Other meat dishes in a slow cooker recipes

Subrating in a slow cooker
1.3k - 180м -
My hands accidentally hit a few pieces of meat of deer, long thought, how to prepare it, in order to preserve the unique taste of wild meat, and to use your favorite miracle-pot multi cooking... Anyone interested in the recipe-you are welcome :)
Ham in slow cooker-pressure cooker
0.8k - 60м 10
Ham, "Three of meat". Since then, I bought vecinita and made my first home-cooked ham, my family turn up their noses and the noses of the purchase. It and is clear: something natural, without preservatives and extra salt, and the product is made from fresh meat! Grandson when going for a visit in advance by telephone orders: "Marisha, what a long time since I your ham did not eat, much missed!". So go on, spoil your favourite homemade ham! This time I have a ham "meat".
Also in Russian in a slow cooker
0.8k - 45м 9
Like spicy? Then this simple recipe for slow cooker for you!
Beans with minced meat in a slow cooker
0.8k - - -
The recipe is found on the Internet. Despite the minimal set of products was very good. Prepared in multivarka-pressure cooker. Help yourself!
Brisket, salt-baked
0.8k - 50м -
I'm very impressed with this brisket - tender, spicy, flavorful, and not difficult to prepare. Come, treat. We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R
Appetizer "Ural roll" in a slow cooker
0.8k - 60м 4
Interesting meatloaf with the addition of smoked ham and egg omelet with bell peppers and sesame seeds. A great snack every day and for holidays. Roll cooked in a slow cooker "Vitek" VT-4206-R
Rabbit with rice fruit sauce
0.8k - 90м 3
I like to combine meat with fruits and different herbs, so now looking at the part of the carcass of the rabbit, itself started to develop the recipe. With sour cream and vegetables - have become boring I want sour-sweet-spicy and low in calories. Who's with me? I hope not to disappoint :) you can Cook without a slow cooker.
Ribs with potatoes in multivarka
0.7k - 90м 4
Very simple, incredibly tasty dish. Eaten at once, and how many would not be prepared, is always enough!!!
Austrian goulash soup
0.7k - 60м 4
Soft, thick, sweet stew with meat and bacon, with sweet paprika.
Rabbit home in dill cream
0.6k - 90м 4
I bought the other day of a rabbit. I wanted to cook it fast, easy and very tasty. Recipe found on the Internet. But decided to adjust it for yourself. Originally, the recipe meant cooking only the pan, I decided to trust the main case to the slow cooker. From the recipe removed the lemon juice and added a little white wine. The meat was very juicy, soft, tender, flavorful, with plenty of sauce.
Rabbit stewed in white wine and cream sauce with white mushrooms
0.6k - 240м 4
Amazingly tender and flavorful rabbit meat I got multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR. The combination of garlic, herbs and dry white wine - it's just a song. Be sure to try to cook a rabbit and you will not be disappointed.
Maghreb chant or medfouna
0.6k - - -
Chant in Yiddish, in Hebrew, Hamman — literally "hot" (related to the fact that in Russian the word "hot"). A meat dish traditionally prepared on Friday and placed in an oven before the Sabbath, served for Saturday lunch. The Ashkenazi chant is called or shoulnt (perhaps from the French chaud lent "hot slow" or from the Yiddish Shul ende — "the end of the Sabbath synagogue service"), in some countries of North Africa — Dafina, as well as Shaheen or medfouna.
Riet of rabbit with vegetables and dogwood
0.6k - - -
Tender rabbit meat, with chunks of vegetables and sourness of the dogwood. It is very tasty! The dish is cooked in multivarka Stadler Form.
Rabbit with vegetables and bulgur
0.5k - 80м 8
A very tasty dish. The rabbit turns out tender, juicy and flavorful. The slow cooker allows you to create a sense of longing. I used to cook rabbit for this recipe in the oven, the cooking process took more time, while the meat came out so juicy.
Baked dumplings
0.5k - 35м 2
Tasty dumplings. Have long found this recipe on one from some websites. The boy, like, never found. Here add the original recipe.
Stew in a slow cooker
0.5k - - -
If suddenly you have in the refrigerator there was a lot of meat, for example, relatives in the village a pig is killed, or shares bought - prepare a wonderful homemade stew! Any meat: chicken, pork, beef - your choice. You can combine several types of meat too, very tasty work. I did beef. My husband just loved this stew. Besides, you will get a natural product without all the additives and preservatives.
"Lazy" peppers with minced meat
494 - 80м 4
At the moment I have no kitchen and I cook in the slow cooker. It should be cut year-old child does not give much time to cooking. I wanted to make lazy cabbage rolls, but the house was not cabbage, but there was bell pepper.
Delicious chicken and cheese cutlets
494 - 20м 4
When my daughter tried these burgers said " I don't like - I love it!" I invented this recipe just by opening the fridge and seeing what I got... the recipe was born. Simple and very tasty.
Meatloaf in a slow cooker
493 - 15м 1
I wish to eat hearty and delicious, but don't want to spend a lot of time and effort? Offer to cook a meatloaf in the slow cooker. This is a truly Royal dish can feed even the most hungry husband, will please even the most finicky children and forced to smile graciously even the harmful mother-in-law!
Goose slices
488 - 360м 8
Gus is a frequent guest on our table. But cook it first and now for sure: this recipe is most favorite.
Pork rib in the slow cooker
483 - - -
The recipe is simple. Only need your favorite spices. Special efforts without, can be cooked gently-spicy meat dish.