Homemade yogurt recipes

Yogurt "Narine"
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Medical-preventive mechanical means of “Narine” contains live lactic acid bacteria, which are an important component of the normal intestinal flora. El-Pro wrote about the miracle yogurt on the website, but not so simple as she describes. Many times I have done it, but I couldn't do it. One day I suggested to a friend about his cooking secrets!!! Thank You, Olga! Besides Narine is very useful and can replace breast milk from the first days of a baby's life! Will help from dysbiosis, allergies, improve immunity, forget about constipation...
Cherry yogurt in the yogurt maker
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Every morning eat a yogurt) before it was yogurt from the store (although any chemistry there enough), and I bought the yogurt maker only eat homemade yogurt. I want to share one of the variations of the recipe for yogurt in the yogurt maker.
Greek yogurt
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Know that the Cook plenty of recipes for fermented drinks, but after reading the comments, I noticed that some are faced with the problem of the consistency of the "buttermilk" or laminated masses, but you want to make the yoghurt was thick, which is eaten with a spoon as out of the store boxes. I also went through this feature, yoghurt, until I ran into a recipe of thick Greek yogurt, it turns out, it's very simple. Maybe you will be interested.
Greek yogurt
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Greek yogurt in a dehydrator Oursson DH0620D.
Yoghurt or yogurt
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Yogurt.. Sour milk product Or simple, a lot of delicious sauces can be prepared from the yogurt.. Soups.. Before showing you the recipes of yogurt.. I decided to show how to make it at home)))Here where I live to buy it I can't.. and the soup love)))To make dolma sauces.. ))Thought maybe someone else useful)
A La yogurt
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I love homemade yogurt. I recommend everyone to try!
Yogurt Plastic
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Narine in the yogurt maker.
Milk drink
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If you are to be fed conventional milk products, try to cook this sbiten is an interesting yogurt with unusual aromatic flavors.
Yogurt from warm milk
0.8k - 450м 7
To make yogurt, and it turns out delicious, sweet prostokvashi, as store. No, better and tastier.
Homemade drinkable yogurt
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Useful, light and easy to prepare drink. Much better than any store-bought drinking yoghurt.
Natural yoghurt on sourdough bread
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Many probably know about the recipes of this bread on rye sourdough. But recipe healthy yogurt on it, I found and pleasure to share it with you. The yogurt turns out thick, stringy, creamy butter taste... It reminds me of "Kusenko," which in my childhood I was trained by the grandmother. But after his tummy's good! Try it!
Homemade yogurt "Strawberry mood"
0.7k 5 2м 1
Natural drinking yoghurt. Very healthy and tasty. As well as simple to prepare. Its main difference from store-bought yogurt that does not contain various food dyes and additives. Great for the kids. I'm sure many have done this yogurt in my childhood, I decided to share with you this recipe, what if someone forgot what the grandmother in the childhood made a delicious yogurt or who does not know about this version of yogurt.
Yogurt and dessert "Yogurt crust"
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A delicate yogurt and cool treat on its basis, with added frozen berries. Great dessert for a hot day.
Homemade yogurt in a slow cooker, yogurt maker and thermos
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Homemade yogurt is a very useful product. It is rich in calcium and bifidobacteria, therefore, strengthens bones and has beneficial effects on the immune system. But only useful yoghurt, cooked at home. In store-bought yogurt has flavors, colors and preservatives – all things that do not need neither You nor Your children. You can prepare yogurt at home is easy! This will require one thing: slow cooker, a yogurt maker or a thermos. Plus milk and starter. See detailed recipe for homemade yogurt in the video below.
Yogurt homemade
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Our family has long been concerned with nutrition. Of course, correct and useful to eat is not always obtained. And that though as-that to help your body, we began to systematically eat yogurt. And home production. Without chemicals and dyes. Come on, have a treat!
Blueberry yogurt "in haste"
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In this recipe I use when I want to prepare quick blueberry yogurt
Vietnamese yogurt
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Vietnamese yogurt is called "sua chua", which literally translates as "sour milk". But the taste of this yogurt is not sour, but rather sweet and sour, because when it comes to making use of condensed milk with sugar, which, oddly enough, is a traditional product of Vietnamese cuisine. If you prepare yogurt at home, be sure to try this option. From the given quantity of products is obtained more than 2, 5 liters of yogurt.
Yogurt strawberry-chocolate
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Natural yoghurt, cooked with his own hands - what could be tastier?! Besides taste, the yoghurt has beneficial properties that are beneficial to our whole body. Now strawberry season, treat your loved ones delicious yogurt dessert with a rich chocolate and strawberry flavor.
Homemade yogurt without a yogurt makers and slow cookers
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The yogurt maker and slow cooker I have (I don't like these things) so the easiest and simplest recipe for homemade yogurt improvised!
Creamy yoghurt with cherries
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Creamy yoghurt with cherries in the fermenter Oursson FE0205D.
Yogurt natural homemade
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Delicious yogurt that I prepared over the years 5. It has an interesting texture and a delicate taste. Yogurt-toffee! Great for Breakfast with cereal, fruit, cheese. Used sour cream instead for the filling. And most importantly - he's a natural!