The bird on the grill recipes

Grilled chicken "Assenheim 56"
4.9k - 60м 4
Recipe created on the basis of a chicken, which they sell in a small cafe Colombian cuisine in the city of London. To say that taste-bomber (an interesting word appeared in Moscow) - is to say nothing. In the process of cooking the entire kitchen fills with aroma of spices and herbs. And marinated spicy chicken perfectly with a slightly spicy sauce based on cilantro. You can cook both at home and taking raw materials from the nature.
Pheasant on the grill
4.1k - 20м 4
The meat of wild birds are very juicy on the palate, but it has its admirers. Offer you a recipe of pheasant on the grill. Thus it is possible to prepare any game.
Grilled sausages №2
1.5k - - 20
This is the most delicious grilled sausages that I have ever made and ate. Lovely fragrant spices and tender chicken meat makes them simply unforgettable. I just love these sausages!
Wings-grill "Allegro"
0.9k - 30м 2
Chicken wings, baked or grilled. The basis of this dish is a special mixture of spices.
Chicken breast beer marinade
0.9k - - -
Infinitely tender and juicy breast it turns out, if it is marinated in dark beer. Light bread aroma from beer and exciting spirit haze - these components make the chicken unique!
Grilled chicken
0.9k 5 1м -
Chicken wings grilled in sour cream
0.8k - - -
Sour cream makes the chicken wings are incredibly soft and delicious! Try!
Grilled chicken Oriental
0.8k 5 - -
For those who like it hot.
Chickens on the grill
0.8k - - -
Try to offer tender, flavorful and juicy chicken with spices Forester. Tomato sauce with garlic is the perfect complement to the dish.
Striped grill kit. Part 1
0.8k - 30м 4
Chicken steaks-grill complete with vegetables in saffron sauce and soft tortillas from the grill. These complimentarmi each other compound will be an excellent full and hearty lunch, striped.
Puffs grilled chicken Breasts
0.8k - 15м 2
Chicken breast grilled are often dry. Offer you a recipe of juicy and flavorful Breasts grilled. The idea of a recipe borrowed from Larissa-Lalic.
Chicken with garlic - festive
0.8k 5 40м 8
Tasty, spicy chicken perfect for any occasion.
The chicken in the marinade "pepper"
0.7k - - -
Delicious chicken legs are browned on the outside and tender on the inside. I love this marinade because there is nothing superfluous, but at the same time, he successfully combined it with chicken. Try!
Chicken smoked on the grill
0.7k - - -
Delicious chicken soaked in smoke from real wood chips, with a crispy crust and amazing flavor.
Spicy saffron chicken wrapper
0.7k - - -
A juicy soft and spicy skewers of chicken breast, with Oriental notes in the wrappers of bacon. A chic combination of crisp fried bacon with a mild and spicy chicken.
Chicken fillet with a spicy filling, baked in foil
0.7k - 30м 2
The idea of this recipe I owe Tanya - chudo. Incredible, tender, delicious chicken. Delicious dish for a picnic.
A La shish chicken on skewers
0.7k - 50м 4
Beloved husband gave a birthday grill, now come up with different variations of dishes to prepare for a miracle thing. I hope You like it too.
Shish kebab in pita bread
0.7k - - -
The Shawarma on the grill. Yes, Yes, I know what Shawarma house is not prepared just lazy. But if you follow my recommendation, it will be incredibly delicious
Chicken-tobacco on the grill
0.7k - 90м 2
The principle of the preparation of this popular Georgian dish - a well-beaten chicken fried under pressure. And the sauce is a mandatory ingredient of this dish. With a lattice-grill from the company Forester it is possible to prepare this dish.
Grilled chicken - Frango no Churrasco
0.7k 5 120м 4
Another name for a chicken grill Chicken Piri-Piri, from the name of the sauce traditionally served to this dish. The continuation of the recipe: Sauce "Piri Piri"
Chicken rolls with mixed fillings
0.6k - - -
Grilled chicken is always delicious! A roulade of chicken marinated in special sauce, with an intriguing filling - just delicious twice! Look what a delicious crust is formed on the outside! What a bright and juicy filling inside turns out!