Skewers of minced recipes

A kebab Turkmen
0.8k - - -
A kebab-Turkmenistan is preparing from minced meat. You need to take the lamb or pork. Technology barbecue in Turkmen is very similar to cooking a kebab. Taste and maddening the smell will not leave anyone indifferent! Come on in, help yourself!
Kebabs with shrimp, bacon and sorrel
0.6k - 45м 8
Kebabs is one of the popular dishes for the garden and picnics in my family. They can be fried on the coals and cook at home (if suddenly out of the rain)! Juicy, tender, flavorful, delicious! Help yourself!
Kebab from pork
0.6k - - 3
For meat lovers kebab on skewers is not only good, but important, original alternative to traditional kebabs, but also the attribute of refined camping. In the classic version, widespread in the Caucasus, is used mainly lamb, but can be replaced and pork. A distinctive feature of this preparation is that the meat in any case you should not add any flour, no bread, no eggs.
Minced Turkey meatballs with sauce "Taco"
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Today I decided to cook for dinner, and at the same time to offer to your attention a new dish - chopped burgers on the grill. Since we live out of town, the grill from spring to late autumn we have standing ready in the yard at any time. If only the weather was good and the mood. And meat, fried on coals, will always be very tasty and a welcome dish on the table. So...
Kebabs-vegetables with beef
0.5k - 60м 3
Delicious and juicy vegetable kebabs with minced meat, baked in foil.
Skewers of beef meatballs
0.5k - 45м 2
Interesting and tasty skewers of beef meatballs, baked with croutons of bread.
Meat kicked in the potato "coat"
460 - - -
I wanted to submit simultaneously with a meat garnish, and then there was this idea. Due to potatoes meat retains all the juice inside. Especially tasty if cooked are kicked on the coals. But in the oven they turn out equally delicious.
Kebab with dried apricots
449 - 45м 2
Skewers of minced meat with dried apricots.
Mini pancakes on the grill
445 - 90м 8
Little pancakes stuffed with eggs and smoked cheese, grilled will appeal to both adults and kids. However, because they are cooked without the addition of bread and flour, they are also suitable for split and diet
Skewers of meatballs with pepper
415 - - -
Today the street plus 2, and it's snowing Here in Siberia this spring...))) to nature get out on may day will not work. But we do not lose heart and prepare for lunch wonderful kebabs... from meatballs!
Fragrant meat patties with a smoke
415 - - 4
Recently got the hang of it with my husband fry patties of minced meat on the grill. They come out very juicy, soft and tender. With spices I'm always experimenting, what are they then fragrant and tasty. Help yourself.
Skewers of minced meat
412 - 30м 5
It is a variant of kebab minced meat I really like. It is not like ordinary meatballs.
Twisted sausages
400 - 30м 7
Thin twisted grilled sausages with paprika, Armenian spices and soy sauce - tasty, juicy, fragrant and beautiful! Through the use of thin lamb casings, each portioned sausage - enjoy the taste of time, but will not move that often happens outdoors)
Skewers of meat and eggplant
395 - 50м 4
On skewers or skewers you can cook barbecue, not only from pieces of meat or fish. Good skewers of minced meat and vegetables. I want to offer You a dish of minced meat with spices and sauces. It may be cooked on the coals and the oven. Delicious is anyway.
Skewers of minced beef with vegetables
390 - - -
Rain, rain in the summer... so sad to lose days! Prepare my kebabs! Delicious, fragrant! Colorful, Sunny! They will raise your mood even if you stayed home because of the rain!
Kebabs on skewers "Zigzag"
363 - - -
The most interesting recipes are the undisputed leaders at all home events. The uniqueness of this dish is that it is good in any form, hot or cold.
Meatballs with potatoes on the coals
359 - - -
This recipe is perfect for those who are not fried, but really want meat with smoke. It turns out very tasty, I hope somebody can use this idea!!! Sorry for the photo quality, had to use my phone.
Kebabs of lamb in a spicy breading
356 - - -
I highly recommend to try to cook the meat for this recipe. I told him about my friend Renata (our Rencha1). She saw it on TV performed by Jamie Oliver. The recipe she didn't remember, I just threw the idea, so I can say that the rest is speculation and I brought to life. I really hope that someone will take advantage of this option because it turned out just delicious. This option is convenient because it can be prepared in advance before the guests arrive, and then... to strike their imagination with this magical meat, grilled and breaded, chopped spices.
Meat balls with vegetables
352 - 50м 1
Meatballs from Turkey meat with vegetables. Suitable for the diet. To cook on the grill, in the oven.
Kebab on skewers with tomatoes
349 - 50м 6
Tasty and juicy Recipe kebab with tomatoes in the oven minced meat (beef and lamb fat) in the home of the Subtleties and secret Recipe. Teach how to cook quick and tasty.
344 - 120м 4
Cevapcici is a dish of the Balkan peoples. Prepares simple and so very delicious!