Grilled fish recipes

Pink envelope with vegetables
397 - - 4
Fillet of salmon, soaked with aromas of spices and vegetables is a complete meal in the fresh air in the envelope of foil.
Grilled mackerel "Spicy"
315 - 45м 4
Mackerel this fish, or love, or do not like the taste at all. I am one of those who loves mackerel. The taste of this fish is so self-sufficient that it is slightly to emphasize a small addition. And this recipe is proof. Taste?
Grilled salmon
139 5 - -
Fish is baked very quickly.
Grilled fish
138 4 18м 2
For microwave oven with combination mode grill.
Perch grilled in a pink pickle
133 3 25м 2
Perch red delicious by itself. And here in the pink marinade - it's something! Usually the fish we take, combined with the lemon Model lemon on "... " and the fish prevraschatsya ...
Sturgeon on the grill
131 - - -
Never tried sturgeon. Husband for the new year holidays decided to treat the family. I made half of a sturgeon in the oven recipe from network. Of delight we got from this dish, the sturgeon turned out to be a specific fish. But the second half, taking into account previous mistakes, I decided to make on the grill and no mistake! Sturgeon is a big fish, on the grill it turned out great.
Grilled mackerel with White sauce
127 - 50м 4
My family is very fond of fish. Try to cook the mackerel for this recipe and you will not regret!
Cod on the grill in foil
125 - 30м 2
If you want to cod it turned out tender, juicy and flavorful – bake it in foil with your favorite spices, vegetables and herbs. With this method of cooking to ruin the fish impossible as to overdry. This fish can be cooked not only in the oven, but also on the nature of the fish turns out very tasty.
Chum salmon grilled wrapped in bacon
124 - 30м 2
Sometimes chum, sockeye or pink salmon when grilling turn out dry, steak and fish and strive prioritise tightly to the bars. But not in this case! Wrap bacon retains its richness and protects the delicate fish from excessive heat without changing its taste. And spices, HMS Forester give its unique flavour. I recommend to try!
Capelin at the stake
124 - - -
Capelin love in any form. This little fish is extremely tasty. On the grill it broil very quickly and eaten just instantly.
Grilled trout with garnish
122 3 30м 10
I have this trout did at Christmas. Pretty simple and fast. And incredibly tasty. By the way, it turned out quite inexpensive.
Bream on the grill
121 - 30м 6
The usual river fish, we in the Urals, it is called, Rudd. Common and accessible spices and herbs. The result is simple and delicious!
Spicy grilled shrimp
121 - - -
Spicy and savory shrimp cooked on the grill pan on the grill, just mega yummy. Great with cold beer, white wine and just like that, without anything!
Mackerel with grilled vegetables
119 - - -
We often cook mackerel on the grill in different versions. Today I cooked with vegetables and seasoning Forester for fish.
Mackerel grilled
119 5 20м 6
Mackerel on the grill on the coals - the time; )
Grilled salmon
118 5 20м 5
The recipe is very ordinary, but I, to my shame, never did it before delicious grilled fish, all the time was dry. And this option just surpassed all expectations.
Squid grilled
117 - - -
I have long wanted to make stuffed carcass of a squid on the grill. The dish turned out great, tasty and very interesting.
Salmon under crumbles of smoked halibut
117 5 15м 2
A very original flavor )))
Baked fish in sour cream-soy marinade
116 - 50м 1
For this recipe you can make any costsbuy fish, both white and red, river, sea, lake. Small fish can be cooked whole. Large baked steaks or fillets. Ideal for roasting on the grill or in foil on the picnic.
Mackerel grilled "A La salmon"
115 - 30м 2
Mackerel love or hate. I belong to the second category of people. But every rule has an exception. And this is the exception I love.
Carp "Delicious"
115 - 40м 3
Delicious stuffed carp, cooked with a smoke in the fresh air, will not leave you indifferent! Easy and quick cooking, mouthwatering aroma and taste)