Berry sauce recipes

Pancakes-the heart "favorite" with berries
348 - 15м 4
Beautiful pancakes with berries, fragrant sauce will delight the whole family. A piece of summer in winter!
Cranberry sauce
347 - - -
Cranberry sauce is always a great addition to any meal and table decoration! With ginger, pepper and honey will be interesting!
The sauce of black currant beef
308 - 30м 6
Our family loves the different sauces... thanks to the sauce the dish acquires its own flavor. Want to offer a sauce that is great for beef.
Plum chutney
284 - 180м 4
Thick sweet and spicy sauce is perfect for poultry and meat. A whole bunch of spices makes it a fantastically flavorful, and the cooking is not very complicated. I recommend to prepare, especially now the season of plums!
Strawberry-yogurt sauce
280 - 15м 2
Fragrant sauce with strawberries. Aroma of summer strawberries, taste great. A light and tasty sauce for pancakes and fritters.
Sauce "Joke"
266 - 5м -
Do not rush to throw a Shoe at me. This is my 20th recipe, you can say a small anniversary, so I decided to have some fun. The sauce was born spontaneously, out of all available that was at hand.
Berry-fruit sauce "With love"
259 - 10м 2
A tasty sauce. Prepare his favorite winter fruits and berries, will provide your beloved with your favorite pancakes for Breakfast. And in gratitude, will hear "Love you". What else do we need?!
Pancakes berry sauce
250 - - -
The berry sauce is perfect for pancakes. The sauce is bright, flavorful, sweet and sour, easy to prepare and you can use frozen berries.
Chutney gooseberry
249 - - -
Wonderful berry gooseberry, resembles grapes, but in fact his closest relatives - currant. In addition to sweet dishes, cakes, preserves, jams, gooseberry goes well with meat, poultry, fish. Offer you a great sauce from a gooseberry, I'm sure you will love it.
Pancakes with grapefruit-cranberry sauce
249 - - -
Wonderful bright sauce with a pleasant bitterness of grapefruit and cranberries. It can be made with wine or without - your choice!
Tkemali in my opinion and side of the workpiece
248 - - -
Tkemali want? And the concentrated juice of cherry plum? A light jam from it? And all at once? Then you just here! Yes, I know that recipes asparagus here we have a lot, but dare to put your option, although initially just wanted to add to the diaries. Now, judging from the experience of my accident Satsebeli, I will break the chain a whole herd of true connoisseurs of all subtleties of preparation of the Georgian sauce, which live in all corners of our vast country and abroad. Just specify that my recipe is not a dogma, but merely my version, which is like my family and I are not going to change and something to add to it. I want to share with those who're really interested. And connoisseurs can proudly striding by, along with his skepticism. Many years of life in the North Caucasus, the knowledge of this flavor of plum sauce and taste my family brought me here for such a symbiosis of the recipes. There will not be the exact number of ingredients, here is the idea, the melody of the recipe, my secrets... the result of the above will be delicious thick sauce that you can taste the infinite, already adjusting to your taste, adding and removing all that like it or not. Yes, not afraid of the fact that a lot of beeches: is easier than to describe.
Cranberry sauce
247 - - -
Sweet and sour and flavorful cranberry sauce is versatile as it can be added to meat dishes, and poultry, and dessert. Despite the fact that the site already has options for cranberry sauce, I want to offer and your favorite recipe. To the sauce by adding different ingredients, you will find that familiar taste and aroma will be open in new ways. Besides, a jar of cranberry sauce can be a good gift for friends and family.
Cherry galicky sauce for pancakes
236 - - -
A simple but delicious sauce with sweet and sour touch sure to appeal to any sweet tooth! And yet he's so bright and colorful that will surely scatter the Blues and lift your spirits. And the pancakes are not simple: soft, melting, cooked in the scalded milk.
Cranberry sauce
234 - 40м 8
There are a lot of sauces, I suggest your performance. This is a very tasty sauce! The recipe does not belong to me, long ago learned in a magazine and have always done exactly. the truth always cook double the quantity and store in jars in the fridge, enough for a month. For you lay out the basic recipe. If anyone he is sorry.
Sauce of red currant pancake
233 - - -
This sauce is assembled extract the summer this is a magical color and a mouthwatering aroma and generous flavor... the Sauce has a pourable consistency, but at the same time quite a thick consistency — due to the small amount of starch in the composition, as well as butter, making the sauce similar to Kurd. At the same time the butter gives the flavor of our sauce delicate, creamy softness.
Sauce strawberry sour cream to pancakes
232 5 60м 3
Sauce strawberry-sour cream has a pleasant, sweet, well suited to pancakes. On the eve of the pancake week strawberry find problematic, so in season, I stocked up in advance, by freezing. If any - suggest to prepare.
Berry sauce with champagne
227 - - -
Fresh with bright flavors. If you add less sugar, this sauce is ideal not only for pancakes but also for meat.
Sauce for pancakes "Spicy plum"
224 - - -
I never thought that kvass wort can be used in a dessert sauce. It turns out you can and it turns out tasty, though unusual!
Cranberry sauce for pancakes
222 - 25м 3
Sweet and sour sauce with cranberries and apples goes well with domashnimi thin pancakes.
Onion sauce with gooseberry
219 - - -
Interesting, tasty sauce, inspired by French! Delicate onion sweetness, spicy acidity from the berries of gooseberry, aroma of spices, herbs and soy sauce! This sauce is suitable for almost any dish - meat and fish, pasta and vegetables, crackers and chips, salad dressing with this sauce dish will be much tastier!
Pancake with cherry Kurd
218 - 30м -
Cherry lovers will be delighted by cherry-creamy taste of our fragrant Kurd!