Dishes from offal in a slow cooker recipes

Liver cake in a slow cooker
112 - - -
I'm not a big fan of liver, but a slice of this cake never give up))) Especially I like to prepare this snack baking the cake in a slow cooker, because then it turns out less greasy than fried liver pancakes. And of course my favorite toppings: roasted carrots with onions, garlic and cheese.. Delicious! Help yourself!
Braised heart with sauce in a slow cooker
95 - - -
A rare cooked heart, because it is harsh and requires a lot of effort. I want to offer you a recipe for very lazy or very busy Housewives. The heart of this recipe is prepared in three stages: cut, put into the slow cooker and pressed the button. All! Your efforts you need to spend just to cut, peel and slice the onion. And yet, this dish is quite diet, but more about that in the recipe.
Lard and cracklings
95 - - -
Lard (lard) – it's a fat vytaplivaete of pork fat. Sometimes to make it, take suet, as I consider it unsuitable for other purposes. It drowned out of lard, fat scraps, and subcutaneous fat, from interior (intestinal) fat. Lard and cracklings are great for cereals, soups, baking. And if you add salt, spices, herbs and spread on a slice of bread - a great snack!
Liver pie with rice in a slow cooker
80 - 90м 8
Very tasty, hearty and easy to make a cake for lovers of food from the liver.
Liver souffle
79 - - -
Gentle liver souffle, which is equally delicious in hot or warm and cold.
Pig ears with red beans
78 - - -
Pig ears with red beans, vegetables, olives and smoked sausages. At first glance, it may seem difficult. But it's not, it's very simple! The result is a gorgeous dish full of color and flavor! It is perfect for lunch or dinner, on the first or second, as you like it)) I Highly recommend to cook!
Beef liver in multivarku
72 - 70м 3
Tender liver, try it!
Beef liver in multivarku
72 - 40м 6
Soft, juicy, and the taste is just yum! This recipe for me is a godsend! Cooked in a slow cooker Redmont.
Liver with pineapple
69 - 60м -
Suggest you try a delicious dish from the liver. This recipe Chinese food cuisine I found in the book "Cuisine". Prepared from the available products. It's filling, beautiful and flavorful dish. Help yourself!
Chicken gizzards in a slow cooker
60 - 30м 6
Earlier I was skeptical about a slow cooker, and now she is the main helper in the kitchen! Stews it is always amazing, and they are not alone. I want to present this recipe in chicken gizzards. They are naidinae, and in combination with vegetables and spices very tasty. Prepared the ingredients and start!