Fish dishes in the slow cooker recipes

Fake sprats of herring in a slow cooker
227 - - -
This fish on our family table a very frequent visitor. Delicious, easy, and looking at the price of sprat in the Bank and profitable :) you Can cook on the stove and in the oven.
Herring stewed "Pacific"
213 - 50м 4
I live in the far East, as far as I remember, and mom prepared this recipe, and after it turned out that this beloved herring my husband. As soon as I got multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY, the husband asked me to cook this fish. Try it - you will not regret. Besides, the dish is versatile, delicious hot and cold.
Salmon "Goa"
205 - 45м 3
Very tasty, bright, causing the appetite dish!
Mackerel in Italian
203 - - 4
A simple recipe for cooking mackerel. This dish I cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4215 BW.
Cod under vegetable marinade "Harmony"
195 - - -
Delicious, simple and healthy dish. Cod makes a very succulent and surrounded by vegetables. The flavor is incomparable!
Smelt, baked in a slow cooker with onion and cheese sauce
181 - 40м 4
I love fish but tired of monotonous meals, sometimes you want to experiment. Often, experiments fail. :-) Especially when you consider that I love to eat, even with a limited diet, and I like to cook, but standing "eternal flame" I have not, unfortunately, possible. So in the kitchen I have my best friends, slow cooker, convection oven, microwave with convection and vaccinia. Now, I submit to your judgment, my dear fellow cooks, the dish for the slow cooker. Smelt fish specific, just fry her already tired, and the fish all like and want. :-) So I tried to cook. Quick, tasty, unusual. My family liked it. :-)
Cod in cream in a slow cooker
177 - 50м -
Everyone has moments in life when cooking dinner is necessary, and no time, effort, and mood. Dumplings and pasta do not want. Here then comes to the aid of kitchen appliances.
Salmon in tomato sauce with mussels and shrimp
168 - 60м 2
Tender fish cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR, stewed in a fragrant tomato sauce with the addition of shrimp and mussels. It's quick, simple, tasty.
Japanese dumplings "Gedza" with salmon and greens
160 - 90м 6
Have gyoza are Japanese dumplings. They are so delicious that I would say: "For the Japanese ears are not ottyanesh!" They have the dough thin and delicate, and the filling can be different. My dumplings with salmon and greens. Fried and steamed in multivarka VITEK VT-4207 R.
Coho for a couple
157 - 30м 4
Sometimes time on cooking dinner is not enough, and to cook something tasty for their loved ones want. In such cases, you can cook the fish for a couple - and quick and tasty, and useful!
Delicious salmon in a slow cooker
155 - 50м -
I love the pink! In some of the dishes she really turns out a little dry. For myself found a recipe that is always prepared! And when invited guests, many asked: what will your salmon in a creamy sauce? Sooo delicious! When called guests prepare just two servings, because it is eaten quickly, but also satisfying! And prepares much faster!) Try it and you will love it!
Sea bass in Arabic
147 - 30м 3
Offer to cook in the slow cooker (I used the model VITEK VT-4214) fragrant and juicy dish. The bright colors and rich, full-bodied taste will not leave you indifferent!
Trout with potatoes "simple"
143 - 30м 3
Came across like that to me in the supermarket a piece of wonderful trout on the stock. I salted, and the second sliced into steaks and cooked for dinner. The fish liked all households that now often ask me to cook it. Very simple, quick and delicious!
Mackerel in tomato sauce with parsley in a slow cooker
140 - 60м 2
I love the fish, of course, how could it be otherwise, because the husband for about 9 years did not eat meat, and the fish was a frequent guest in our house, what's not to love? But even now, when he finally eats meat, about the fish we don't forget. I especially love the mackerel, not only in the salt form, but in the roasted, because they are delicious. So do not pass by!!!
Cod a La sous vide
134 - - -
You do not know about the technology of cooking called sous-vide? Then we go to You!))) This technology is very popular abroad. We have known less. But recently, many became fascinated with the manufacturing technology of sous-vide. So I succumbed to this hobby.)) The technology of sous-vide is that the product is sealed in the package, and then immersed in water, prepared at a low temperature. The classics of the genre should have vacuum bags (or vacuum vessel) and appliance - Swidnica. Will fit slow cooker. At worst, you can use a slow cooker from "control". Well, if no slow cooker "multipolar" only option "heating". In General, vacuum bags and Assembly with a low temperature (50-80 degrees) - our all. According to the method of sous-vide, you can cook any meat, poultry, fish. Since we have the theme of "Post", today we prepare the fish (although, if to speak about lent, fish is allowed only twice - at the Annunciation and palm Sunday). And cook according to the technology of sous-vide offer cod. Says Daniel Rouge Madsen (Daniel Rouge Madsen), chef-consultant at the Norwegian Culinary Institute, cod their best taste reveals at low temperatures.
Catfish with vegetables in a slow cooker
121 - 75м 6
Catfish with vegetables and a great dressing TM "MAGGI". Delicious dish for family lunch or dinner. Try! )
Confit of salmon
120 - - -
Confit is a heat treatment of the product by slow quenching in oil at a temperature not exceeding 100 degrees. This cooking method used in French cuisine. Offer to cook confit of salmon with a delicious creamy taste of melted butter.
Cheesecake with salmon and broccoli from the slow cooker
116 - - -
I love cheesecake, just really! But salted fish I love. I tried to combine the two options. The result I really liked.
Pollack with vegetables in a slow cooker
113 - 60м 4
The fish turns out juicy and tender
The fish steamed in multivarka
111 - 30м 4
Tasty, spicy, and eating even children
Casserole rice with cod in a slow cooker
111 - - -
Casserole rice with cod in a slow cooker + bonus "Milk fish soup with "fake." (budget night). Gentle casserole, rice and fish are the perfect couple! Another dish for the entire family for lunch or dinner :-) Cook in a slow cooker quickly, and while it works - it will be time to Tinker with children or to finish the case. Moreover, the proposed version of the budget, prepared from Treskov cod fillet, and waste in General is not all "kamakoti" will turn into fish soup! Budget fish dinner of two dishes. Shall we?!