Hot meals in the microwave recipes for Valentine's Day

Pie in the microwave "Orange"
110 - 20м -
Orange miracle from the microwave oven!!! In just 15 minutes!!! Guests will not have time to undress, and cake!
Tilapia with mint pesto
105 - 25м 1
"Cook" has made me superstitious: the end of the contest anywhere recipes are not spread, but now you can. Delicate fish rolls with pesto and a classic side dish, cooked in a microwave. Great idea for a romantic dinner.
Chocolate-cherry cakes
100 - 60м 4
To be honest, I was skeptical about cooking in the microwave, using it, like many, only to warm food. And the sponge in the Cup for 3 minutes, which not long ago went around to all the cooking blogs, I failed. Thought this dessert will be gone, watched during baking fascinated in the microwave, like a cat on the washing machine. But it was easy, fast and convenient!
Chicken parfait with pepper in a microwave
98 - 40м 2
In fact, a parfait is a cold dessert with cream, sugar and vanilla. In French, parfait means "perfect, perfect, perfect." In the original, Marianne Kaltenbach's book, "Microwave" because of the cooking method called the starter parfait chicken. Fillet is slightly frozen cream, whipped in a blender into a homogeneous mass. I added in the recipe of bright colors, minimum effort and get maximum pleasure! Just dieting, beautiful, fast... in a word, parfait!
Chicken breast "Easter"
84 4 40м 4
"Do you love chicken like I love her?" But seriously, it was quick and tasty to feed 4 people who hungry came in from a walk and had in mind something original- it's Easter, ladies and gentlemen!
Biscuits chocolate coffee "Attractive"
84 - - -
I was always prepared, that was quick and tasty. Here and now bake cookies in the microwave for 10 minutes (cookies baked 3 to 4 minutes) the Aroma of chocolate beckons and attracts. And all the people of the house, enchanted by the smell, mesmerized, pulled into the kitchen - chocolate!
Indicacao casserole of minced meat in the microwave
83 - 30м 4
The dish is cooked for a long time, 5 years maybe! Fast, easy and delicious! A minimum of effort and time, and the result is delicious and looks beautiful dish! Try, dear friends, hope You enjoy!
Chicken legs "Exotic"
82 5 40м 4
Prepared somehow this dish is pure improvisation and it have taken root. Try it - it's simple, tasty and takes very little time as it is cooked in the microwave.
Tender mushrooms with cheese in the microwave
82 - 3м 1
Once about 5 years ago I was on the Atkins diet. Who knows - it is carbohydrate-free. So I had to diversify their menu to a small list of allowed foods. Thus was born this recipe. I was very surprised that none of my friends did. The mushrooms all at once appreciated and loved. For me it's normal everyday food, as since then in my fridge are always at least 200g of mushrooms on the case that came home from work and nothing, or simply wanted an easy and hearty meals or just a quick treat tasty. For friends, I cook it in celebration or feast as a great snack with wine or champagne. A great recipe for the occasion - guests at the door. Try it, and I'm sure you'll love them too.
Chocolate cupcake "5 minutes" in the circle
79 - 5м 1
A delicious light dessert for all the sweet tooth and chocolateman!!! :) Maybe a cupcake doesn't look very nice, but it is very tasty! :)) It is prepared very simply and quickly. Usually, it takes 2. 5 minutes and the same for cooking :) Minimum effort, maximum pleasure! :)
Pizza with mushrooms in the microwave
78 - 35м 4
They prepared the pizza in the microwave, tried it and thought, well, why even bother with the oven?
Strawberry liqueur
77 3.5 - -
Very tasty.
Chicken wings in the microwave
74 - 15м 2
I want to share with you the recipe of fast preparation of chicken wings. There is nothing special, and most importantly the fact that the prepared wings in the microwave. Griddle did not want, came up with the idea to just shove in the microwave, but the details of this procedure do not know. Had to improvise and these subtleties, as such, is not. On the website, this is not found, if you have your recipe removed) by the Way, wings are good as a separate dish or as a snack with beer))
Fragrant dumplings
66 - 25м 4
Spun with the baby, my husband forgot to make dinner. Before his return from work was about 30 minutes. Then came the recipe. Dumplings, baked in the microwave. Very tasty.