The cakes in the steamer recipes

Banh Bao-cakes in a few
0.8k - - -
Husband likes these wonderful pies with unusual fillings: pork, black tree fungus, rice noodles, half chicken eggs. One such feature - a full Breakfast. I had to dig deep, and that's what happened. Of course, maybe something is wrong, but to me secrets no one wanted to tell, the answer is: "Many want to know," it is understandable, people earn it.
Steam cakes
252 - - -
Love the cakes, especially homemade? Then +1 the recipe in your piggy Bank. BUT: the dough for these gingerbread is not supposed to ripen for a few hours, and these wonderful gingerbread steamed. Personally I have a homemade gingerbread directly associated with the New year! PS I Bought a package of whole wheat flour for culinary experiments, but stalled on the ground almost the entire package was gone in a systematic baking these cakes)))
208 - 360м 20
POF-TSE is a Korean dish. In fact, pies with cabbage steamed. But filling in my option makes them something special. Recipes for dough and fillings for POF-TSE a lot, although the Boy found no and my told me an old Korean woman and we are now happy to regale the fact that for a long time bought. We will prepare all the necessary ingredients and start )))
Crumpets "Roses"
201 - 30м 4
These crumpets successfully replace the bread on your table.
Steam chicken bun
180 - 180м -
Steamed cakes "Gift for huli-Jing". You know what huli Jing - the Chinese Fox is a werewolf? Beautiful, seductive and treacherous at times taking the form of beauty, in order to confuse the minds of the poor students... You may ask what does all foxes, and even the werewolves? And just huli-Jing, like all self-respecting foxes, for sure I love chicken! But eat them raw they are, perhaps, not by rank. So when she was going to make this time chicken, motivated by interest in Chinese culture and recently read "Notes Liao CIA of the extraordinary" woke up inspired.))) I wanted something soft and delicate, and however unusual, as the nine-tails huli-Jing. So I got these steamed cakes with chicken. The filling turns out really tender, and the soy sauce instead of salt and butter added to taste delicacy. Well, to judge, of course, You, dear cooks! I think Fox would not mind)))
Mini city mint
176 - 145м 6
Very fresh and delicate taste with the smell of summer. Need a bit of fun myself sometimes afford. Per serving 175 calories
Cheese with sun dried apricots
158 - 25м 2
Cheese is very useful, but kids don't always want to eat it! You have to go to all sorts of tricks!
Vegetable steamed buns of semolina stuffed with spinach
157 - - -
Useful, air, vegetable rolls cooked in a double boiler. Who are interested, please treat!!!
Steam buns from David Chang
154 - 180м 25
By themselves, these buns are very gentle, airy, but not very interesting to taste. But everything changes if the dream and fill them with any ingredients. But that's another story.
Vegetable patties with fruit for a couple
130 - 180м 9
Very tasty patties, rolls out. Very tender, melt in your mouth. Don't suggest to make them larger. Worse shape and need longer to cook. While it's up.
Corn steamed buns with condensed milk
125 - - -
Continue to translate and try recipes with Chinese food site.
122 - 60м -
Light, airy dumplings with plum on a couple
Steam orange-banana muffins
122 - 90м 8
Why to make scones, if you can weld it? Gentle, mild, orange-banana flavor. And then the buns to decorate and transform into cakes. Fast and easy.
Honey cakes with nuts a couple
121 - - 7
Very soft, aromatic gingerbread with a pronounced honey - nutty flavor! Cakes turn out rosy, though not baked! These cakes are steamed in the steamer or slow cooker.
Steam cupcakes-cuppy cake candy "cow"
120 - 35м 5
Air and very lush cupcakes with your favorite many sweets, cooked for a couple. With a glass of cold milk-very tasty-come and get it!
Balls with nettles
118 - 90м -
And what is Gingerbread? It turns out that this word is a diminutive of the word "kolob" (the rolled up clod, dumpling made of unleavened dough). The gingerbread man is a purely Russian product, the emergence of which was accidental. The bun was the remnants of a different flour (wheat, oat, corn), everything in the house was. Variety of flour, different cross-section of the grinding provided the product excellent taste. This was, among peasants, the reason for the creation of fabulous stories about the gingerbread man. As for the ancient recipe of the gingerbread man, "the paintings of the king's meat," created in Muscovy in 1610-1613 g, referred to the dish "Kolob", consisting of 3 blades of flour, semolina, 25 eggs, and 3 grivenka fat govharaga. My balls, of course, not up to Royal, and they are prepared steamed, not baked. But I think you'll like them.
Eateries steamed buns
118 - - 10
Offer the recipe is delicious steam buns with green onions. The buns turn out very tasty and tender. The elegance of the rolls gives them dvuhletnost. And toppings you can choose at will.
Biscuit "Marble"
118 - 45м 3
Very delicious and healthy biscuit obtained in a double boiler. From our sponge cake is easy to make and the cake cutting and dabbing with favorite cream!!!
Steamed buns with purple Yam
117 - 130м 15
Very bright, tasty. You can make such rolls are not only sweet potatoes, but with carrots, pumpkin. Only the correct fluid. It will need to take less. Recommend! Recipe peeped in a foreign blog.
Cupcake "Cappuccino"
110 - 40м 6
Delicious delicate dessert with the aroma of coffee. In the cooking process realized that it is possible to prepare not only the steamer, but traditionally bake.
Potato-cheese roll in the steamer
108 - 90м 4
Delicious and hearty vegetarian meatloaf, great for tea, has a rich cheese and garlic flavor!