Hot meals in the microwave recipes

Roasted sunflower seeds in the microwave
7k 5 4м -
For lovers of sunflower seeds, I am not myself, but sometimes, in, flip seeds is very desirable, and if you read on the Internet about their use, the desire to poloskati, will only increase. One can not understand why in the shops the price for a bag of sunflower seeds like they are grown on Mars... but do not be sad about and buy seeds at the market and cook for themselves. The business is 4 minutes.
Quick ribs out of the microwave
2.2k - 45м 1
Very quick and easy to prepare.
Pumpkin caviar
2.1k 4 45м 3
Pumpkin caviar is very healthy and tasty. In the post will be variety in the diet. The taste is a little different from squash. Perfectly complements a side dish, but can also be a main dish. Caviar is low-calorie per serving only 120 calories.
Delicious blue whiting in the microwave
2.1k 5 10м 1
Let this fish is one of the inexpensive and is considered "cat", but it is considered one of the most useful and dietary dishes. Prepare quickly and turns out very tasty.
The rice in the microwave
1.8k 5 25м 4
This rice is good as a side dish to meat, chicken, fish. And you can eat it as a main dish with homemade cheese and vegetable salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Fish terrine
1.7k 3 30м 16
I looked in the "Search": terrines are popular on our "Boy", some just do not! Offer you another option of fish, but not fish pieces (as usual), and minced fish. It is cooked in the microwave for 10 minutes. If the finished dish to decorate, get a real cake, not sweet...
The rice in the microwave
1.5k 4 16м -
Quick pic. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Pork "Sweet mustard"
1.3k 4 60м 4
Mmm... the smell will gather all the neighbors=) Spicy dish with an unusual sauce. Is dedicated to lovers of spicy and just lovers of meat.
Bread pudding "Morning"
1.3k 5 15м 1
The dish is cooked in the microwave. Very easy and fast.
Stuffed eggplant in Georgian in the microwave
1.2k - - -
It's delicious, fragrant and juicy dish. Quite rich, spicy and delicious. Try it once, then it's hard to forget! Cooking is easy and fast that can not but rejoice! Help yourself!!!
1.1k 5 15м 1
This dish was invented by my younger daughter! Herself in consolation. Very tasty turned! Sorry, just one serving...
Clafoutis in the microwave
1.1k - - 3
A very tasty dish. Flavorful, fast and filling.
Risotto in Ukrainian
1.1k 3 30м 5
Potato casserole with French mustard
1k 4 40м -
Yes, with mustard, and it was with the French (bean), believe me, it gives the dish an extraordinary flavor and aroma!so...
Fish in 10 minutes
1k 5 10м 2
Fast, easy, and delicious for any diet! For photos thanks scullion Khorkina.
1k 3.5 - -
Dumplings in the inventory of the furnace.
Apple cake in 5 minutes
1k - 5м 2
Very tasty and quick cake that is always in the fridge. Maybe for experienced cooks rustic, but for these chefs as I am at the time!
Grilled chicken in the microwave
1k - 30м 8
Love this chicken recipe! Cooked very quickly, it turns out fragrant and delicious! I hope my recipe will be useful not only for those who have a microwave oven with the function "Grill", but just for cooking chicken in the oven!
Oatmeal with banana and egg
1k - 10м 2
Healthy Breakfast - oatmeal with banana and egg. Porridge makes a delicious and airy banana adds sweetness, and the egg satiety. While serving, add peanut butter and fruit - the Breakfast of Champions is ready!
Super peanuts in the microwave
0.9k 4 7м -
Sorry, for simplicity, but in practice faced what many do not know that so you can marvel! But this is a godsend! Nuts roasts quickly and evenly!
Rice porridge in the microwave
0.9k - 25м 4
Trouble-free and a delicious Breakfast. Try to cook the porridge so. I'm sure you will like this method!