Gravy recipes

Sauce julienne of white mushrooms
1.1k - 20м 6
A thick sauce of sour cream with cheese and slices of mushroom. Can be served with any side dish or on a piece of bread or fried. Help yourself!!!
Red sauce with onions and cucumbers
1k - 25м 10
Recipe from the wonderful book "Russian food" under the editorship of V. P. Butromeev. Very beautiful publication with an interesting pre-revolutionary recipes. Many reproductions of paintings, photos, menu, pre-revolutionary banquets. I love these historical culinary publications. Well, about the sauce. Ideal for filing side dishes, stewing chops, roasting mutton The sauce is very good with fresh bread. Spicy, sweet and sour. The brine taste traditional Russian cuisine. The recipe does not include the cooking time of the red broth, but cooking will be taught. Took the recipe as a basis, but slightly altered under itself. Come on in, help yourself.
Gravy for potatoes "Podravka Belarusian"
1k - - 2
Chicken pieces fried with onions and pickled cucumber in sauce! Words can't describe how it is delicious with boiled potatoes! And to serve always with green onions and black bread! You will be in seventh heaven!
Gravy with mushrooms
1k - 35м 4
Good old gravy in our time has become a rarity, because it is faster and easier to cook just the sauce, but do not take a little more time for this gravy)
Gravy with cheese
0.9k - 15м -
The recipe is quick and delicious gravy with melted cheese to any pasta or even potatoes, as well as for you to decide what mince pork or beef, in General, watch the video and prepare new light gravy/sauce. Bon appetit.
Sauce-sauce with ground meat
0.9k - - -
A delicious and quick sauce for any side dishes provided that is meat. You can submit in two ways: as a sauce for baked or steamed vegetables; as a sauce for mashed potatoes, buckwheat, rice or pasta.
Pink sauce for meatballs "Tenderness"
0.9k - 60м 8
The meatballs in this sauce becomes more fragrant, tender and hearty. The sauce is delicious and looks very appetizing. Choice of any side dish.
Meat sauce with tomatoes and herbs
0.9k - - -
The instant method of making delicious sauce. Its very tasty to eat with spaghetti, rice or buckwheat. We love this sauce and that recipe is quick, and because the meat turns out very tender and juicy.
Tomato sauce with cilantro
0.8k - 20м 2
This sauce will make the dish brighter and juicier, enhance taste sensations. Vegetables will contribute to better absorption and saturation, enrich the main course vitamins.
Universal vegetable gravy
0.8k - 20м -
Useful dietary and delicious universal gravy vegetable suitable for any garnish: to cereals, potatoes, pasta. It can be supplemented with a sausage, sausage, fish, slices of prepared meat and cakes. Made from simple ingredients-veggies, with the addition of turmeric and as a thickener-flour wholegrain.
Tomato sauce with minced meat
0.7k - 90м 6
This sauce comes from the Sunny Italy, it is very easy to prepare and is truly versatile. Pasta dressed with this sauce becomes a delicious dish. This sauce also goes as one of the basic sauces for cooking lasagna, delicious with potatoes or steamed vegetables.
Gravy mushroom
0.7k 3 30м -
Mushrooms in sour cream.
The sauce of mushrooms "favorite"
0.6k - - -
I want to offer You a versatile mushroom sauce that will work with almost any side dishes as gravy for meat dishes and on its own with a side dish. I quite often cook that gravy that it is cooked quickly, does not require large financial costs, in the cooled down kind a great snack even on a sandwich. Well, Your half, You always say "Thank you" although it is usually just words, not finished...
The sauce of mushrooms and cream
0.6k - 35м 4
Mushroom sauce mushroom sauce with cream is a great addition to many dishes, which makes them not just delicious, but amazingly delicious. Served with pasta, fish, meat, potato patties. Prepared quickly and quite simply.
Mushroom gravy
0.6k - - -
In the post we often eat porridge. But as their butter flavor, with a sunflower is not tasty, then come to the rescue of lean gravy with mushrooms. Mushrooms can be taken fresh or frozen. I have oyster mushrooms, but mushrooms, I think, will be even tastier.
Meat sauce Kim
0.6k - 30м 4
The Greek counterpart of the Italian Bolognese sauce, the sauce is Kim, a very popular Greek families. Its quick and easy preparation, affordable products and amazing taste is what is necessary today for a busy modern woman, and a man who loves to cook. Immediately I'll note that my recipe does not claim to the classic original and tailored to the taste and desire of my family. In the course of step-by-step description, I will try to explain this in more detail.
287 - 8м 4