Broths and soups in a slow cooker recipes

Pumpkin soup in slow cooker
133 - 40м 8
Finally came the pumpkin season, and if you, dear cooks, you love her as much as I do, then welcome to the light! In fairness it should be noted that before to the pumpkin soup I was completely indifferent. Exactly as long as the spur of the moment did not create this recipe. Now I cook pumpkin soup the only way. He turns out spicy, fragrant, Sunny. Come on in, help yourself!
Vegetable soup with lentils in multivarku
121 - 120м 5
For one who is fasting. A very simple soup, delicious and low-calorie. Moreover, very useful. Because lentils do not accumulate in themselves harmful substances. It is useful in disorders of the nervous system, problems with the digestive tract, in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Normalizes the level of blood sugar. Vegetable proteins in its composition, easily digested, and complex carbohydrates have the ability to be broken down slowly, so the feeling of hunger comes soon.
Cream-soup with champignons in multivarka
118 - 30м 8
Cream soup of mushrooms with cream, milk, cheese, croutons and cilantro. At the time the original recipe was found somewhere on livejournal, were based on the broth and milk, but the soup, as usual, not enough time, and the recipe was transformed into a fully dairy. Have changed cream, added spices. When cooking on conventional cooking induction technology is preparing somehow longer. In a slow cooker is a total of about 30 minutes. given the products preparation - 45 min. If you use broth, it takes 600 grams of soup and 200 grams of milk.
Soup "Light"
118 - 50м 6
This is my variation on the theme of vegetable soup which you can prepare in a hurry. Cooked in a slow cooker.
Soup with pumpkin "Rich"
112 - - -
Rich, thick, nourishing soup of sauerkraut with pumpkin and mushrooms. Delicious, fragrant! My grandma called these soup "Rich". I think the name absolutely matches the content. Help yourself!
Soup with giblets and oatmeal dumplings
110 - - -
Turned out very tasty, easy, and most importantly, hearty soup. Multivarka VITEK VT - 4200 coped with the task.
Solyanka in multivarka-pressure cooker
109 - - -
A delicious and hearty soup is easy to prepare.
Vegetable soup "Potage on Legum"-Norman
107 - 75м 8
Dear cooks, I have the program potage aux legumes - vegetable soup - in Normandy. - Normandie region of Northern France that produces the world famous Calvados. As with many traditional rustic dishes, this soup is made from seasonal ingredients, making it very budget. A bit of skill and a shot of Calvados, and you have on the table a delicious French soup! Their appearance in the beauty contest he could not win, but beauty, as we know, comes from inside, and inside that soup...
Pickle bulgur in the slow cooker
106 - - -
Propose to Your attention its own version of the pickle. Originality is not claimed. But "highlight" my pickle bulgur. And bulgur (IMHO) a perfect replacement for barley in traditional pickle, especially for those who barley does not like. And those who prepare the pickle with rice, I recommend to try to cook with bulgur, the taste will be somewhat different! Cooked in a slow cooker-the cooker is under pressure. But this soup quite successfully can be adapted to a simple slow cooker, it is elementary to increasing the cooking time.
Meatless pea soup in a slow cooker
102 - 140м 10
Offer to cook a delicious pea soup in a slow cooker! Turns out very tasty and hearty dish that doesn't contain meat and is perfect for vegetarian dishes and for food during fasts. The ingredients for this soup exists in every housewife. I cooked in multivarka Redmond M25.
Soup "Grub" in a slow cooker
100 - 120м 6
There are many versions of minestrone. I cook this recipe. Quickly and easily it is cooked in multivarka Vitek 4200R. It creates the effect of "longing", as in the Russian stove, and Kharcho soup is especially tasty.
Pickle spicy without meat
100 - 40м 8
Pickle tomato, spicy, though, and lean. Very tasty, easy and budget recipe. Classic pickle I don't really like, but in this version it love all my friends, including men, that the word "pickle" wrinkled her nose and said "eww I don't like the pickle".
Uzbek shurpa in multivarku
98 - 90м 10
I would have said "lazy" shurpa. The recipe is simple to primitiveness. However, after tasting that, I was very pleasantly surprised! It appeared that the forgotten taste of the soup that has been repeatedly brought me to eat in the teahouses of Uzbekistan.
Soup "Spring lightness"
97 - 25м 2
Easy and very healthy soup of broccoli, zucchini, arugula with a spicy aroma and spicy acidity. After eating this soup, You'll get a boost of energy, a set of useful vitamins and minerals, and does not get practically no calories. But at the same time clear your body of accumulated winter toxins
"Pasta" soup
93 - 30м -
Housewives love pasta for its versatility. Still, after a delicious and hearty makaroshki is not only a great side dish, but it's also a good idea for a wonderful soup that can be cooked in minutes! The soup is cooked simply and quickly, even the inexperienced cook for half an hour will cook a hearty meal for the whole family! You have no idea how many times I rescued this version of the soup))
Mushroom soup with bulgur in the slow cooker
93 - - -
Mushroom soup is as old as the world. And recipes, there are abysmal. But they differ from the arc only part of the ingredients but the method of preparation. What's different about my recipe from all the available recipes? By and large, not much. Except that, first, the method of preparation. The soup is prepared in multivarka-pressure cooker (and slow cooker in just a little bit worse, only time longer). And second - as part of the soup bulgur! Bulgur with mushroom soup makes a hearty, satisfying, delicious. A cook mushroom soup with barley. And for those who don't like barley, bulgur is replace it. Besides, by the time the bulgur is cooked faster barley.
Green soup "our"
93 - - -
Even before the Boy was a dispute about who and how to cook green soup... it Turned out that nobody here makes the green borscht as it is prepared from us. I then phoned all her friends, acquaintances, relatives and husband... we All cook green soup is so and not otherwise. The process is long, but the result is worth it... All the first hot food we are preparing for a long time, as if parched, the taste was more saturated and richer.
Soup beef in slow cooker
92 - - -
Shurpa - a soup of Eastern also known under different names sorba, corpa, shorpo, and sorpa, chorba. Options are also a great many, each nation has its own version. My easy soup with a rich fragrant broth and tender boiled meat.
Cream of vegetable soup
91 - - -
A delicious soup with a pleasant texture and taste.
Chicken cream soup with walnuts
90 - - -
When I did it the first time, we did not have enough because everyone loved it, but made it a little bit. This time I made a whole pot - enough for all. Number give ingredients for 2-3 servings. The soup is very delicious and nutritious!
Soup "Luring suitors"
88 - 55м 10
Recently watched a program on the first channel, and I was attracted by the soup which was prepared by Nelly Kobzon. Everyone who tried the soup really liked it. My soup I was making on personal perceptions and in the original recipe looked. All by memory. It turned out delicious!