Cake in a slow cooker recipes

Oat cupcake with cherries in a slow cooker
258 - 20м 8
Very tasty, sweet oat cupcake with cherry without flour in slow cooker.
Pie "Baby"
189 - - -
Very fragrant and delicious cake with raisins, nuts and apples. Easy to cook, fast to eat. Products available and ease of preparation can't be happy, especially busy Housewives and young mothers. Recipe adapted for slow cookers and the oven. Pie is sent to Lubaszka (pupsik27).
Apple-coconut pie
167 - - -
Today I offer you another version of aromatic Apple pie with coconut notes...
Chocolate manna with chocolate filling "Cocoman"
156 - - -
I love this megamanny, megacolony, megapussy manna. I have a lot of recipes mannikov, but this is one I bake most often. It is prepared very quickly, even no need to get your hands dirty. The result is always successful (at least in the oven, though in a slow cooker). I would be glad if someone of You cooks, it will become a favorite. And to give this manna today I want a wonderful person, a great cook Violettochka (violl)!
Cottage cheese-poppy seed cake with cranberries
139 - - -
Tasty and fragrant cakes with cottage cheese dough, poppy seeds and cranberries. Interesting combination of tastes will not leave you indifferent.
Lenten chocolate cake in a slow cooker
137 - 15м 6
Incomparable sweet, delicious and lush vegetable pie from nothing. We recommend you to prepare!
Cupcake "the Blonde in chocolate" in a slow cooker
128 - 50м 7
Offer You delicious cupcake! Even though the biscuit dough, but after impregnation is similar to sand. Called the Blonde in chocolate because of the "white" ingredients: corn flour, white chocolate, condensed milk and white marshmallows. PS: this cake is Baked in the oven also. It is very satisfying! Call guests for a Cup of tea with the Blonde in chocolate.
Filler pie "Pumpkin godfather"
125 - - -
All fans of pumpkin are invited to come for tea. Pie is simple to prepare from available products, but very tasty and fragrant, slightly damp. I would be glad if someone will love it as me and my house.
Bears "Barney" in a slow cooker
118 - - -
Misecky... So my daughter says when she sees the whole "team" on a plate... And eats them one by one! And I am calm because cooked!)))
Fruit and berry pie in a slow cooker
117 - 80м 8
Lush, tasty cake with fresh fruit and berry lovers sweet. Perfect for tea parties with family or friends!
Potato pancakes in a slow cooker
115 - - -
Such pellets can be prepared with different fillings. Tortillas cooked in multivarka Stadler Form.
Apple pie in multivarka-pressure cooker
111 - 50м 6
Apple pie without the hassle with Apple and cinnamon flavor from the minimum set of products available!
Sea-buckthorn pie "Tete-a-tete"
110 - - 8
For big fans of sea buckthorn, easy to make a cake in a slow cooker. Another recipe using the preparations for the winter. This time "sea-buckthorn berries with sugar".
Pizza in a slow cooker
110 - 60м 8
I want to share a simple recipe of the delicious pizza. Pizza dough turns elastic and kneaded very quickly. This time I decided to cook a pizza in a slow cooker. It turned out just great!
Cake-the cheesecake "Recognition"
108 - - -
Today, four years since I registered on "the Cook". I want to say thanks to all of you, dear cooks, for support, for trust in my recipes, for your friendship. Offer to come over for a Cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a wonderful, very tender and tasty pie-cheesecake.
Pizza on yeast dough in the slow cooker
106 - 60м 3
Great yeast dough suitable for baking in a slow cooker and the oven. Pizza it turns rosy and hearty.
A La pizza "Multipart"
106 - 40м -
Very easy to prepare a dish, deal with it, probably, even a child!)) And it turns out delicious... mmm!!!))) Based on the recipe found on one of the forums dedicated to slow cooker.
Buckwheat cupcakes for a couple in multivarka
102 - 35м 5
The first time I made these muffins when my son was 1.6 years and we had a gluten-free diet, and the baby wanted sweet. Then this recipe was forgotten, and then my friend's baby the same thing happened, a gastroenterologist put him on the diet, foods containing gluten were also excluded. So I remembered the buckwheat muffins. Baby in delight, ate a couple with my. Muffins from buckwheat flour steamed in "MultiArc e" mode "Steaming". And tasty and healthy!
Cupcake "Ginger" in a slow cooker
101 - - -
I am very fond of cakes with ginger (largely thanks to this simple, simple recipe). Recipe taken from the book "Cakes. Cook in a slow cooker". Delicate, light, very aromatic and of course delicious! Honey, ginger, cinnamon, plum perfect, "friends" and made an incredibly delicious cupcake. Welcome to the table!
Cheesecake-chocolate cake with cherries
101 - - -
Chocolate cake is very good with sweet and sour filling and a cherry, and cheese. And in cooking there is nothing difficult.
Pie "Zest"
97 - - -
Offer quick and delicious cakes in a slow cooker. Pie made of corn flour on yogurt, with raisins. The crumb is dense, but light and delicate. Pie contains a minimum of fats, so is perfect for people watching their figure. Come on in, help yourself.