Skewers of poultry recipes

Marinated quail grilled
485 - 60м 4
Very tempting and delicious quail will delight Your family and guests!
Chicken kebab in yogurt
266 - - -
Summer vacation at the cottage or outdoors - the best time of the year! Take in the Treasury of the recipe is chicken kebab, which comes out tender!
Barbecue "Baked chicken"
194 - 45м 4
Skewers of chicken in marinade of melted milk. Fragrant, tender and flavorful!
Chicken kebab in aromatic spices
169 - 200м 4
Fragrant chicken.
Chicken breast baked in foil
168 - 120м 2
Chicken breast baked in foil, marinated in a dark balsamic vinegar with seasoning from FORESTER for chicken with onions and garlic, with rosemary. Chicken breast is to bake for the picnic barbecue in the dead coals and at home in the oven or on the grill. Breast is very juicy and will suit perfectly those who don't eat totally fried. Breast served with marinated yellow plums and a sauce made with mayonnaise and pickle out of this plum, with the addition of green onions.
A kebab Georgian chicken
166 - - -
This method of marinating the skewers, I told the neighbor Georgians. Skewers for this recipe turns out incredibly juicy!
Skewers of chicken and halloumi cheese
155 - 40м 3
Delicious and juicy chicken skewers cooked on the grill pan. I like to combine the chicken with halloumi cheese - so delicious. Along with kebabs and a side dish is prepared - fast, simple, dieting! I love it!
A kebab Hanski
151 - - -
A kebab Hanski - the most unusual barbecue I was doing and ate. Barbecue for lovers of the liver, however, and for non-fans too, because the liver becomes so delicious that I'm surprised you haven't eaten it before? About me in the first place! :)
Chicken skewers with soy-peanut marinade
143 - 60м 3
Very tasty kebab, Eat nuts and onion, Kikkoman shaded, Can be fried over the fire.
Spicy chicken skewers with lemon scones
138 - 40м 4
I want to present to Your attention a simple to prepare, but interesting taste, delicious chicken barbecue! Spices adds piquancy and flavor. And how perfectly set off the taste of barbecue pellet with a subtle citrus note! Wonder why I didn't make such cakes before.
Chicken souvlaki with pickled lemons
138 - - -
In this recipe I used chicken. but you can take any part, even the heart and liver. Fragrant, dainty, summer.
Corn chicken "Two halves"
137 - 60м 3
Two solar corn marinade for chicken.
"Winged" skewer
133 - - -
Delicious kebabs are good for picnics, garden, and home in the oven will work not worse. Tender and juicy chicken with a smoky, a cold beer or a delicious wine-what you need after a hard week! Join us!
Chicken thighs in yogurt and soy sauce
132 - 300м 4
Tender meat.
Chicken glazes "barbecue"
132 - - -
Recipe from Jamie and buddy Oliver. Agree, to mess up chicken legs or wings is difficult, and especially if they were preparing in nature. But believe me, after tasting the meat in this sauce, You will understand that the usual chicken BBQ may be pleasantly surprised. When I prepare this sauce and begin to taste it - I need to pick up the pot, so at least something is left for meat.
Chicken kebabs in a soy-ginger marinade
132 - - -
This version of cooking kebabs on skewers, on that occasion when I wanted a kebab, but no time or ability to light a fire. Yes, or just when the window is winter! And most importantly, the result is stunning! The meat is not dry, and very tender!
Duck breast grilled
127 - - -
Breast of duck marinated in a dry state. Out very juicy and flavorful. Minimum problems, maximum result.
Tender and juicy skewers of chicken fillet
126 - 20м -
Fried fast, it turns suddenly to the chicken very juicy. Very good to this kebab wrappers with dill and feta, made on the hot barbecue and brighten up the waiting time at the grill.
Skewers of breast
123 - - -
Niinimaki skewer of smoked chicken breast. Juicy breast of this reality.
Skewers of chicken tails
122 - - -
Tail - specific dish. But for those who love to experiment - this dish is a great option. Tail turn out tasty, juicy and beautiful.
Chicken in yogurt
121 - 105м 4
You need to quickly marinate chicken for barbecue? Then you here! Very easy to prepare the marinade, and marinate it in just 30 minutes, but what an incredibly tender and flavorful kebabs get!