Cake in a slow cooker recipes for New Year

Charlotte "Siberian soul"
109 - 80м 1
Classic, in my opinion, Charlotte recipe, but this version I got the perfect (pastries are not friends at all!!!:)). I guess it's all in the ingredients. And Yes!!! Even The Soul!
Pie with grapes and raisins "Arab"
107 - - -
Delicious, tender and flavorful cake with grapes and raisins. Full bodied, with subtle notes of caramel and vanilla. Pie sent Pokusaeva Olechka to set the mood in the new year holidays. Help yourself!!!
Pie with prunes in multivarku
82 - 70м 8
I want to share with the cooks recipe is simple and delicious pie with prunes.
Honey gingerbread in a slow cooker
79 - 120м 8
The recipe for this gingerbread I was interested in his cooking process! And the result exceeded all expectations!! Gingerbread it turns out two times larger than the original test!! And there's a delicious, lush, with a rich honey color! Persuaded to look? ;) Of course, the recipe is suitable for the oven! But those, who do not like honey, you can replace it with a thick fruit or berry syrup. Help yourself!
Orange sponge cake
70 - 60м 8
Hello! Today we have the category "Cook in a slow cooker" and to prepare we will be very lush, light and airy orange sponge cake!
Curd-lemon cake with Apple roses
69 - 80м -
Presenting cook a delicious cake, which perfectly combines all the ingredients: dough, curd makes a wonderful addition to the sweetness of the condensed milk and the tartness of the lemon, plus the tenderness and juiciness of the apples. And this pie can serve as decoration for any party table!
Pie with tarragon in a slow cooker
58 - 20м 1
In this pie the main thing - stuffing tarragon (estragon). The dough, in principle, you can use any yeast or puff, for example. In this recipe I used the batter. For the filling you will need fresh tarragon, taste is very original. Breaks into one or two, and cooked very easy! Try to cook...
Pie "Cherry dreams"
51 - 180м 6
This pie is so simple to make that it under force to any young hostess! And the taste of the pie and the soft filling will add you a lot of pleasant emotions!