Dip recipes

Sauce "Haidari"
337 - 20м -
Sauce haydari is a popular Turkish snack – meze. This sauce is very good with warm fresh baked bread, the consistency of its thick and dense, its good to spread on bread, but it is also perfect for meat and vegetables.
Dip avocado
323 - - -
In this recipe, a special attention is paid to the dip of avocado (though the recipe shrimp attached). It goes well with fish dishes and seafood, to delicate kebab of chicken, and fresh vegetables. The taste of the sauce can vary depending on the destination. For example, if to serve with boiled or baked fish, it's good to add a little beet juice for the pretty pink hue or chopped nuts, which will bring an original touch. Imagination has no boundaries. The sauce perfectly complements vegetarian and meatless (soy yogurt) meal.
Cheese-bean dip
191 - - -
Unusual thick sauce that can be spread on toast, vegetables and dip crackers in it or just eat it with a spoon.
Pumpkin dip
190 - - -
This dip of roasted pumpkin I made at the request of my daughter. Running in the morning to study, she wants to have Breakfast something light yet filling. And what can you do in the season of ripening pumpkins? Pumpkin dip, which is perfect Swedish bread is also homemade. Come and visit us, Cooks delicious snack for autumn romance!
Cheese-garlic sauce for Grengam
173 - 10м -
Presenting Chefs cheese and garlic sauce, which is perfect for Grengam. The sauce is tangy and very tender and tasty.
Dip potatoes in the Palestinian
170 - 25м -
Very tasty and spicy dip, especially tasty with fresh bread. More like pate a pasting, but the Palestinians call it sauce.
Tomato sauce-dip for carrot fries
167 - 40м -
Tender and thick tomato dip can be combined with various roasted vegetables. I suggest to prepare the sauce carrot fries.
Mushroom dip with dill
162 - - -
If you have turned mushrooms – cook of them mushroom sauce! And what to give it, there is always!
Turkish parsley dip
160 - 15м -
Simple, but very tasty dish. In fact this is a meze – one of the many Turkish appetizers are served at the beginning of the meal. It can be spread on bread. Also delicious with roasted meats and fish and as a dressing for salads.
Bean dip
159 - 10м -
Almost like mayonnaise. Nearing the end of advent. But not far off lent. In the days when the vegetable oil, this sauce is very good! My husband and children ask him to cook even when the post ended. I hope you will appreciate it. And this sauce will take root in your home, because it is cooked on one, two, three...
Sauce "Dip dessert"
158 - 10м -
This deep level of magic wand, because it is so quick and simple to prepare, besides incredibly delicious! With it you can make a delicious Express dessert in the blink of an eye, placing around a delicious jar of sliced fruit, cookies and waffles... pleasure to welcome you to the food, Cooks!
Deep sauce Australian
155 - 15м -
Hello everybody! Offer a dip of avocado. It's very simple, the only thing avocado must be ripe. This dip is good because you can apply the sauce to the hot second course: fish, meat, chicken breast. Vegetables - who is losing weight and just with bread. Come, let us prepare.
Garlic arrows with walnuts
154 - 10м 10
Want to share a recipe for a delicious and aromatic seasoning, which is suitable for meat and vegetables. I am not a fan of spicy, but the taste I liked the addition of walnuts softens the sharpness and gives the dressing a pleasant oiliness. In addition, cooking takes just minutes. Recipe found on the Internet, on the page of Svetlana Gashkinoj, thank you very much!
Sauce of peppers and walnuts
154 - - -
Dip, or just a thick sauce of roasted peppers and walnuts, convenient for a snack or picnic.
Strawberry cream cheese dip for fruit and berries
153 - - 6
Strawberry cheese dip with cream cheese Hochland
Dip tuna and cream cheese
145 - 10м -
Dip tuna and cream cheese with mint is a very tasty snack. Perfect for stuffing eggs. Very tasty on crackers with white wine. This dip is very convenient for spontaneous entertaining, when you need to quickly prepare a light snack.
Turkish sauce "Haidari"
142 - 15м -
I love the sauces based on yogurt, with one of them I want to introduce you. This sauce is versatile. He is a good and meat, and vegetables. It is served with chips and bread sticks, spread on pita bread or regular bread and corn bread - it's all a fairy tale! My sauce cooked with leaven for getting yogurt from Orsika.
Muhammara of roasted beets
141 - 60м 2
Syrian dip. Traditionally prepared from the roasted peppers. Can be served as a sauce, or as a separate dish as garnish.
Dip of feta
139 - 5м 1
Offer to cook a very delicious dip made from red pepper, feta and cream cheese. The name of the sauce "dip" comes from the English verb dip, meaning to dip, to dip. Ideal to grill vegetables, crackers, chips, meat.
Asian sauce universal
138 - - -
This sauce can make your meal even more delicious. It's amazing how harmoniously it has three flavors: spicy, sour and sweet. He's really versatile, which is suitable for meat, fish and vegetables!!!
The marinade and dip for 15 minutes
132 - - -
Dip in 15 minutes? Easy! Incredibly fresh, moderately spicy, spicy. The perfect accompaniment to baked fish or barbecue. In addition, "cheese" - a great marinade for pork, chicken or fish.