Bread in a slow cooker recipes

Unleavened bread made in a slow cooker
0.6k - 60м 1
Bread does not contain yeast, fat, eggs, sugar - therefore suitable for those who loses weight and not only.
Bread from whole wheat flour "Green valley"
419 - - -
Very beautiful and delicious bread, and very helpful. Quickly prepares pastries for a long time does not get stale. Perfect for crock pots and the oven.
Bread from oat flour "Seledochka"
339 - - -
Very tasty and aromatic bread with oatmeal and cereal with sesame seeds. And tasty, and useful, and most importantly, fast! Perfect for crock pots and the oven.
Ciabatta in a slow cooker and convection oven
306 5 180м 10
Have long to bake this bread. First in the bread machine about 7 years hell. Then tried in the oven. Now, in a slow cooker together with suitable for her convection oven. The last method I liked best. That we have the most popular family bread. When something like Ciabatta baked in store Peterson. Very crisp and porous viscous myakish.
Darnitskiy bread
287 - - -
Very often, when I don't have much sourdough and she has not grown to the desired volume, but strong enough that I bake this bread. For its production need only 3-4 tablespoons rye sourdough. And now I bake this bread in a slow cooker...
Buckwheat bread in a slow cooker
283 - 180м 10
I often multivari because it's convenient. Bread is also baked in my old slow cooker. Included with it at purchase, was a collection of recipes. So here, bread there. Tested repeatedly. Recipe from "Golden ratio" ingredients. It turns out always.
Sweet poppy-chocolate bread
274 - - -
I think the slow cooker will not turn rosy and airy pastry? And here and there, come to visit me, see for yourself!!! Air with a crisp, beautiful... pour herbal Seagull, we put one piece of fresh butter, and you are welcome to the table!!! I assure you, very tasty!!! Especially for multicookings Stadler Form
Bread "Marble"with garlic and cheese
268 - 80м 6
I want to buy you a fragrant, soft and delicious bread. And we will bake it in a slow cooker.
Rye bread every day
265 - 180м 8
Wonderful bread with a great taste reminiscent of molasses, which is a week and does not get stale and moldy. For those who like dense black bread.
Bread from whole wheat flour "health"
253 - - -
Delicious whole grain bread with pine nuts and sesame seeds. Quickly prepared and nicely saves time. If the milk is replaced by water, it is perfect post.
Honey-oat bread
249 - - -
Why not have Breakfast tasty, fragrant, sweet bread... with butter... And it may be cooked the night before.
Bread wheat spike
248 - - -
I bring to Your attention the recipe is very simple, beautiful and delicious bread. Isn't that excellent shape? Design choice of bread belongs to kulinariska, Natalia, for which many thanks to her!!! The recipe with my changes, especially for multicookings Stadler Form.
Country-style bread stuffing
222 - - -
Delicious Bread-cake. The filling can vary according to your taste. The recipe is designed for a great shape, but as I cooked in multivarka Stadler Form, it took half a serving.
Quick yeast free bread in a slow cooker
204 - 10м 10
During pregnancy I read about the dangers of yeast and now avoid them. First, unleavened bread is bought, then started the stove itself. Generally, I bake a lot since I got married, especially after I gave the slow cooker. And so was born my simple recipe for tasty and tender bread. Try it, maybe You'll like it.
Rye bread in a slow cooker
203 - 465м -
Delicious bread, preparing for a long time, but it turns out delicious.
Bread "Rhapsody"
203 - - -
Fragrant and delicious bread. Recipe for those who do not have time for 2 hours waiting for the dough rise 10-15 minutes, I think, there. Baking does not get stale for a long time and stays soft.
Bread: fermented baked milk in multicookings
201 - - -
Awesome high and tasty bread without problems in the preparation
Pumpkin monkey bread in a slow cooker
195 - 180м 8
The site already has a few recipes for this bread, including sweet. I offer the recipe for pumpkin bread. I found on the Internet, made a few changes and got this great collapsible bun in droplets of jam inside, and the top is a delicious caramel. Sweet monkey bread is easy to prepare in a slow cooker, structure is soft, airy, slightly moist crumb. I am hard to surprise yeast pastries, but here I was ecstatic, and breaking off a piece, she did not notice how ate half. Come take a look, maybe you will like this recipe.
Homemade bread with cheese
195 - 50м -
Since in my house there was multivarka, we do not buy bread! I also cook cheese and how to cook it, I'll tell you in the next recipe) Pleasant view...
The bread with garlic and cheese
184 - - -
Delicious and flavorful bread with garlic and cheese will complement Your lunch or dinner. Come on, try it!
Crusty bread in a slow cooker
179 - 20м 6
Recently I baked bread. Have already tried a lot of recipes, focusing on very economical and easy to prepare. Now many people buy sliced bread because the rest often crumbly when cutting. But I, for myself, have discovered a very delicious recipe of bread, he doesn't crumble because the recipe includes sour milk. You can also use kefir, yogurt or fermented baked milk. This is my debut on this site. Please do not judge strictly)