Veal dishes in a slow cooker recipes

Latvian onion klops
1.6k - 120м 3
At home a delicious and hearty dish of traditional Latvian cuisine. Classic and tailored, based on the preferences of my family.
Veal Stroganoff in a slow cooker
0.9k - 40м -
My version of beef Stroganoff. Cook in multivarka-pressure cooker. Simple, fast, tasty and incredibly soft. The site is not found identical recipe, which is amazing (can, badly searched?:) Help yourself)))
A La stir-fry veal
0.9k - 30м -
As always in a slow cooker - quick, tasty, easy! Tried to adapt a Chinese dish for cooking in a slow cooker. It turned out very well! Slow cooker VT-4213 GY.
Veal roulade "Simplest"
0.8k - 60м 10
Out of the freezer and timidly asked to warm up a piece of meat was veal patinka.. I love her in roulette - simple and healthy food. Diet!! Dukan would approve)) to Prepare elementary, comes out juicy and tender! I invite everyone who loves delicious, healthy, not harming the figure food!
Veal breast with vegetables in a slow cooker
0.7k - 75м 8
Very tender meat, crispy hryaschik and delicious gravy. Help yourself!
On-grounds pastrami veal with onion chutney
0.7k - 120м 4
Originally pastroma made from beef: proslavili meat, and then smoked. I suggest the Lite version of veal and braised in a slow cooker. And for the marinade recipe thanks DeSole skyfuntik, which gave me a jar of paste of white truffle with Parmesan.
Soufflé of veal in a slow cooker
0.6k - - 6
When I started to introduce solid foods first daughter I cooked the meat for a long time, then tried to grind it in a blender, but still had the strings and chew the meat. After some time on the Internet, I found the recipe for this souffle. Now this soufflé is present in our diet often.
Halves of potatoes with minced meat
0.6k - 50м -
Tender, delicious potatoes with tender minced meat - home, cozy dish for a family dinner. Cook in multivarka Vitek VT-4213 GY.
Veal breaded in the coffee
0.5k - 60м 4
I've read that beef (beef) and coffee is one of the best flavour combinations. And although I don't really like coffee, but this taste experiment excited my imagination. So I decided, found the recipe a little moonlighting and present you the result. My impression is best expressed when my husband said that, despite the unusual taste, yet eats one bite, your hand reaches for the next.
Spring meat souffle
0.5k - 50м 5
This is a simple, but very delicate recipe meat souffle with vegetables, which will help us to be slim and beautiful to the beginning of the summer season. Cooked in multivarka Vitek VT-4205
Veal breast in French with mushrooms
0.5k - 65м 10
The taste of romantic charm! Join us!
Burgers "Sophie" with broccoli
471 - 35м 4
For myself I always try to find simple and quick recipes. Here is one of them. Quite a bit of time and a full dinner is on the table. Delicious burgers, with a minimal amount of fat, prepared very quickly and easily. I hasten to share the recipe, maybe someone he will like.
Veal ribs with beans and carrots
453 - 80м 8
The recipe is adapted for cooking in multivarka VITEK VT-4213 GY. I think 100% hit. It turned out quick, tasty, affordable products. In addition, the carrot is really tasty, it was soaking in the meat juice and become fragrant and tender.
Meat balls with wild rice
441 - 50м -
Great meat balls of veal with wild rice and pork sausage - tender, tasty, appetizing! Cook in multivarka Vitek VT-4213 GY.
Veal stewed in red wine
410 - 240м 4
In fact, this is my version of Bourguignon in a slow cooker. I highly recommend to fans of beef. Very tasty, hearty, flavorful. The present brutal course.