Yogurt in a slow cooker recipes

Yogurt caramel
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Prepare the yogurt at home, especially if you have such a wonderful thing as slow cooker. About the benefits fermented milk product, like yogurt, is known to all. Because store-bought products aren't always confidential. There are many recipes, following which it is easy to make yogurt using a starter culture. If you are a little bored with natural yogurt, variety of yogurt caramel.
Baked milk
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Melted milk is obtained in a slow cooker without a lot of hassle and taste - from childhood, so the taste was the milk, which made my godmother in the Russian stove. You can just drink like I do, you can add to coffee or tea, and you can... But it will be the next recipe. Recipe found on the Internet, where exactly, I do not remember.
The chocolate yogurt in a slow cooker
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Sometimes you want something light, airy and delicious... All the chocolate lovers dedicated!!!
Homemade yogurt in a slow cooker
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A very convenient way of making yogurt! Yogurt gives a very delicate structure and thick. Tastes like fermented baked milk. Try it! Recipe found on the forum St. Petersburg's parents, unfortunately, are not copied its author.
Yogurt with biscuits, chocolate and marmalade
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Thick, tender, moderately sweet with a fruity aftertaste. This yogurt is perfect for Breakfast and dessert along with English tea.
Yogurt from warm milk
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In a lot of different recipes for yogurt. Cooked, was indeed delicious. I'm a fan of warm milk, so I decided to make yoghurt out of it. It turned out sooo delicious!
Banana yogurt (homemade)
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Healthy and tasty fermented milk product — yogurt — cooked in a slow cooker is very easy. As a starter you can use any yogurt without toppings and flavors. And for children it is the best option! ))
Yogurt in a slow cooker
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Incredible yummy and very easy to prepare
Yogurt with white chocolate and pistachios
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Yogurt, cooked with his own hands-the best, and most delicious! Because we are preparing yoghurt from fresh ingredients with love to your loved ones! And how many delicious desserts can be prepared on the basis of natural, homemade yogurt... or you can prepare a dessert from yogurt, for example, with white chocolate and bright green pistachios. In the hot summer morning, a jar of chocolate-pistachio yogurt, will turn your Breakfast into a gourmet Paradise!
Homemade yogurt from warm milk with cinnamon
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In our family for a long time do not eat yogurt from the store. The yogurt in this recipe is the most favorite and, in the opinion of my family, the most delicious. Make it very simple, no special tools are required, except for our assistant Multicooker. In a shop we, of course, even easier and faster, but not all of it is available. And milk we'll need normal - baked to us. The site has a similar recipe, but the cooking process and ingredients are different.
Homemade yogurt in a slow cooker
0.5k - 150м 10
If Your slow cooker is no mode "Yogurt", do not despair, it is easy to prepare and it turns out he is really really good!
Yogurt in a slow cooker
0.5k - 10м 4
Delicate home-made yoghurt. The recipe I liked the fact that it has no sugar. With the slow cooker in the gift were cups for making yogurt. These I have used, but if special not, you can take regular little jars. The fat content of yogurt can be controlled independently by choosing the desired milk fat. Yogurt is recommended to take "I" without additives.
493 - 15м 4
My first yogurt was very tasty! Great for a light snack, for Breakfast or a sweet dinner. Is simple and very useful!
Homemade yogurt
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Hello! Today make yogurt with cherries and sunflower seeds!
Chocolate yogurt with nuts
476 - 720м 4
Homemade yogurt for gourmets!
Yogurt honey palm
402 - 600м 4
Homemade yogurt on baked milk - natural, tasty and healthy! Many cooks have long mastered the preparation of natural yogurt in the home. Someone likes yoghurt in its natural form, while others prefer to the finished yogurt sweet flavorings (jams, syrups, etc...). You can make yoghurt using flavors during fermentation of yogurt. The taste of the dessert turns out not Intrusive sweet, very gentle!
Sour cream in slow cooker
369 - 4800м 5
Its cream and milk from the store without special starters