Other sauces recipes

Sour cream sauce for the homemade Shawarma
7k - 10м 3
The sauce for Shawarma (Shawarma). An indispensable component of garlic, coarsely chopped in order to remove in the future (so as not to be sharp), and optionally, you can grate them on a grater or the garlic press. Very simple, quick and delicious!
Homemade ketchup from Gordon Ramsay
3.3k - 60м -
I tried several options, homemade sauces and ketchup of tomatoes. But this turned out to be similar. The only — gently with sugar, the ketchup is clearly belongs to the category of sweet)))
Yogurt sauce for vegetables and meat
2k - 15м 4
Very tasty, spicy sauce that can be served with any meat, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, vegetable cutlets. This sauce is very refreshing taste of meat and vegetables! All the nuances of preparation, you can see in the video.
Sauce "Satai,"
1.8k - - -
Tangy and slightly sweet sauce "Satai," with a pronounced nutty flavor. He's good as a dip. But today I use the idea of Jamie Oliver and I use the sauce twice in one dish to create a crust when cooking grilled chicken and for serving meals in tortillas.
Sauce "Piri-Piri"
1.5k 3 20м 100
Molho de piri-piri. Like every true Russian man at home in the fridge will certainly find a jar of horseradish or mustard in a true Russian, traditional recipe, only sniffing you can see the sky in diamonds... and a true Portuguese house always stashed a jar of sauce "Piri-Piri". Piri-Piri in Portugal, the so called chili. :-)) Such concentrate is indispensable to prepare the sauce - marinade for a traditional Portuguese barbecue (Churrasco). The classic example of which can serve as "Chicken Piri-Piri". I was asked to give the recipe of this grilled chicken. Fulfilling this promise give me until just the beginning of the recipe. :-) This sauce is akin to "Mexico".
1.5k - - -
Satsebeli sauce for the winter
1.5k - 60м -
This sauce became the favorite in our family and had overshadowed even homemade ketchup)
Teriyaki Sauce
1.4k - 15м 10
The sauce, which is lovely as a sauce by itself or as a marinade for fish, chicken, pork.
1.4k - - -
Bage - Georgian walnut sauce. Not to be confused with satsivi, though also very tasty, but much easier to cook and very quick. Bage is suitable for chicken, fish, vegetables and boiled eggs. The sauce is thick, rich, nutty, spicy and very flavorful. Each hostess your Bage with slight variations, but it is able to do every Georgian woman. It is really delicious. The Bages are used in cold and boil the BAJ is not necessary. Help yourself!
Mustard at home
1.4k 4 - -
I have often, at the wrong time ends mustard. And use it in cooking, I often add the marinade, in salad dressing, sauces, etc. When it ended, once again, I decided it was time to try to make mustard itself. Tried it, it worked such vigorous horcicka breaks to tears. But quite by accident I managed to make it even more spicy. How? come and see.
Japanese sauce "Ponzi"
1.3k - - -
Ponzu Shoyu, or Soy sauce Ponzu (accent on O), is one of the most important in Japanese cooking sauces, along with soy sauce. Ponzi is extremely versatile, it is used as a marinade, as a sauce for hearty, as a basis for other composite sauces. It goes well with meat (including poultry), fish and seafood. Can be used as a marinade. Recipe from Ilya Lazerson.
Sauce pumpkin and ricotta pasta
1.3k 4 30м 4
This is perhaps one of the most favorite sauces. I use it for pumpkin varieties "Prefecture", because she's amazing "nutty" flavor, but you can cook with any pumpkin!
Tomato-vegetable sauce
1.2k - 40м -
Fragrant, bright and rich vegetable sauce which perfectly complement the dishes from cereals, perfect and mashed potatoes. And if it is made thicker and the paste is well combined.
Uyghur spicy dressing "Lasgun"or "Manhole"
1.2k - 5м -
Powerade, I want to share with You the recipe of Lasgana or (Lasa) is a seasoning that we just can't!! we eat lagman added necessarily lasjan, eat ganfan - added lazy, eating dumplings and, of course, lasgana, cook soup and also put what? - of course, lazy)))in General, no matter what we cooked, always eat together with lasgana, he is always on the table... a joke they say lasjan - Uyghur jam! Of course, it's not for everybody, as lazy - very very sharp... but we love it.. always buy Pepper in the market, they sell it in bulk in large bags, left without impurities and additives. Some manage pepper mixed with bran, to make it more benefits... Try, maybe You'll like it.
Dijon mustard
1.2k - 20м -
Dijon mustard (FR. Moutarde de Dijon) was invented in 1856 by Jean naigeon. (Jean Naigeon) from Dijon, which replaced the vinegar traditionally used for the preparation of mustard, the sour juice of unripe grapes that made the mustard more tender and lighter.
The guacamole and Basil
1.1k - 20м -
A delicate, silky texture, easy to prepare the avocado sauce with the aroma of Basil is perfect for meat and fish. They can fill lettuce or iceberg salad, pasta or just eat as a snack with bread.
Hot cheese sauce
1.1k - 15м 4
Very tasty cheese sauce which goes well with crepes and pancakes. Fragrant and hearty!
Sauce "Bechamel" in the microwave
1.1k 4 4м -
You are going to cook for lunch or dinner? Meat, vegetables, casseroles, soup? In this case, prepare the sauce "Bechamel" sauce is just 3 ingredients that can be cooked in the microwave. So, the peculiarity of this recipe is that preparing it in the microwave, we will need a minimum of 4 minutes and a minimum of dishes! Well, let's start?
Beet molasses "Molasses"
1.1k - 60м -
Often recipes require syrup (also called molasses), but in the shops it is very difficult to find. So, prepare the syrup by yourself! It's simple and easy. Recipe found on the Internet, authored by Irina Kamshilin, for which she thanks a lot!
Caviar sauce with cucumber
1k - - -
Preparing this sauce with any kind of eggs very quickly, and submit it to the pancakes.
Dip-eng. dip
1k - 30м -
"Dip" sauce the consistency of thick cream for dipping into it pieces of vegetables, meat, seafood... the Idea of this recipe I've taken from the weekly newspaper "Day" Olga Semenova, a culinary historian, a connoisseur of home cooking.