Lamb in a slow cooker recipes

Kavardak in a slow cooker
1.3k - 130м 10
The national dish of Tajik cuisine is a roast lamb with vegetables and potatoes. Kavardak in translation from Tajik is "Hot". Cook a roast of lamb.
Lamb stew with garlic arrows in Osh
0.9k - 150м 4
This is one of the favorite dishes in my family, it is more than 25 years, since we lived in Osh (Kyrgyzstan). As soon as I got multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY, I immediately cooked this dish in it.
Fantasy on the theme of "ASE tartare"
0.9k - 140м 3
Simply, without hassle, and the result is excellent. Delicious, fragrant and just a good dish that can be prepared from lamb, beef, or veal!
Lamb with quince and vegetables
0.8k - 100м 2
Offer the recipe is juicy and tender lamb cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4214.
Lamb with mustard sauce
0.7k - 60м -
Offer You a simple and delicious recipe for lamb with mustard sauce. The dish is very simple, but insanely delicious. Prepared using multivarki Vitek VT-4210ВК, it almost does not take time.
Lamb braised with port wine and cranberry sauce (slow cooker)
0.7k - - -
Reviewed all 100 recipes lamb, offered me a "search". Some are close, but that just exactly is not found. In General, stand on Your court and the 101st recipe. This recipe I met on a German resource, I decided to try (though adapting it under multiverse-skorovar ku), as never regretted. Lamb is so delicious, tender, soft. Cranberries (sour), along with cranberry sauce, port wine and spices gives the lamb a rich taste. And thanks to the slow cooker-a pressure cooker reduces the cooking process.
Rice in a slow cooker
0.7k - 120м 15
Looked up local recipes of rice in a slow cooker and like not found. To be honest, this recipe I converted into a slow cooker on the basis of their proven recipe for utyatnitsu. So recipes would essentially be two, one for the multicooker with pictures and on-the-go steps to utyatnitsu.
Fergana Pilaf Without The Cauldron
0.7k - 60м 6
The traditional way in a cauldron involves frying meats in plenty of oil, as in oil, making it soft for 10 minutes. We will achieve the same result by combining frying and braising. Well, after traditionally cook rice. In this pilaf, the meat will be tender and the rice is crumbly.
Uzbek pilaf in multivarka
0.7k - 90м 10
Pilaf recipe taken from the book "recipes for multivarok Polaris" Turned out very crumbly and delicious pilaf! Mutton just melts in your mouth! The bowl of the multicooker 5 litres.
Lamb in milk in multicookings Vitek
0.6k - 80м 4
Our family is very fond of lamb. So as soon as we don't cook. This is one of the favorite recipes. Prepared simply and quickly, and the meat turns out very juicy and tasty.
Lamb stew with dried fruits and mint
0.6k - - -
Oriental cuisine, suitable for the situation - exotic. Lamb with mint cream sauce and with dried fruits, unusual, but it was worth a try!
Lamb in Iranian
0.6k - 60м -
Mutton is not all love for its specific taste. Well, if you like, just for the taste, not like any other. I would even call the flavor! To cook delicious lamb is now easy and just after she got multivarka Vitek. Small prepolovenka and the rest is done by herself, and she can rest if she came home from work, or to do other things, pleasant to her heart.
Lamb with apples
0.6k - - -
Delicious, hearty lamb - that is necessary for the autumn dinner with family.
Mutton stewed in beer
485 - - 4
The dish is very simple to prepare, and most importantly is the ability to improvise, add or change ingredients and can be prepared not only in a slow cooker, and, for example, in the oven in a pot.