Cake in a slow cooker recipes

Chocolate cakes with creamy vanilla custard
177 - - -
For chocolate lovers - can enjoy the wonderful cakes! Their preparation will not take much time and the result will certainly please you! The idea of the saw S. Makarevich.
Cake "Chunga-Changa"
173 - - -
A simple formula delicious homemade cake: recipe cake, tried the recipe of the cream and... "chew coconuts, eat bananas!" from the well-known cartoon :-) all will be well soak... and have fun! ;-) With gratitude to the cooks and zoloto85 irres present you with a cake "Chunga-Changa"!
Biscuit "spongebob" in a slow cooker
162 - - -
Recipe borrowed from the wonderful chef Catherine Vitya and I are eternally grateful to the author, because the cake really is ALWAYS brilliant, lush, fragrant and extremely tasty, and look like sponge Bob:) - a yellow one like this, porous (name I didn't change the name of the author). On the site of a great many recipes for sponge cake, but I couldn't with you, dear cooks, not to share this))) in short, you will not regret!!!
Chocolate cake for one-two-three
138 5 70м -
The recipe for this, do not be afraid this word, gorgeous cake (and the name) I borrowed from a wonderful blogger Andrew Rudikova. This is one of the most delicious, tender, high porous and sponge-cakes, which I did! Rich chocolate taste, ease of preparation and a set of products, which is the home of every housewife! Of my changes - cooking in a slow cooker, and not in the oven (finally summer has reached us and you don't want extra degrees in the house to add!) Come in and taste!
Chocolate cake "hocus pocus"
131 - 90м 12
Why this name? Yes, because when baking this cake really get some focus! A feeling that he is imbued with the gentle cream of the cream... although there is no no! But, in order to verify this-we have this cake to bake!
Cheesecake in a slow cooker
125 - 50м -
The most simple and the most delicious cakes in a slow cooker is, of course, cheesecake. Of course, this is my opinion, which appeared after I made this wonderful dish in my slow cooker Vitek VT - 4214.
Cake "Home"
117 - - -
The cake recipe is very simple and rather quick, the products are quite affordable, so you can cook it with your kids for a family tea party!
Cake "Malibu"
114 - 120м 10
Cake for lovers of tropical fruit flavors. The cake is not complicated. With denim and light taste ), the Taste of which will take You to the ocean)))a Gentle blend of fruit and rum and coconut!
Cake "honey velvet"
110 - - -
I love to bake biscuits in a slow cooker because they come out very lush. In order to bake this cake, I used my favorite assistant-multi. What happened, now you will show.
Cake "Julia"
108 - - -
Yes, Yes... call the cake its name... and all because they joined their knowledge and skills of various desserts, which were done previously. Somewhere something changed, somewhere has changed... and even tried to make a cake similar to the one that I tried recently in a cafe. The result is before you... sorry that the taste did not pass!
Pumpkin-walnut cake "Fall colors"
106 - - -
The autumn cake! Tender, juicy, flavorful, slightly spicy and full-bodied. A slice of this cake is sure to paint the gloomy, rainy autumn evening autumn.
Cake "Royal" in a slow cooker
105 - - -
The recipe is not new, this cake has long been known under different names, I have adapted it for your favorite slow cooker. Sweet, juicy, consists of four cakes with different fillings. Happy new year!
Cupcake "Day and night" with a cottage cheese-cranberry filling
105 - 20м 6
Delicate, airy cake with a tart cranberry tartness combined with the chocolate biscuit and weightless cap vanilla sponge cake. Delicious and easy! Come for tea!
Coffee cake in a slow cooker
104 - - -
Fluffy, tender, lush, luscious sponge cake with a subtle coffee aroma. Easy to prepare, perfect as a base for homemade cake for tea. Get high: about 8 cm, so it can easily be divided into 3-4 Korzh. All coffee lovers are invited to come!
Cake "snow Queen"
103 - - -
Light, almost weightless airy sponge cake and delicate butter cream. Almonds and coconut. How do you find such company? In my opinion, is just wonderful! With a Cup of morning coffee or a mug of freshly brewed tea... help yourselves, it's very tasty.
Cake "Bride"
98 - 90м 12
Very tasty cake with coconut flavor. While in the oven preparing delicious meat, easy to cook a cake in a slow cooker.
The cheesecake-cheesecake "Softer gentle"
97 - - -
I love cheesecake, but their caloric content is not always enough. This is for me the perfect cheesecake that I baked and based on and without it, fruit, berries, chocolate. There is no semolina, a small amount of sugar, taste more tender, delicate, and impossible to resist! On Christmas Eve, baking Christmas variant with cranberries. I very suggest targeting this option - and in the feast and in the world! done in a slow cooker, if anyone have a - well in the oven, not a slow cooker, the ultimate, but the result is good
Cake "Marfushechka"
94 - - -
The weather is overcast, do you want nothing and not really in the mood. And as luck would have it on sweetie's nothing left. Pleased with himself and his men cake! Let's eat! p.s. my 100 anniversary recipe!
Chocolate banana cake in multivarka
91 - 110м 6
Mega-chocolate, mega-tasty... Words are unnecessary, you just have to try. All chocoholics strongly recommend!
Chocolate cake-cake "Cognac truffle" (in slow cooker)
90 - - -
Recipe found on the Internet. The cake turned out exactly as I wanted: melt in your mouth tender, with a rich chocolate flavor with cognac notes.
Cake "casket"
89 - 80м 8
Decided to treat their loved ones on the occasion of September 1 delicious cake with a secret! Let me tell you something, this was inspired by the sweet culinary masterpieces of Tamarack (Shepeleva Tamara cook) wanted to cook a cake one of her wonderful recipes, but remembered this and decided to share with you. This cake is very easy to prepare, and with the invention of slow cookers, which is simply, quickly, well, and delicious of course! I congratulate all with the beginning of the school year and wish students success in their studies, their parents patience! And invited for tea and cake! And Tamarochka want to thank you for the inspiration!