Skewers of fish and seafood recipes

Spicy tuna on the grill
337 - - -
For fish lovers in nature offer a wonderful recipe of saury on the grill with spices "Forester" with lemon, lime and spicy crust!
Fish kebab in yoghurt and soy marinade
271 - - -
The idea for this recipe peeped again, unique, Jamie Oliver, and realized with slight liberties :-)
Norwegian salmon on skewers with sauce "Tzatziki"
173 - 25м 5
Beautiful, succulent fish, tender and juicy. Perfectly combined with the sauce "Tzatziki"-cold sauce-appetizer of yogurt, cucumber and garlic, a typical dish of Greek cuisine. Salmon is an excellent combination-it improves the taste or making it sound new.
Carp grilled
171 - 60м 2
Insanely simple marinade for fish. In the end a great result. Even beginning the rain was a big problem when frying fish - I had to put the grill under the canopy. Turned out delicious and flavorful fish. Try it!)
Carp in sour cream and lemon marinade
157 - 45м 6
Carp marinated in sour cream and lemon juice gives a very gentle, fragrant, soft, juicy and slightly acid.
Sea bass in Thai on the grill
154 - 30м 1
Seabass. He also sea bass, sea wolf, Conan, rano, spigola. The meat of the sea bass belongs to the category of premium class, because it is particularly soft and delicate, refined taste. In addition, fish fillet with very few bones. In culinary terms, sea bass is a universal fish - it is equally tasty as boiled, fried, baked, and grilled.
Pelengas cooked on the grill
151 - 30м 2
Love pelengas for the delicate and juicy taste. There is almost no bones, perfect for baking on coals. It is well served with vegetables and salads from vegetables. I really hope that pelengas baked on the coals, will be of your liking.
Mackerel in pomegranate sauce
148 - 90м 4
Mackerel is one of the "wet" fish, it is very easy to fry. Marinate whole or in pieces, very very easy marinade. I think the sauce "Narsharab" You haven't tried?! Nice and tasty, no doubt will be appreciated by all fish lovers. Help yourself.
Grill cake with whole salmon
144 - - -
Just obscenely tasty and fragrant cake on the coals! In addition, pie can be cooked directly in the nature, on the road, only taking with him the necessary ingredients! Stuffing my salmon, whole fillet, but with toppings you can experiment endlessly!
Skewers of seafood with honey
143 - - -
I offer delicious seafood. A very simple marinade of ingredients are not forced to wait long for this dish and will make your gala dinner memorable. Because of the feast, cooked over charcoal, are especially tasty and flavorful.
Fish in batter "La barbeque"
142 - 60м 6
Delicious and simple to prepare fish is perfect for a quick dinner. The dish turns out delicious and unusual
Trout satsivi on the grill
140 - 30м 2
Trout is a great alternative to meat, quite fatty, very rich in proteins, vitamins and iodine. Grilled trout– even more useful than just fried, you can include it in your diet, even sitting on a diet. Trout is a fish of the salmon family. It is of several types: bighead, silver, rainbow, Golden, the Caucasus, lake Sevan (a unique species found in the Armenian highland lake Sevan).
Skewers of shrimp "burning heart"
136 - - -
For those who like "hot"! Spicy skewers of shrimp!
Portioned walleye in foil, stuffed with vegetables
134 - - -
It is very convenient that the foil can be portioned cook the fish separately, for each consumer. Fish it turns out tender. The marinade, the vegetables and spices give the fish flavor and juiciness.
Herring grilled "easy"
132 - 45м 2
Herring is a very useful fish. Very well bake it on the grill or in the oven. Marinated with seasoning for fish from FORESTER, with lemon and olive oil, it becomes incredibly fragrant and delicious. Perfect for a picnic with beer and not too expensive, and the result is excellent.
Skewers of catfish
129 - 30м 6
For the first time, was cooking catfish. To me it presented. The kebab is so delicious, that perhaps now I will buy catfish in the market. I want to tell You that the shish kebab from sturgeon seemed to us much less tasty for some reason. It's picnic season, can someone recipe handy.
Skewers of carp
122 - 60м 3
A great way to prepare everyone's favorite carp. Quick and tasty.
Mackerel in goteborgs
120 - 30м 3
Well, so far as the recipe that's goeteborgs, I can not judge. It is taken from the book Made in the Grill. Who knows the ropes of the kitchen, correct me if wrong. But! Mackerel is incredibly good, flavorful, tender, with a subtle hint of cured meats. Marinating time not included.
Shrimp grilled with sauce "blue cheese"
120 - - -
Sometimes you can treat yourself to delicious dishes on the grill. Like these shrimp with a delicate and yet spicy blue cheese sauce.
Shrimp with orange sauce
119 - 30м 2
Large shrimp are delicious by themselves and without embellishment. But combined with an exquisite orange sauce they turn into a dish without much hassle.
The fish in the pot on the coals
119 - 60м 2
To prepare in this way can any fish. Due to the unusual marinade Forester, it turns out very juicy and flavorful. Interesting way of cooking will be especially interesting to children. Minimum effort - great result!