Other meat dishes in a slow cooker recipes

Subrating in a slow cooker
243 - 180м -
My hands accidentally hit a few pieces of meat of deer, long thought, how to prepare it, in order to preserve the unique taste of wild meat, and to use your favorite miracle-pot multi cooking... Anyone interested in the recipe-you are welcome :)
Appetizer "Ural roll" in a slow cooker
151 - 60м 4
Interesting meatloaf with the addition of smoked ham and egg omelet with bell peppers and sesame seeds. A great snack every day and for holidays. Roll cooked in a slow cooker "Vitek" VT-4206-R
Beans with minced meat in a slow cooker
131 - - -
The recipe is found on the Internet. Despite the minimal set of products was very good. Prepared in multivarka-pressure cooker. Help yourself!
Also in Russian in a slow cooker
130 - 45м 9
Like spicy? Then this simple recipe for slow cooker for you!
Ham in slow cooker-pressure cooker
125 - 60м 10
Ham, "Three of meat". Since then, I bought vecinita and made my first home-cooked ham, my family turn up their noses and the noses of the purchase. It and is clear: something natural, without preservatives and extra salt, and the product is made from fresh meat! Grandson when going for a visit in advance by telephone orders: "Marisha, what a long time since I your ham did not eat, much missed!". So go on, spoil your favourite homemade ham! This time I have a ham "meat".
Brisket, salt-baked
120 - 50м -
I'm very impressed with this brisket - tender, spicy, flavorful, and not difficult to prepare. Come, treat. We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R
Austrian goulash soup
112 - 60м 4
Soft, thick, sweet stew with meat and bacon, with sweet paprika.
Riet of rabbit with vegetables and dogwood
109 - - -
Tender rabbit meat, with chunks of vegetables and sourness of the dogwood. It is very tasty! The dish is cooked in multivarka Stadler Form.
Goose slices
105 - 360м 8
Gus is a frequent guest on our table. But cook it first and now for sure: this recipe is most favorite.
Pork rib in the slow cooker
99 - - -
The recipe is simple. Only need your favorite spices. Special efforts without, can be cooked gently-spicy meat dish.
Delicious chicken and cheese cutlets
98 - 20м 4
When my daughter tried these burgers said " I don't like - I love it!" I invented this recipe just by opening the fridge and seeing what I got... the recipe was born. Simple and very tasty.
Ham without problems
97 - 120м -
Ham of pork and chicken doesn't sound very new and attractive, but not complicated movements produced quite a remarkable result. The beauty of the ham is in its simplicity, in my opinion is not to overload her with a massive amount of spices and additives, but it is good in that version!
Ribs with potatoes in multivarka
89 - 90м 4
Very simple, incredibly tasty dish. Eaten at once, and how many would not be prepared, is always enough!!!
Rabbit with rosemary
88 - - -
"Rabbits - is not only valuable fur, but 3-4 kg of diet, digestible meat". I was still a schoolgirl, got it. Rabbit our family has loved. Granny made sure in Kazan, Russia, with sour cream. Now for me the most delicious rabbit turns in a slow cooker.
Chopped ham
87 - - -
Easy to prepare appetizer, thanks to the slow cooker Vitek VT-4213GY. But also very tasty.
Rabbit gourmet
86 - - -
Want to surprise your guests with an exquisite dish of rabbit with herb sauce and white wine in a French recipe? There is nothing easier, go, polyubopytstvuyte, what we've got and try to do the same...
Rabbit home in dill cream
85 - 90м 4
I bought the other day of a rabbit. I wanted to cook it fast, easy and very tasty. Recipe found on the Internet. But decided to adjust it for yourself. Originally, the recipe meant cooking only the pan, I decided to trust the main case to the slow cooker. From the recipe removed the lemon juice and added a little white wine. The meat was very juicy, soft, tender, flavorful, with plenty of sauce.
Baked dumplings
85 - 35м 2
Tasty dumplings. Have long found this recipe on one from some websites. The boy, like, never found. Here add the original recipe.
Stew in a slow cooker
84 - - -
If suddenly you have in the refrigerator there was a lot of meat, for example, relatives in the village a pig is killed, or shares bought - prepare a wonderful homemade stew! Any meat: chicken, pork, beef - your choice. You can combine several types of meat too, very tasty work. I did beef. My husband just loved this stew. Besides, you will get a natural product without all the additives and preservatives.
"Lazy" peppers with minced meat
81 - 80м 4
At the moment I have no kitchen and I cook in the slow cooker. It should be cut year-old child does not give much time to cooking. I wanted to make lazy cabbage rolls, but the house was not cabbage, but there was bell pepper.
Rabbit with vegetables and bulgur
80 - 80м 8
A very tasty dish. The rabbit turns out tender, juicy and flavorful. The slow cooker allows you to create a sense of longing. I used to cook rabbit for this recipe in the oven, the cooking process took more time, while the meat came out so juicy.