Marinade, breading recipes

Marinade for meat
455 - - -
Marinade universal, any meat cooked in this marinade, it turns out very tender and tasty. Baked or roasted pork, beef, chicken, excellent kebab... But especially this marinade, I recommend it for meat and odor: rabbit, lamb. goat meat, wild meat.
Watering for barbecue
292 - 3м 6
This recipe accentuates the flavor of the marinade and give added richness to the skewers while roasting meat.
Vimba breaded cauliflower
288 - - -
Live by the sea, but because the fish is a frequent guest on my table.
Pork in sweet marinade
281 - - 2
Tender and flavorful meat with a slightly crispy crust. It is also possible to cook on the grill or grill pan! Help yourself!
The dish is in the marinade, "uncle Bens"
258 3 60м -
Marinade for fish, meat, chicken.
Breadcrumbs "Panko"
255 - - -
Breadcrumbs are used in many cooking recipes. They needed to create a thick crust that helps to hold the shape and keep it juicy when roasting or baking. Breadcrumbs are easy to make at home. Panko is a Japanese variety of bread crumbs, which are little larger and more crisp. Widely used in Asian cuisine, although they have become more popular in Western cuisine. They give the dish a more attractive appearance. Use Panko breadcrumbs as you can for breading when frying and for topping when baking. When cooking the Panko breadcrumbs absorb less oil and give the most crisp. A typical breading mixture will make the crust tender, but not crispy. Japanese breadcrumbs, lightly fry them and sprinkle them on the salad.
The breading "Special"
246 - - -
Offer you the original recipe, flavorful breading. Small cereal flakes are great for breading and creates a crispy outside crust and remain juicy inside, and a bouquet of spices to create unique flavor. This batter is perfect for any meat, fish and cutlets.
Celery, marinated in soy sauce
240 - 15м 4
Want to run fast - eat lots of celery! So says the proverb! And we do not mind! Help yourself to some gorgeous, original and simple appetizer with an interesting fresh taste! And pickled celery is great addition for meat dishes and as a spicy ingredient in salads.
Marinated mushrooms
227 4 30м 1
Marinated mushrooms
217 - 10м -
Quick recipe for pickled mushrooms. A great snack while fasting.
Amazing asparagus in breadcrumbs
214 - - -
This dish is my start seems a long friendship with asparagus. And even longer promises to be my friendship with this incredibly delicious breading. I think it's all about. With this coating will be perfect to get the chicken, fish, and other vegetables. Even so, I say, this batter can be eaten just like that - as strange as it sounded - and would be delicious) in the cooking process in the kitchen will spread the aroma, typical for sushi and rolls)
The marinade for barbecue
212 - 10м 15
Preparing for the barbecue.
Cheese nuggets "bree"
210 - 5м 3
Previously, McDonald's has sold delicious nuggets of brie cheese, but in recent time they are not. Found this cheese in the dairy store and decided to cook, for cooking went away for 5 minutes, and the taste turned out awesome.
The breading "Golden dust"
206 - 20м 3
Offer bright, delicious, flavorful and moderately spicy breaded vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Advantage of it is that it is not only battered, but also a full part of meals.
Baked pangasius "Melting on the lips"
202 - 20м -
Melting on my lips the fish, baked in a divinely delicious onion batter...
Batter "French" beer
202 - 10м 1
This batter fried fish, seafood and vegetables remain juicy. The batter coats the good products and fast "grasped". Well "mask" fish for those who don't like it much. Loved the mushrooms in this batter ( it is best to take small, approximately the same size).
Snow potatoes
198 - 5м 4
The recipe of my childhood)
Mushrooms in Korean
197 - - -
This recipe I told a friend cook Prunella and making time mushrooms for this recipe, I make them constantly now! Since the recipe is simple and the result very tasty! Maybe You'll appreciate!
Barbecue "the Russians in America"
195 - 30м 5
Very often cook the kebabs on the nature. For his life was used marinades with kiwi, and yogurt, and with many sauces and seasonings! But recently I decided to put the experiment to prepare the perfect marinade. I mixed many, at first glance, incongruous tastes. And now, finally, found. This recipe was degustibus many friends and acquaintances... and the recipe was approved. My dear cooks, I hope you will like it!
Breadcrumbs for a crispy crust
194 - 10м -
A couple of times bought in the store is old, with bad smell, breadcrumbs (I'm sure many have experienced this). All! After that, the shop I don't buy breadcrumbs. Now I use only homemade crackers! I especially like to cook in the bread flakes. The flakes absorb less oil. Crust with these flakes it turns out Golden and very crispy! And cook them at home at any time. Very simple!
Zucchini in a crispy coat
191 - - -
In this "coat" zucchini turns out juicy and tender. We loved it, try it and you.