Billet recipes

Peppers tomatoes
62k 3 40м -
In recent years almost abandoned the blanks: the main problem - nowhere to store in an urban apartment. In the presence of the freezer there is a possibility of many vegetables and mushrooms to freeze, and then use dosed. But this preset can not refuse in any case. Proven over the years. I looked at the website: something similar, but not so. If I throw tomatoes. Maybe someone my recipe will come in handy.
Cauliflower in a yellow ketchup with mayonnaise
62k 3 90м 9
And again harvesting for the winter. This cauliflower fried in flour, drenched in a spicy sauce of yellow tomato with mayonnaise.
Green tomatoes Italian
62k 3 - -
The end of the season. Every gardener always remain green tomatoes that did not have time to ripen. I found this recipe. One of the ingredients of this recipe is patience, but then you will "awarded " for it! The cooking process lasts 4 to 5 days.
Salad "Nine"
6k 5 90м -
I want to offer you a very tasty salad for the winter. There is a salad "Ten", but mine is a little different. Come, see. It is very tasty and quickly prepared.
Jam made from pine cones
4.9k - 120м 4
This jam is not only delicious, but also useful.
4.8k - 40м 10
Crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar
3.7k - - -
Today I would like to tell You how to prepare for the winter delicious crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar (without sterilization). The original recipe, and the marinade not need to cook: just enough to blanch the cucumbers in vinegar, add in a jar ingredients for marinade and pour boiling water. Watch my video and preservative along with me!
Pudding in a jar
3.7k - - -
By happy coincidence, I became the owner of 2 l of blood of swine. Large intestine was not, and slim for such sausage is not good, torn. So I decided to roll up in banks. Yet, you see, before winter you will live. If it was just a sausage, it would have been dead by the evening... with my Gypsies! Invited to the tasting! Suddenly someone lucky like me...
3.2k 3 - 8
We all know eggplant caviar, zucchini, and this is from red pepper, the national Serbian cuisine. Since I lived in Montenegro for a long time and know the true taste of Ivar, my recipe can be trusted for it is fully consistent with. It can be spread on bread, use as an appetizer and as a sauce for side dishes. I don't know a single person who wouldn't like it.
Cherry confiture with melon
2.9k - 10м -
Jam is not just a way to preserve the harvest of fruits and berries. If you show a little imagination, you can get a delicious treat. I want to offer you an unusual recipe, very tasty and flavorful jam, cherry and melon. Its appearance also will not leave anyone indifferent. Once upon a time with this recipe was the beginning of my personal journey into the sweet world of jams and preserves. The recipe comes from an old German magazine, and today I'm excited to share them with you. Cooking time is 5-7 minutes. The time to prepare the berries in the recipe is not included.
Salt-free sauerkraut on the Field Bragg
2.9k 5 60м 10
There are things that produce a revolution in consciousness, and this recipe for sauerkraut without salt, changed my idea about this dish. This recipe is Paul Bragg took the people of the Mediterranean, and in 90 and 100 years old looked much younger, was strong and healthy. We now have in the family every day on the table the cabbage. These are the words of the Field, Bragg, "the Salt of health – sauerkraut without salt"!
Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"
2.9k - - -
Tursia - a dish popular in Bulgaria, the literal translation means pickles, although the vegetables are marinated. No holiday or feast is not complete without this tasty, crunchy snacks. You can take any vegetable, but most often it is done with cauliflower, carrots, bell pepper, green tomatoes. It is prepared as a quick option, when you can eat the next day, and as a billet for the winter. Once you try, you will always cook this yummy!
Jam, Canberra or black nightshade
2.8k - 40м 1
Here parents are in the country the berries are grown newfangled. Call Canberra. Ripened only now, in October. And then, almost tasteless. Read - jam needs to be boiled out of it. Yes, recipes are strange, which is only the Board to add the cherry sheet in October! Decided to look on gourmet websites - there is generally offer berries to push during meshaniya spoon. Or blender, I advise you to use. Jam reluctance - you want whole berries. Different methods tried - really liked this one.
Candied Aronia (chokeberry)
2.8k 5 - -
Chokeberry our family is very respected. Cook the jam, freeze, make a tincture. But most of all enjoy the tasty, healthy candied Aronia berries, which are coming in pastries and fragrant teas (most importantly, take up little space for storage)
Jam of bergamot
2.7k - - -
Greek traditional jam. bergamot. Incredibly flavorful and delicious. Let me remind you that the bergamot is not only a sort of pear, but a hybrid citrusovye fruit obtained by crossing orange and citron. In some regions of Italy prepared with bergamot marmalade, Greece - delicious jam!
Salad "Andrey"
2.7k 4 - -
Gave a buddy named Andrew, after I have one pug two cans shanachie... So in our family salad caught on under the name "Andrey".
Apricot sauce-ketchup
2.6k - 130м -
Sweet and sour ketchup are homemade. Has a great taste with a fruity acidity that emphasizes and complements the taste of meat dishes.
Dried garlic in the microwave, garlic powder
2.6k - - -
Garlic powder is a great flavor and aromatic additive. Especially true in the new year's eve to have in the kitchen various spices to create unique dishes! I suggest you read my publication! Why offer to dry the garlic in a microwave? Because not everyone has drier! In the oven easy to dry large amounts of food... But for 150-200 grams of garlic do not want to "drive" for several hours is quite a powerful technique such as oven! The microwave will help us to deal with it in a matter of minutes! P/S. Not long ago I posed a question under the heading "Question-answer" about drying garlic in the microwave... never got an Answer and then began to look for information on other sources, but it is not found all over the Internet no word about this method. That's personal experience found out and share with You!
Svan salt
2.5k - - -
Again I come to you with seasoning and garlic again))) But what a wonderful seasoning it! Residents of Georgia surely know the famous Svanetian salt. I do not claim the authenticity of the recipe, especially the claim that he is kept in strict secret, and even in Georgia buy a real Svanetian salt is not easy. The recipe was found online and added my own.
2.5k 4.1 - -
Tkemali - Georgian condiment, which is served with meat, add in soups. It can be served with sausages, to fish. Very tasty, flavorful and healthy salad!
Imeretian saffron
2.3k - - -
Dear cooks! Tracking a long time recipes, published on the website, I came to the conclusion that almost all cooks love to use in their dishes spicy! And of course, most of these spices are purchased... Often, when you buy, you may encounter either with the high price of spices, or low quality... today I Want to share with you how we do house one of the most popular of spices - Imereti saffron. At home we simply called "saffron", but in fact real saffron is derived from other plants! How homemade "saffron" fragrant purchase, words cannot Express! And to do it at home not working. The scope of this spice is very extensive: drinks, meat, fish, vegetables and cakes sweet and not sweet! Look! Read! Take note. PS Wanted this information to be published in journals or useful advice, but came to the conclusion that the diaries and tips are not so popular among the visitors of the website, how popular the directory recipes... And hopefully more people learned how easy to cook this spice!