Grilled vegetables recipes

Grilled vegetables "9 minute marinator" from Rustam
0.6k 3 20м 10
Lovers of vegetables, baked on the coals, will find here an interesting marinade recipe:) Go, you will not regret it! Summer is in full swing, and this recipe for Your next picnic! This recipe I was pleased with the husband of the younger sister of Rustam, who cooks just great! With his permission, publish the recipe here. The comic and the name of the dish came after watching in on TV a story about some fancy device for marinating:)
Grilled vegetables from of Tania
352 - 30м 4
This recipe was shared with me Tanya-chudo. Unmatched option grilovanych vegetables for a picnic.
Grilled vegetables marinated "balsamic vinegar"
289 5 - -
A rather unusual and interesting way to marinate eggplant and sweet pepper. A great spicy appetizer to the meat or to something solid... In the winter time you can cook vegetables in the oven or on the grill pan.
Vegetables on skewers a La "Sate"
252 - 120м 8
Approaching the birthday of her husband. The usual kebabs are already tired, wanted something new and interesting. The recipe I was inspired by cook a Crocodile and its Antipasti. But I decided to go ahead. Heard a lot about Sate, a dish of Indonesian cuisine, a relative of shish kebab. The difference is in the size of the pieces, and most importantly - in the marinade. Because it is not just the marinade and the sauce in which cooked small pieces of meat. For those interested, here is the recipe of the original sate http://www.tasteofth I chose this way to pickle vegetables. Turned out - yum, much more interesting than the usual grilled vegetables.
Salad zucchini grilled with mint
212 - 15м 2
Very simple products and performance garnish to grilled meat. But thanks to the marinade for vegetables Forester this dish is very fragrant and appetizing.
Corn with lemon and garlic
129 - - -
A wonderful recipe for variety meat menu for a picnic. Fragrant delicate sweet and spicy corn will appeal to both adults and children.
Fragrant peppers grilled
120 - - 4
We love these stuffed peppers-pumps - very bright, fragrant, juicy, delicious and sustainable dish. It will be a real decoration of your table! These peppers are always small, so I suggest you cook them a little more)
Pepper BBQ
112 - 25м 4
Pepper BBQ sauce-marinade Kikkoman Teriyaki.
The salad-appetizer of grilled vegetables
110 - - -
Very tasty salad-appetizer of peppers and mushrooms on the grill, with the addition of soft Adyghe cheese. And spices from the "Forester" help to reveal the taste of grilled vegetables.
Potatoes with sausages and beans in foil
104 - 40м 4
Potatoes with smoked sausages, mushrooms and beans, baked in foil - delicious and the perfect hearty dish for a picnic or quick dinner.
Appetizer of mushrooms in pita bread
103 - - -
Delicious appetizer with mushrooms and cheese in pita bread, cooked on the grill. Fragrant, simple, delicious. Especially on the road, at a picnic, a little to satisfy your hunger, while fried kebab!
Asparagus wrapped in bacon
103 - 20м -
This dish is very simple to prepare, delicious and looks beautiful on the table.
A light soup with carrots grilled
102 - - -
Camping can add a dash of sophistication and a touch of exoticism. I offer two dishes with the scent of smoke made from carrots. The first dish is an appetizer or side dish of carrots from the grill. The second dish is light vegetable soup cooked with carrots-grill, which you can apply regular tea cups.
Grilled salad
102 - - 2
I love this salad because it is quickly prepared and thanks to the ketchup FORESTER, it turns out incredibly tasty! Help yourselves, friends!!!
Vegetable bruschetta on the grill
101 - - -
Quick and tasty vegetable appetizer with the scent of smoke can be a great addition to meat or fish kebabs.
Grilled vegetables marinade
101 4 35м 10
To pasta (antipastо) the Italians almost always eat traditional snacks. Grilled vegetables in a marinade of olive oil with spices is one of them. It goes well with salami and smoked ham and mozzarella! A good side dish to meat or fish.
Potato grilled sausages
100 - - -
Interesting and unusual sausages. A great dish for a picnic.
Asparagus grilled with sauce "Caesar"
100 - - -
I offer you a very delicious dish for a picnic - grilled asparagus!
Grilled vegetables with lemon-soy sauce
100 - 15м 5
Grilled vegetables with lemon-soy sauce.
Vegetable shashlik "Forester"
97 - 30м 4
Vegetable kebabs is not only a good alternative for vegetarians, substitute meat with natural vegetables, but also a great opportunity to diversify your menu during the next picnic. And most importantly - is not only delicious, but also very useful!
Mushroom picnic
97 - 45м 4
The site has a few recipes for cooking mushrooms on the grill. To contribute my five cents into the Treasury. Offer two very simple ways to diversify your menu in the field kitchen.