Cake in a slow cooker recipes for Lent

Lenten chocolate cake in a slow cooker
180 - 15м 6
Incomparable sweet, delicious and lush vegetable pie from nothing. We recommend you to prepare!
Vegetable rolls with apples and cinnamon
81 - 120м 7
In this recipe there is no milk or eggs, so the muffins are suitable for the Lenten table. They come out very tender and vkusnymi. A lovely addition to tea.
Lean corn cake in a slow cooker
73 - 75м 8
Lean corn cake with coconut and lemon zest in slow cooker. This corn cake with coconut and lemon zest work moderately sweet and very fragrant. Nothing will give him vegetable cakes. Make sure that the special recipes are not inferior to anything normal food.
Lazy vegetable strudel
67 - 80м 4
The search for the sweet in the Post do wonders! Liked my share...)
Moist chocolate cake with blackberries in a slow cooker
66 - 10м 10
Lean super moist cupcake without eggs. The structure of the cake resembles a brownie, but it is much easier and maybe a little tastier.
Monastery coffee cake
62 - 30м 8
This cake can vary not only fast table. Offer it a try by all the distinguished visitors of the page with the recipe. The taste of the pie, of course, is original, and the texture of the biscuit is a little different from the traditional. But the themes and interesting. The idea of the recipe - Book-magazine Pies and pastries by Alexander Seleznev.
Lean oatmeal cake with apples
47 - 60м 1
Offer to pamper yourself lean cakes. A cake is apparently not very beautiful, but it is a treat to try, you'll love. It's insanely delicious and at the same time, a fairly simple dessert-a real find for the sweet tooth.