the recipe!
Biscotti with nutmeg and cinnamon
0.9k - 45м 20
Light, homemade, very simple in execution biscotti (Bulgarian cuisine) is very good in combination with cocoa or coffee with cream. Very nice crunch. For me the most important thing is that all cooking together with the baking takes approximately 45 minutes.