Hot meals in the microwave recipes for Lent

Pumpkin caviar
275 4 45м 3
Pumpkin caviar is very healthy and tasty. In the post will be variety in the diet. The taste is a little different from squash. Perfectly complements a side dish, but can also be a main dish. Caviar is low-calorie per serving only 120 calories.
Rice with vegetables "A La cell"
119 - 20м 2
Offer you a quick recipe for making delicious, beautiful and healthy rice with vegetables in a microwave oven. This figure can be as a side dish and a separate dish.
Risotto (recipe No........ )
118 - 15м 4
Risotto with spinach, mushrooms and almonds. Cooks in 15 minutes in the microwave. What else do you need when time is short and hungry?
Zucchini with garlic and Chile
117 4 - -
My microwave from the date of purchase, except that used as a means of heating. But bought it at the time, with the condition that there is a grill and it can cook a lot of Goodies. Now, last hand and got to this function, the dish turned out well, very tasty, very beautiful, and the time required to prepare a minimum, because you will do everything on the stove. Heartily recommend to anyone, especially those who adhere to Post! To the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Vegetable cake with apples in the microwave
110 - 4м 2
Quick and easy to prepare dessert. Another Savior of the Apple feast I decided to cook some lean Apple pie, but couldn't find a suitable recipe because I needed a recipe for the microwave, oven I not working. In the end, I took my favorite online regular recipe and remade it in their own way, the result is helped and gladdened many times! It's my humble debut Scullion (long, hesitant, but really wanted and on the Anniversary, we decided to take a chance to debut, especially since he received his first level!), I hope the recipe is useful to somebody!
Potatoes with orange-mint sauce. The recipe for the microwave
98 3 20м 4
Garnish, low cost, high enjoyment. This dish of potatoes can serve as a perfect side dish and will delight You with original and exquisite taste. Preparing a dish of potatoes in the microwave very quickly. A recipe from the Internet, my family took root long ago, as nejropatii side dish that can make even children, and then happily, with pleasure to devour.
Spicy Golden potatoes in the microwave
89 - 15м 2
A very simple recipe for delicious potatoes. Just the wand for a quick dinner and intruders.
Fish in a spicy tomato sauce
85 - 20м 4
Fish a La "Crime". Grime — fish in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, peppers, garlic, spices and herbs. This dish Jewish cuisine. Offer You quick option "crime" in a microwave oven. 20 minutes, and tasty fish on your table.
Rice crispies
70 4 20м 6
For me it was always a problem - how to make rice white and crumbly. A couple of years ago a friend taught me - in the microwave. Since then, the rice only so do I and my family, girlfriend and friends. Because it's very easy!!! Very fast!!! Always with a successful result!!!