Filling for pancakes recipes

Pancakes "From Blekberi"
1k - 45м 5
First tasted these pancakes at a cafe "Blakberi" and I liked them so much that wanted to repeat them at home! Chicken fillet stuffing with mashed potatoes and Apple-garlic sauce, very tasty and juicy!
Pancakes with pear and lemon souffle
0.6k - 30м 8
Unusual and at the same time delicious filling of pears and souffles. This filling does not require the addition of sugar or honey as its ingredients are quite sweet.
Pancake mini Shawarma
0.6k - 40м 8
Shawarma is not a healthy diet, but sometimes we all want such Goodies))) And instead to tempt fate and look for any stall we cook her with her husband at home) And today I want to share with You the recipe of our mini Shawarma where instead of pita bread we use pancakes. The idea to make Shawarma pancakes is not new, but the filling we invented his, tried a lot of different and chose for themselves the best. Bon appetit)
0.6k - 20м 4
Recipe Adygei cuisine. It's easy, tasty and nutritious dish fast food. We have it served in restaurants as appetizers goes well with sour cream and pancakes.
Pancakes with soft iris
438 - - -
Very tasty pancakes turn out if you make the stuffing with homemade toffee aroma of these pancakes will be a magical, milky caramel, butterscotch soaked pancakes with its taste. And the pancakes are cooked on yogurt and they have a pleasant, milk sour taste.
Dessert crepes with cottage cheese filling
414 - - -
Dessert crepes with cottage cheese filling, very simple, beautiful and delicious dessert. Thin pancakes and lots of toppings. Help yourself!
Pancakes "Semolina chocolate"
396 - - -
Very tender, moderately sweet filling with a light lemon flavor. Semolina porridge with chocolate very fine friends. This mini cake ate even those who do not like porridge, and even additives asked.))) For the idea thanks Natasha Natapit)))
Pancake cake-doll
394 - 60м -
Carnival - a perfect holiday. He brings joy not only adults but also children. So why not make our kids more, cooked a wonderful pancake cake-doll)))
Pancakes with coconut walnut stuffing
374 - - -
The main attention in this recipe deserves the coconut paste. I reviewed a lot of recipes for coconut cream, but everywhere it was the butter, condensed milk or eggs. I decided to go with a minimum of ingredients: we need in fact only the coconut. So the taste of mega-coconut, and combined with nuts, this filling for pancakes - just like being in Paradise! (P. S. This filling is also suitable for fasting.)
Pancakes with banana, cheese and grapes
374 - 40м 4
Pancakes stuffed with banana, cottage cheese and grapes. Only had time to make pancakes, how rang the intercom. Came for my girlfriends, sisters. One 6 and one 8. Made an appointment with their grandma. The pancakes are ready, now we will prepare the filling. A lot of things lying on my Desk, but the girls chose what we did the filling. I don't know about you, but my stryapuha that stuffing like.
Pancakes "Bags of Santa Claus" with Olivier
366 - 60м 4
Pancake bags of dough made mayonnaise with mustard. In pancake bags put the salad. A great Christmas snack that fans, and not liking the pancakes, making the taste. On New Year's Olivier traditionally present on the tables of almost all. Here's a new submission!
Pancakes "Under the dumplings"
344 - - -
Left the meat there, or here. On meatballs to start - so coarsely chopped, stew or even a little bit. But for pancakes – at the time, the second for lunch, very wonderful happened. And all have enough, and tasty, and as if the manta rays had a good feast. Fragrant, spicy, hot – winter-promezhnosti – sweet deal!
Pancake cake with fruit
332 - 10м 6
Elegant, delicious, cake of pancakes with plenty of fruits can be cooked as pancake week and in the summer when fruits and berries are in abundance. Now, in the cold season so I want a bit of summer, berries, fruits.. of Course this cake can be decorated seasonal fruits, you can take a pear, Apple, persimmon, kiwi, citrus...
Pancakes with poppy-nut filling
331 - 40м 4
Thin custard pancakes with poppy-nut filling and honey aroma.
Chocolate pancake cake
325 - 180м 8
This cake takes time and effort, but the result is exquisite and delicious, oddly enough, easy dessert. If you have no desire to cook for 40 pancakes, prepare the dough half and half cream, bake pancakes and just fill them with cream, it will also be very tasty. But the idea of caramelized nuts use for any other dessert or perhaps for decorating a cheese plate. Nuts are very beautiful and are not difficult.
Pannekoek with pears in a creamy caramel
321 - 25м 4
On the last day of Maslenitsa offer to make a miracle here. Pannekoek (Pannenkoek) is a large Dutch pancake. Originally it is made with various fillings, both sweet and savory. In this embodiment, Pannekoek, in fact, pancake cake in the oven takes the volume and shape of the basket, in which you can put any filling. Cooked very quickly, which is important, because the week all were tired from constant standing at the stove when baking pancakes. Option quick family Breakfast. The idea of a pancake from the book by Olga Baklanova "open Kitchen", filling with my variations.
Pancakes with salted mushrooms
313 - 40м 4
Offer to diversify the classic version of the filling of rice and mushrooms savory mushrooms. Makes it a completely different taste compared to fried mushrooms.
Bags with cheese mousse
312 - 40м 4
Pancakes with cheese met us in a cafe and really liked that one. At home, whisking the cheese filling, wrapped it in pancakes in the form of bags and got a favorite dish in festive fancy. Help yourself!
Pancakes with tuna and tapenade sauce
310 - - 8
Pancakes is one of my favorite treats. I suggest you to try delicious pancakes with a filling of canned tuna and very vkusnym a tapenade sauce. Help yourself!
Boxty with cheese and mushroom pate
310 - - -
Boxty - traditional Irish potato pancakes. One of the people that try to offer to tourists in Ireland. There are many variants of this dish. I prefer a recipe where the perfect balance of raw and cooked potatoes. They are prepared in the form of small fritters, and a single large cake, which is cut into several pieces and eat it like pizza. Can serve with sour cream or with various sauces. I suggest to boxty cheese mushroom pate, which prekrastno complement the taste of the potato pancake.
Pancakes with egg and onion salad
309 - 15м 6
Pancakes with a filling of spring onions, eggs and cheese in cream sauce are quick and easy, and cheese, podtal, hot damn give the filling an extra piquancy.