Hot meals in the microwave recipes for Easter

Chicken breast "Easter"
84 4 40м 4
"Do you love chicken like I love her?" But seriously, it was quick and tasty to feed 4 people who hungry came in from a walk and had in mind something original- it's Easter, ladies and gentlemen!
Biscuits chocolate coffee "Attractive"
84 - - -
I was always prepared, that was quick and tasty. Here and now bake cookies in the microwave for 10 minutes (cookies baked 3 to 4 minutes) the Aroma of chocolate beckons and attracts. And all the people of the house, enchanted by the smell, mesmerized, pulled into the kitchen - chocolate!
Chocolate cupcake "5 minutes" in the circle
79 - 5м 1
A delicious light dessert for all the sweet tooth and chocolateman!!! :) Maybe a cupcake doesn't look very nice, but it is very tasty! :)) It is prepared very simply and quickly. Usually, it takes 2. 5 minutes and the same for cooking :) Minimum effort, maximum pleasure! :)
Dish of the day
79 - 120м 6
A lot of recipes trivial, but certainly tasty baked pork shank... I'm not original... but today, Sunday I just spent the whole day resting, not dashing around the kitchen...
Pizza with mushrooms in the microwave
78 - 35м 4
They prepared the pizza in the microwave, tried it and thought, well, why even bother with the oven?
Chicken wings in the microwave
76 - 15м 2
I want to share with you the recipe of fast preparation of chicken wings. There is nothing special, and most importantly the fact that the prepared wings in the microwave. Griddle did not want, came up with the idea to just shove in the microwave, but the details of this procedure do not know. Had to improvise and these subtleties, as such, is not. On the website, this is not found, if you have your recipe removed) by the Way, wings are good as a separate dish or as a snack with beer))