Beef in a slow cooker recipes

399 - 20м 2
Brasada - sandwich from crispy baguette with grilled beef fillet, onion, bacon and egg. Dish Spanish. I have prepared this sandwich is inspired to the recipe of Spanish chef Jorge de angel Moliner. A real man's Breakfast, as a rule, in Spain is lunch. Share the recipe, maybe someone will like it.
Beef with prunes Moroccan
220 - 200м 3
One of the favorite dishes of North African cuisine. Tried different options, but this set of spices for my taste fits best and is easiest to find in stores. Good, this dish should be cooked in tajine. But in the absence of it can be prepared in a slow cooker or the utensils for stewing in the oven.
Beef goulash with chickpeas
220 - 60м 6
Very hearty, delicious and not difficult to prepare, goulash. With an array of spices, the dish turns out very fragrant, a great lunch for a cold time of the year!
Beef in pomegranate-cranberry sauce
198 - 90м 6
With multivarka I have long strong and tender love. For me, the slow cooker is an indispensable helper in the kitchen. Many slow cooker dishes come out tastier and healthier than on the stove, and most importantly, without additional time. Downloaded, turned on and mind your own business. Most of all I love to cook meat in a slow cooker, because it turns out very tender and juicy. This recipe was the result of a mix of your favorite ways of preparing beef in our family, beef in cranberry sauce, beef in pomegranate juice and beef with prunes. The result did not disappoint me.
Meat rolls-Saltimbocca with cheese
181 - 40м 4
I want to treat You today a Roman dish-Saltimbocca (translated as "jump in the mouth"). A very simple recipe meat rolls found at Yulia Vysotskaya, was also insanely delicious. To cook the Saltimbocca today I helped my little helper multivarka Vitek VT-4210ВК.
Beef stew with Orzo-caferace
178 - 90м 6
The subject is very close to Greek food, from there was borrowed the idea. The pieces of beef stewed in a thick sauce with an unusual pasta. The amount of paste you can turn a main dish into a hearty soup=) This dish is best done in a slow cooker, because it allows you to make the meat very tender. In the creation of dishes helped me pretty multivarka Vitek VT-4205 BK.
Meat hedgehogs in a slow cooker
132 - 15м 4
The dish is familiar to all from childhood. And funny it is called because the rice razvalilas, sticking out like the spines of a hedgehog. It's delicious, hearty and healthy! And most importantly we will spend only 10-15 minutes and dinner is ready!!! And help us our multivarka!
Beef stew with cheese dumplings
126 - - 4
A rich hot dish I cooked in the slow cooker. Stews require a long cooking time, but the result is an incredibly tasty dish! Tender meat, fragrant mushrooms, sweet vegetables, cheese-dumplings - and all this in a thick, rich sauce.
Beef with prunes
126 - 60м 4
Experiencing protein-carbohydrate diet, I was faced with one problem: now I'm much more likely to cook, often multiple dishes for family, for baby and for yourself-losing weight. Was surprised to see that many delicious and good recipes "sharpened" under proper nutrition. Today I cooked beef with prunes and tomatoes. And this helps me, my little helper - multivarka Vitek VT-4210ВК.
Meatballs of minced beef with cheese and pine nuts
125 - 120м 12
In one of the shows, saw the recipe of meatballs with roasted pine nuts. Cooked 3 times already with different stuffing, changing the ingredients. The original recipe was cheese 200g., I was making cheese, and cottage cheese used chicken mince. The taste of the meatballs was always good, differed only notes supplements and softness of the meat. Today I decided to publish another recipe of minced beef. In this recipe more than chopped meat. Prepared without the cheese. Try it, maybe You'll like it. Garnish the meatballs can be quite different, but especially suitable for rice cooked with turmeric, or just a white, slightly seasoned with butter, but the sauce will perfectly decorate this side dish. Meatballs I get a large, adult enough for two.
Beef short ribs in balsamic-honey marinade
117 - - -
Very tender, melting beef, which is easy to prepare using the slow cooker! Be sure to cook these ribs for their halves, and they will tell You "Thanks!" but to prepare them, we'll be in multivarka VITEK VT - 4200!!!
Beef in a creamy banana sauce
116 - 100м -
Offer the recipe is delicious, but unusual meat cooked in a slow cooker. As it turns out from the oven stewed meat, we loved it, and recommend you to try.
Beef in barbecue marinade
116 - 170м 2
I love veal! So I decided to experiment! ))) It was VERY tasty! Resembles a barbecue in the summer on the embers!!! Because tomorrow is a holiday for men, why not treat and not to remember the summer! )))
Beef in yogurt with pickles
109 - - -
The meat is very soft. Gherkins give a sour... greens makes the dish flavorful... And most importantly-easy to cook it)
Solyanka in Georgian
109 - - -
Solyanka in Georgian is not a soup and hot dish of beef with pickles. Incredibly flavorful, quite spicy and very tasty. Welcome!
Beef in a slow cooker
109 - 120м -
Very juicy, flavorful and tender meat. A minimum of manipulation, the result is perfect. The taste is awesome. Unfortunately could not take pictures in the setting and the context.
Meat Mexican
106 - 70м 6
Most likely, many were prepared by a similar recipe, but not found on the expanse of Cook this recipe, I couldn't not share. Having tried this dish, it is impossible to remain indifferent. Even my husband who doesn't really like beef, and a child who won't eat vegetables, ate with gusto and asked for more. Don't have to cook in a slow cooker, on the stove in a saucepan.
Stew "yum"
106 - 120м -
Who among us has not used to make stew? This is probably one of the most rewarding dishes - any meat will become soft and you can add everything you love or have in the supplies! Reading in the annotations to this stew "Your guests can handle this dish in seconds" I thought - Oh!!! So, 2 fragile ladies and 3 children from 1.4 to 6 years coped with this dish in one sitting!
Beef Stroganoff beef
105 - 140м 4
Beef Stroganoff from beef in a slow cooker to cook a very quick and easy. The beef turns out very juicy, because cooking in a slow cooker is carried out without access of air and uniform temperature distribution inside the bowl of the slow cooker
Beef in the sleeve for a couple in multivarka
105 - 120м -
A simple and healthy way of cooking meat. Sausage not buying for a long time, and on a sandwich sometimes to put something I want, and the guests on the table is not ashamed to serve. Beef is cooked in its own juices, soaking the flavors of the spices. This recipe in our family caught, almost immediately after purchasing the slow cooker. And how we ever lived without this miracle of technology? - I do not understand)))
Domlama in a slow cooker
104 - 150м 4
This dish of Uzbek cuisine, also known as Dimlyama or Basma. Very easy to prepare and healthy. Beef soaked with vegetable juices, and vegetables — meat aromas. Due to the easy handling of the products is preserved vitamins. Classic domlama prepared under the yoke on the fire in a large cauldron, and we will prepare it in a slow cooker average (4 l) and sacrifice the potato layer. You don't mind? Then went! My assistant: multivarka Vitek VT-4205 BK. This recipe is really one — touch- downloaded and went for it!