Skewers of vegetables recipes

Cauliflower grilled
227 - 25м 4
Offer to cook cauliflower in sour cream marinade, and fry going over the coals in the grate of the grill. Fragrant, tender and flavorful!
Potato kebab with cheese
190 - 30м 2
Skewers of very tender and potatoes and cheese.
Grilled vegetables
151 - 30м 2
Fast, simple and very tasty. And all thanks to the seasoning and the grill pan from the company "Forester".
Barbecue "Stuffed peppers"
143 - 50м 2
I propose to make a kebab from the well-known stuffed pepper, but on skewers in the oven. Can be done on the grill on charcoal, but the weather was very windy and cold, so I had to bake the skewers in the oven. Try, very hearty and delicious.
Potato kebab with bacon and leeks
138 - - -
Potatoes with bacon, garlic and onion - it is something! The taste is awesome! Make sure to prepare, you will not regret.
Kebab "Nutmeg potatoes"
128 - 20м 2
Skewers of potato pulp with nutmeg, which makes the dish very flavorful and tasty.
Barbecue "Carrot barrels"
127 - 25м 7
Original and very tasty skewers of carrot base with juicy and tender fillings. Cooked over coals with the grill pan.
Skewers of tomato with Basil dressing
124 - - -
Delicious, juicy skewers of tomatoes with a slight scent of smoke, the tantalizing smell of Basil will give 100 points forward to any platter of vegetables. Prepares instantly.
Potato wedges on the grill
118 - - -
Potatoes – one of the most popular side dishes to meat, poultry or fish. Recipes potatoes quite a lot, but I want to suggest another one that will interest you for sure. Potatoes turns out very tasty, soft, delicious.
Skewers of vegetables
111 - 60м 5
... or manners of the vegetarian dishes. At any other time vegetarians and meat eaters would have divided into 2 camps, but the love of barbecue brings people together. Who says barbecue has to be meat? By the way, the vegetables on the coals quite a decent food. Especially for those who like to sit on a diet.
Grilled vegetables with creamy sauce
108 - 30м 4
A hearty vegetable dish with a delicate creamy mushroom flavored sauce.
Vegetable kebab with croutons
107 - 30м 4
Fragrant skewers of vegetables and bread croutons with spices.
Barbecue "ranch"
106 - 30м 3
Wonderful, I tell you, the dish - skewers of veggies! Like and appetizer, and like a separate dish. And a great alternative to simple boiled potatoes on the side. This barbecue turns out very juicy, but thanks to a special method of cooking, not burning. Served with a homemade version of the famous sauce "ranch".
Potato skewers with sesame
106 - 25м 2
Skewers of potato, cooked in sesame seeds with spicy-sour sauce. Quick, tasty and fragrant!
Skewers of marinated beet
105 - 30м 3
Beets, baked on skewers, aromatic marinade. A dish for lovers of unusual flavors.
Vegetable kebabs
101 - - 2
Kebabs, prepared according to this recipe are not only bright appearance, but also taste. The teriyaki sauce gives the vegetables and saturation, lemon freshness, and the greens of summer scent and taste. Very harmonious combination!
Stuffed grilled tomatoes
98 - 35м 4
Tomatoes stuffed with rice and meat filling cooked in pan-grill (on the coals).
The onion skewers
98 - 30м 3
When I read something interesting the Council, and so was born this recipe. I love the onions that you cooked with the barbecue, and its usually not enough. All fans are invited kebab onion.
Mushrooms stuffed with pate
97 - - -
Very tasty and quick snack. Pate can be liver, meat, home-it is much tastier. Fry on the grill or bake in foil.
Baklazhanovy envelopes on the grill
96 - 6м 4
Friends, continues the summer season! So much joy he brings us! And we're grateful for good weather! Always wonderful to cook outdoors! Today with us simple meals with vegetables! And easy to prepare will help the company FORESTER! All she can! Recipe eggplant want to offer, how well they can now not to love? To them cheese, tomato, greens add! And quickly, with large positive fry!
Spicy vegetable kebab
96 - 45м 2
Great barbecue in a post for vegetarians. Fragrant, tasty, tender. It is easy to make at home and at the cottage.