Cake in a slow cooker recipes for 23rd of February

Chocolate manna with chocolate filling "Cocoman"
188 - - -
I love this megamanny, megacolony, megapussy manna. I have a lot of recipes mannikov, but this is one I bake most often. It is prepared very quickly, even no need to get your hands dirty. The result is always successful (at least in the oven, though in a slow cooker). I would be glad if someone of You cooks, it will become a favorite. And to give this manna today I want a wonderful person, a great cook Violettochka (violl)!
Cupcake "Ginger" in a slow cooker
117 - - -
I am very fond of cakes with ginger (largely thanks to this simple, simple recipe). Recipe taken from the book "Cakes. Cook in a slow cooker". Delicate, light, very aromatic and of course delicious! Honey, ginger, cinnamon, plum perfect, "friends" and made an incredibly delicious cupcake. Welcome to the table!
Charlotte "Siberian soul"
109 - 80м 1
Classic, in my opinion, Charlotte recipe, but this version I got the perfect (pastries are not friends at all!!!:)). I guess it's all in the ingredients. And Yes!!! Even The Soul!
Chernyshuk cheese in a slow cooker
96 - 20м 1
I found this masterpiece on the Internet for quite some time. In the process of cooking it slightly "combed" and now it has become my signature cake which all my friends love it and require it for all holidays. Sure having prepared it once, you will again and again return to this "pie"... so, do you start? :)
Cake with blueberries in the cheesecake filling
93 - - -
Summer in the heat, baking in multivarka always a good solution. Delicate cottage cheese and berry pie, of available products, aromatic and juicy and will delight lovers cherish by simplicity and good taste. Cake in the oven baking as easy.
Onion pie in a slow cooker
90 - 180м 12
I want to share with you a wonderful recipe, which has repeatedly rescued me. What to cook for friendly get-togethers to be tasty, satisfying, relatively unknown for a large company? Onion pie! Often pies baked with onions, using chives and batter. I'm cooking another option is dough and onions. This cake turns out very tender, rich, spicy sweet filling. Like everyone-adults and children. Many do not even realize that the filling in this pie bow! Star pastries for a snack to take with you on the road or on a picnic. For preparation was used multivarka Polaris 0517 AD.
Muffins with prunes, candied fruit and cinnamon
87 - 30м 10
Hello my dear cooks! After several years of registering on the website decided finally to post my first recipe. A year ago I was given a slow cooker-a pressure cooker "Redmond" started... Pies, cupcakes, casseroles, etc., etc., I Offer one of my favorite recipes.
Cupcake "Banana chic" in a slow cooker
84 - - -
All the sweet tooth want to buy simple to prepare but very tasty, flavorful and tender cake. Delicious as a warm or cold with a Cup of tea or with milk. Welcome aboard!
Pie "Warlock"
84 - 100м 7
In honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day I wanted to cook for their loved ones concise, without all the frills, masculine dessert. I invite you to see what I got.
Cupcake "Coffee Zebra"
83 - - -
Dear cooks, you know that the website contains a lot of recipes for marble cakes or "zebras", but I want to share with You his signature recipe. Preparing this cake without cocoa, and instant coffee. So avid coffee lover this recipe will be enjoyed. Please visit me for tea!
Pie with prunes in multivarku
82 - 70м 8
I want to share with the cooks recipe is simple and delicious pie with prunes.
Pie "Spring" with fish, eggs and onions
82 - 120м 8
Pie "Spring" with canned fish, eggs and green onions in slow cooker. Probably after Easter many left with boiled eggs. Offer you a recipe for a cake where you can use them as toppings. The cake is very simple, but tasty and tender. Suitable as a lunch or for a snack.
Cupcake yogurt in a slow cooker
79 - 50м -
Offer You a very simple cake on kefir cooked in a slow cooker. It turns out tender, high and fluffy. This recipe is from the all mixed and ready!
Honey gingerbread in a slow cooker
79 - 120м 8
The recipe for this gingerbread I was interested in his cooking process! And the result exceeded all expectations!! Gingerbread it turns out two times larger than the original test!! And there's a delicious, lush, with a rich honey color! Persuaded to look? ;) Of course, the recipe is suitable for the oven! But those, who do not like honey, you can replace it with a thick fruit or berry syrup. Help yourself!
The perfect biscuit
76 - 60м -
Often bake a cake for different holidays. Impregnated with condensed milk and covered with melted chocolate. The cake turns out very light and porous, soaking absorbs instantly for fans of the wet cake is a wonderful option. And the recipe is easy and always turns out. Usually bake in the oven today I dare to bake in the slow cooker.
Poppy seed cake "Dream"
71 - - -
Poppy cakes on the site a lot, I already placed one your favorite recipe. Revising its old culinary record, I remembered another recipe. The products are simple. A cake is tall, curvy, moderately moist, flavorful. Poppy and nuts blend perfectly! Invited to a tea party! And this is my 300th recipe on this site!
Orange sponge cake
70 - 60м 8
Hello! Today we have the category "Cook in a slow cooker" and to prepare we will be very lush, light and airy orange sponge cake!
Curd-lemon cake with Apple roses
69 - 80м -
Presenting cook a delicious cake, which perfectly combines all the ingredients: dough, curd makes a wonderful addition to the sweetness of the condensed milk and the tartness of the lemon, plus the tenderness and juiciness of the apples. And this pie can serve as decoration for any party table!
Cupcake "Toplinska" in a slow cooker
68 - - -
Love this cupcake. Delicate, moderately sweet, moderately moist, chocolaty, with a fine-a fine touch of warm milk! Help yourself, dear cooks.
Pie with tarragon in a slow cooker
59 - 20м 1
In this pie the main thing - stuffing tarragon (estragon). The dough, in principle, you can use any yeast or puff, for example. In this recipe I used the batter. For the filling you will need fresh tarragon, taste is very original. Breaks into one or two, and cooked very easy! Try to cook...
Coconut cake for tea in the slow cooker
58 - 30м 4
This wonderful cupcake for those who love coconut and at the same time, soft cake. Its peculiarity is that it is very quick and easy to prepare in a slow cooker, ie, without the hassle;)